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Introducing the Academic Advisory Group
Learn water safety without a pool!
Global HPE Consultancy Service
Asia Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education: Volume 8, Issue 3
BLOG: Get more success in the HPE learning area with feedback
ACHPER Active and Healthy Schools Committee (AHSC): Call for EOI
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Welcome from the National Executive Director 
For much of Australia this week is a welcome back in schools to a new academic term.  

ACHPER is excited by new developments that will support members, stakeholders and partners in leading the ACHPER purpose of enhancing the health and wellbeing of all.   ACHPER is very pleased at being able to announce the Academic Advisory Group (AAG). Chaired by renowned academic Professor Dawn Penney and consisting of Ass Prof Karen Swabey, Ass Prof Maree Dinan-Thompson, Dr Deana Leahy, Ass Prof John Quay, Dr Drew Miller and Jennifer Fane, the group will ensure ACHPER is led by current evidence based research.  The AAG will provide leadership and insight into collaboration between academic and professional communities and is an opportunity for ACHPER to provide further support for you in achieving the ACHPER purpose. 

Also of note in this Advocate e news is the launch of the ACHPER Global HPE consultancy service.  This formalises the work that has been progressed by ACHPER in the last three years and more, whilst engaging and strengthening with Global (international) networks.  From the existing networks of Physical Education New Zealand (PENZ), SHAPE America, PHE Canada (and others), to emerging markets in Asia, ACHPER has been forging the manner in which we may support global consultancy whilst recognising local context.  The formation of the relationship with APPEC in Hong Kong three years ago is a good example of how ACHPER may offer and learn from the reciprocal sharing of information and understandings.

Introducing the Academic Advisory Group (AAG)
ACHPER is pleased to support Professor Dawn Penney as Chair of the newly formed Academic Advisory Group (AAG). The overall role of the AAG is to assist in advancing ACHPER's engagement with academic communities relevant to the Health and Physical Education, Recreation and Sport fields and professional contexts, and to thereby support work aligned with ACHPER's identified strategic priorities.

Members of the AAG particularly recognise the important role that ACHPER can play in fostering connections between university-based researchers and professionals working in HPE and related fields. 

Learn water safety without a pool!
Water Smart is a water safety education program that includes the Water Smart Award and the Water Smart Education Toolkit.

The Water Smart Award is for primary school children that can be taught in the school's classroom and playground by school teachers. It includes water safety knowledge, basic rescue techniques and an introduction to resuscitation.

The Water Smart Education Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for schools to use to teach a unit of water safety. Curriculum materials are available for all students from the Foundation year to Year 10. Unit outlines with activity descriptors, teacher notes, activity sheets in PDF and SMART Notebook formats, water safety tips, posters and video clips are available.

Be a Water Smart School today!

To gain access to FREE resources, Visit - Go to Schools and Register Your Interest to get your login password. 

*This is a paid advertisement. Advertising does not indicate ACHPER's endorsement of the product or service.

Global HPE Consultancy Service

ACHPER is pleased to launch a Global HPE Consultancy Service.   ACHPER will be providing consultancy leadership  and curriculum resources and resource development in:
  • Quality HPE Curriculum review processes and alignment
  • Quality HPE curriculum implementation strategies and professional development events
  • Quality web based professional development
  • Australian curriculum and International (Baccalaureate) curriculum mapping
  • School based Sport pedagogy
  • Sport education models and resources
  • Sport Literacy and Physical Literacy
  • Access to Australian renowned academic experts and educative consultants

Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education: Volume 8, Issue 3
In the latest issue of ACHPER's  Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education , Robert Ruscitti and colleagues provide a literature review on Inclusive Physical Education (IPE) spanning 40 years. 

Focussing on the experiences of students without disabilities, the authors reveal that IPE can provide an important vehicle through which to enhance the level of appreciation, respect and tolerance towards students with disabilities. 

Among the array of strategies within which positive experiences were generated in IPE settings was the integration of Paralympic-related activities.

BLOG: Get more success in the HPE learning area with feedback
Health and Physical Education teachers are known for their commitment to helping their students achieve, whether in the class, gym or sports field. Have you considered how feedback can help accelerate this improvement?

Daniel Pinchas, General Manager of Teaching and School Leadership at the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), provides some examples on how to make it easier for you to give effective feedback in your school through a number of feedback resources.


ACHPER Active and Healthy Schools Committee (AHSC): Call for EOI
The ACHPER Board is pleased to advise members that an Active and Healthy Schools Committee (AHSC) is being formed to assist in strengthening ACHPER's engagement within health education communities relevant to the Health and Physical Education, Recreation and Sport fields and professional contexts.

Expressions of interest closes on Friday October 20 at 5.00pm AEST.