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The 2019 Federal Election and beyond
Sport Integrity in the Classroom
Online support for teachers - Addressing the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education through Tennis
Self-reported and observed teaching styles of Swedish physical education teachers
SAVE THE DATE: National Health and Physical Education (HPE) Day | Thursday 12 September 2019
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The 2019 Federal Election and beyond..... 
ACHPER CEO | John Stokes 
To support ACHPER's new advocacy strategy, five new National Position Statements have recently been finalised, adding to the two previously promulgated statements.

These policy positions will drive ACHPER's current (2019 Federal Election) and future advocacy and lobbying activities. In summary, ACHPER now has statements on the following:

Currently Promulgated: 
New - to be promulgated shortly
  • Physical Literacy & Quality HPE
  • HPE Curriculum Time Recommendation
  • Quality HPE in Primary Schools
  • Engaging External Providers for HPE Curriculum Implementation
  • Fitness Testing & Quality HPE

Soon ACHPER will launch its advocacy website under the banner of  activehealthyschools.

Australia is currently experiencing a movement crisis - part of ACHPER's role is to bring this to the attention of government policy makers and to influence their decisions.

This website will support ongoing advocacy work at both a national and state level, and further information will be released shortly, about the launch of the new website. You are encouraged to review ACHPER's new position statements, and where possible, assist in advocating for good policy that supports the delivery of quality HPE throughout Australia.
John Stokes
Sport Integrity in the Classroom
Match-fixing, doping and corruption in sport - if you're interested in teaching the new Sport Integrity module of the national curriculum, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) wants to help.
ASADA offers a range of free teaching resources including:
  • lesson plans
  • a 30 minute online course designed for students
  • a virtual reality testing experience
  • an anti-doping mobile app
  • a network of 16 elite Australian athletes around the country to present as guest speakers in your classrooms
  • and much more, all designed to specifically meet the curriculum learning outcomes.
Guest speaker opportunities involve our elite athlete presenters coming into the classroom to run one hour engaging sessions with lots of hands-on activities.

We are also looking to host professional development courses for teachers at leading schools around Australia - contact Cheryl at [email protected] or phone (02) 6222 4202.

¬≠¬≠Online support for teachers -  Addressing the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education through Tennis
The ongoing opportunity to provide undergraduates, teachers and coaches with access to quality resources and professional learning surrounding the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education (AC:HPE) remains at the forefront of the schools department at Tennis Australia.
Complementing the Tennis for Primary Schools curriculum resource re-released in 2017 and the Tennis for Secondary Schools curriculum resource released in 2018, two new online workshops are now available for access, completely free of charge, through the Tennis Australia online learning platform Bounce.
Each workshop consists of a series of tutorials designed to support teachers with the delivery of tennis. The tutorials in each workshop include:
  • Introduction to the program
  • Background to the program
  • Overarching program philosophy
  • Aspects of the AC:HPE and how tennis is aligned
  • Fundamental Pedagogical considerations
  • Practical games and activities from the program
  • Approaches to student assessment
Self-reported and observed teaching styles of Swedish physical education teachers
In Volume 10 Issue 1, 2019 of the Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education Journal, SueSee and Barker interrogate the place of pedagogy in the translation of curriculum goals. Focusing on the Swedish National Physical Education curriculum the authors use Mosoton and Ashworth's teaching spectrum to interrogate how different pedagogies might be used to advance curriculum aspirations associated with creativity, problem solving, personal responsibility and independence. 

Through a qualitative investigation they conclude that despite teachers' intentions to develop a range of learning outcomes their conformity around a particular 'cluster of pedagogies' renders it difficult for them to achieve these ends. They believe that professional learning is needed to take teachers away from the known and familiar and expose them to a wider array of pedagogic possibilities more capable of facilitating particular learning outcomes.

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SAVE THE DATE: National Health and Physical Education (HPE) Day | Thursday 12 September 2019