Update: February 2021

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Virtual Networking Session - 11 Feb 2021 6PM EST
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Tax Fraud Investigator – Ministry of Finance – (3 positions) Vancouver & Surrey BC
Apply by Feb 23, 2021

 As the Tax Fraud Investigator, you will plan, lead and conduct investigations on individuals and businesses involving non-compliance and/or frauds relating to evasion of tax under all statutes administered by the Ministry of Finance and under the Criminal Code of Canada. The position reports on investigation findings and establishes evidence supporting offences to prosecute individual or corporate violators and to optimize tax revenue to the province. 
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In Case You Missed the Conference....
Recordings of all of sessions from the 2020 ACFI Fraud Conference are now available for download. You may purchase individual sessions or a complete collection. Discount codes for the complete collections and/or members and affiliates may be obtained by contacting us.

$40/session or $500 for all 28

$80/session or $125 for both

Congratulations to the two speakers that received the highest participant ratings during the ACFI Fraud Conference:

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