January 2019
Article - "What Fraud Victims Should Know About the Tax Consequences on Settlements in Fraud Actions"
Norman Groot, Investigation Counsel PC

In 2018, Investigation Counsel PC we acted as counsel for Kuwait investors who lost $1.8M to a British Columbia based business associate. At the eve of trial, a $2.7M settlement was reached. Thereafter the defendant attempted to renegotiate the settlement, alleging the victims owed tax to the Canadian Revenue Agency, so that he could obtain a tax credit. This is their story.. ... More
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Current CPD Opportunities
Fraud Investigation Management
Webinar (4 CPDs)
Responding to Fraud Allegations: Effective Options
Presented by Allen Tait

The session is designed for individuals responsible for managing investigations as well as senior executives with responsibility for stakeholder management related to investigative issues.  

12 Feb 2019 - 1:00-5:00 PM (EST)
Management for any organization, both private and public sector, are at risk of receiving the unpleasant news that their organization has been victimized by a fraudulent act or attempted fraud. Regardless of the alleged source of the fraud being internal or external to the organization, having a fraud response plan that can be activated quickly is critical to minimize financial and reputational damage.  This webinar is designed to provide participants with successful strategies that can be used to either enhance an existing fraud response plan or establish a new cost-effective fraud response plan. The session is designed for both private and public sector executives responsible for managing fraud impacts as well as parties responsible for oversight and management of their organizations fraud response plan. 
The session is divided into four modules. In the first module, the principles of a fraud response plan, including the investigative process, will be reviewed. The second module will discuss the pros and cons of using in-house or external parties in a fraud response plan. The third module will outline a hybrid model, successfully run by the webinar instructor, that provided a cost effective fraud response plan for a large, high profile, organization. The fourth module will include a review of challenging scenarios that have been encountered. Session participants will be provided with scenarios, asked for input on potential resolutions for discussion and be able to compare their responses to the solutions that were implemented.
At the end of the webinar, participants will be able to review their organizations existing fraud response plans and implement adjustments as appropriate to enhance the ability for their organization to respond to fraud allegations in a cost effective manner. Download PDF
Forensic Document Examination Pre-Conference Workshop
(4 CPDs)
“Chasing Down the Paper Trail”
Presented by Diane Kruger & Nina Harnarine

Sunday – 28 April 2019 – 13:00-17:00 (EST)
You suspect a signature is a forgery, that a fax or invoice is fabricated, that company records have been altered, or that an employee has been writing harassing notes. Learn the many avenues for investigation and the best practices for the collection and protection of specimens. Recognize the applications to your own fraud, forgery, insurance and employment investigations and be on top of the latest trends.  
Thanks to our sponsors for helping to making this conference possible.
21st Annual Fraud Conference
(16 CPDs)
Great line-up of speakers sharing
“Best Practices”

29 - 30 April 2019