February 2018
20 th  Annual ACFI Fraud Conference & Workshops

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Sneak Peeks into this Year's Conference Presentations
David Debenham, JD, CFE, CFI, CFF - McMillan LLP
Testifying in the 21 st century involves a knowledge of both technology and your audience. Your judge or jury may be from The TV or Tablet Generation, or, different sides of the Confrontation/ Collaboration discourse divide. Traditional courses remain trapped in the courtroom of Atticus Finch and Clarence Darrow. Time for you to catch up!
Workshop - Phased Interviewing
Rick Rodden - Metacentre Consulting 
Traditional models of investigative interviewing spawned during times of sparse evidence, (little to go on), inspired desperate measures of intervention in efforts to extract information. The interviewer disclosed little to nothing and pressured the interviewee to disclose everything. The evolution of more sophisticated practices requires the interviewer to be more engaged, conversational, and non-confrontational.
In this workshop we will look at two methods of obtaining information from interviewees. The first involves the impartial witness, perhaps of an incident, one who has no stakes in the outcome of the investigation. This highly structured approach is intended to elicit fine grain detail. The second method has additional steps to be taken, anticipating interviewees have motives to influence interviewers’ perceptions to their advantage. Preparation is more critical during this step by step approach, such, that after obtaining an account, the interviewer can offer evidence to be reconciled. Explanations become evidence. 
The confrontational phase will not be addressed in this workshop.
Current Trends in Cyber Incident Response
Joseph Coltson - KPMG 
Join Joseph Coltson, Cybercrime expert and Partner in KPMG's Forensic Practice as he delves into the hottest topic around - CyberCrime! He'll discuss the damages, both financial and reputational that our organizations face on a surprisingly regular basis! Joseph will present the most current trends seen in today's cyber breach landscape and will walk us through how we can defend our organizations against these ongoing threats.
The Litigation Landscape - Learning from our Clients
David Malamed, CFI, CFF & Jennifer Fiddian-Green, CFI, CFF - Grant Thornton LLP 
Frequent regulatory changes, rapid technological advancements and shifting societal pressures are not only influencing the types of cases litigators see in 2018, but how they try them as well. To gain a better understanding of how these emerging trends are shaping the Canadian litigation environment, the Forensics and Dispute Resolution team at Grant Thornton LLP surveyed Canadian litigators across the country in 2017. The survey asked litigators to identify key drivers shaping litigation in Canada, their impact on the volume and types of cases being tried, and steps required to adapt to these trends. 
In this presentation we will address:
  • Litigator expectations
  • Technology impact
  • Alternative approaches for using expert witnesses
Legal Trends Impacting Anti-corruption Investigations & Compliance
Anthony Cole, CAMS - Dentons 
Investigations into suspicions or allegations of corruption are invariably complex exercises, and developing a solid plan and clear direction are essential to successfully navigating your way through. An essential feature of any well-laid investigative plan is a thorough understanding of the legal framework in which the investigation is being conducted. This presentation aims to track some of the most important recent legal trends affecting investigations, from issues of securing and maintaining privilege in work product, to developments impacting decisions to self-report and co-operate with law enforcement. It also aims to address strategic and practical considerations to address these important trends and developments. 
The New Construction Act (Bill 142) & Trust Regime: What You Need to Know!
Andrew Heal, LLM - Heal & Co LLP 
There have been many changes in this 2017 re-vamp of the 1983 Construction Lien Act and Andrew’s presentation will discuss the key changes including new timelines for liens and holdback release, prompt payment and trust provisions and adjudication.
The Changing Face of Fraud and Fraudsters 
Chetan Sehgal, CPA, CA• IFA, CFF, CFI, CAMS - BDO Canada LLP 
This session will aim to raise awareness of today’s fraud fighting professionals and better equip them in their fight against fraud. We will examine the changing methods/techniques in which frauds are being committed in this day and age and the modus operandi of todays’ fraudsters including their skillset, behavior, use of technology including social media and the Deep Web. The session will explore similarities and differences where applicable to the “old” ways of perpetrating fraud. 
Topics will include both internal and external frauds committed on organizations, how technology and social norms are impacting fraudsters’ behavior in terms of speed, mobility and methods; explore specific examples of today’s popular fraud schemes such as social engineering, ransomware attacks, data breaches, too good to be true deals, device ID impersonation to name a few. We will explore existing and some innovative defences currently available against both the evolving frauds/fraudsters to aid in fraud prevention, detection and deterrence. The session will encourage participation and discussion to allow attendees to learn from peers own experiences in the field. 
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