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REGISTRATION is now underway for our November Workshop in Toronto. Delegates benefit from two topics for the half-day event! See the details below.

Also, don't forget to mark your calendar for the 2-Day ACFI Fraud Conference. This year marks our 18th annual conference. Be sure to plan and join us on May 2-3, 2016.
This month's article by Norman Groot, deals with What Fraud Victims Should Know About the Criminal Sentencing of Fraudsters and Fraud Recovery. Mr. Groot is also speaking at the No vember workshop.
ACFI Professional Development opportunity
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  2 workshops
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Internal Investigations and Injunctive Relief 
Recent Developments in Recovery Against Professionals

Take away:
  • strategies and skills required to undertake successful internal investigations,
  • how to plan effective investigative strategies,
  • methods to ensure results of investigations are properly documented for credibility,
  • legal tools that can be used to assist in internal investigations; AND
  • an update on the recent developments in the law with respect to fraud recovery through the criminal courts.
Keep up-to-date with the latest information!

Nathan J. Shaheen
Maureen M. Ward
Norman Groot

Nov. 13 at Bennett Jones: 3400 One First Canadian Place, Toronto
Member: $129 * Non-member: $159  
|  8:00 am-12:30 pm 

October 2015

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Be sure to mark your calendar for the

18th Annual 
ACFI Fraud Conference

May 2-3, 2016 :: Toronto


What Fraud Victims Should Know About the Criminal Sentencing of Fraudsters and Fraud Recovery
An Update on Fraud Recovery through Criminal Restitution Orders 
by Norman Groot

On July 28, 2015, investment fraudsters Garry Sorenson and Milowe Brost were sentenced in their criminal trial to 12 years in jail. The Reasons for Judgment were just released by the Court, which is what prompted this blog post. The Court declared the fraud perpetrated by Sorenson and Brost to be the "biggest fraud in Canadian history" involving potentially $200M and potentailly 850 victims. 

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