Hello 2020!!

Happy New Year everyone! We are kicking off the new year with our first newsletter and are excited to tell you what we have been up to and the projects to come this year.
Faces of ACHENA
ACHENA is comprised of a talented and passionate group of volunteers including homeopaths, educators, students, and public members. Here are just a few of our members at the JAHC! Parker Pracjek, Carli Auer, Alastair Gray, and Cynthia Chrisman

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"Planes, Trains and Automobiles - Homeopathy Away from Home"
with Alastair Gray, Richard Pitt, and Kim Elia.

Generously sponsored by Whole Health Now, a majority of the proceeds will go to supporting the mission of ACHENA.

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Six Saturdays - Three Instructors!

1/25 - Richard Pitt
2/1 - Richard Pitt
2/8 - Alastair Gray
2/15 - Kim Elia
2/22 - Break
2/29, 3/7 - Kim Elia

9:00 - 11:00 am Pacific time

"Having collectively circumnavigated the globe hundreds of times, Alastair Gray, Richard Pitt, and Kim Elia have enough material for a travelogue that covers the entire world. They’ve experienced both the highs and the lows of travel, and are coming together in this new series to share their strategies on how to overcome the lows with homœopathy. Fun stories of the highs will be sprinkled in, so stay tuned for an interesting and informative six sessions.

It’s a 3-2-1 offering, with Kim covering the gamut in three sessions—everything from first aid to jet lag to Montezuma’s revenge. Richard, in two sessions, will focus on the acute and tropical diseases that can overthrow a well-planned and highly anticipated trip to an exotic location. Alastair’s session will cover “all the tips and tricks you need when you’re traveling,” those homœopathic strategies that will allow you to travel anywhere, in any style, and in perfect health.

Buckle up and join these experienced travelers — who also happen to be homœopathic masters — on their journey into the stratosphere of homœopathic treatment on the road."

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A Message to Accredited Schools

ACHENA recognizes how much time and work goes into the process of pursuing and maintaining accreditation. We want to remind our schools that the time and hard work you are putting in is WORTH IT! Your commitment to pursue and maintain accreditation is helping to raise the bar for the homeopathic profession. We truly appreciate your dedication, creativity, patience, and perseverance. Keep up the good work!

ACHENA Accredited Schools make a difference!
2019 Highlights and Looking Into 2020
2019 Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC)

What a terrific event! Four ACHENA Board members were able to attend and made significant progress with building community relationships and sharing ACHENA's mission. We look forward to another great event in 2020 - JAHC Orlando!
2019 Spring and Fall Conferences

An ACHENA representative attended both 2019 ASPA conferences gaining valuable upskilling, networking, and advocacy in the accreditation community. Our ASPA membership is vital to maintaining best practices in higher education accreditation and we look forward to attending again in 2020.
United States Department of Education (USED)

2019 led ACHENA on its way to USED recognition, bringing major benefits to our community and homeopaths in training. One of the next steps in 2020 is to meet with our Department of Education representative in Washington D.C.. 
Reviews and More Reviews!

ACHENA currently has four Accredited schools and four schools which are Candidates for Accreditation. The next two years hold the potential for our Candidate schools to move into full Accreditation. This means 2020 will be very busy with reviewing self-studies and conducting site visits! All our schools should be proud of their accomplishments and we look forward to watching the homeopathic education community grow.
Please partner with ACHENA to help the homeopathic community achieve our goals. Your tax-deductible donation supports our mission to strengthen the quality of homeopathic education programs and improve consumer protection.
Have a few extra minutes to learn more?

Come visit with Alastair Gray and Carli Auer as they chat about who ACHENA is and what we do!