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National Health and Physical Education Day 2019
Approaches to Assessment in Physical Education using the Tennis for Primary Schools resource - Tennis Australia
Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education: Volume 10 Issue 3, 2019
RESOURCE: Daily Does It 2
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National Health and Physical Education Day 2019
Australia - Celebrating National HPE Day 2019
Here's how one Australian school celebrated - enjoy!
The 2019 Colour Run film!!

A hugely enjoyable day was had by many staff and students on Thursday September 12th, as we celebrated our school's House Colours day, National Health and Physical Education Day and raised over $1200 for the RUOK Day mental health awareness charity.

A thousand words could be written about the importance of ACHPER's annual national advocacy event - National HPE Day; but this video, like the many others we have received, says it all.

National HPE Day has been designed to raise awareness of, and advocate for, a greater focus of HPE in our schools. And this year's participation numbers is helping achieve this objective.

ACHPER acknowledges and thanks the schools and teachers who supported this year's event. Congratulations on helping keep HPE prominent in your school community.

And what great participation numbers


Approaches to Assessment in Physical Education using the Tennis for Primary Schools resource 
- Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia was delighted to once again have the opportunity to provide a practical workshop at the recent ACHPER SA Primary HPE conference. During this workshop, participants were involved in exploring a variety of formative and summative assessment tools from Tennis Australia's Primary curriculum aligned resource with the added element of linking these assessment tools to some of the key features of the Game Sense Approach.

Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education: Volume 10 Issue 3, 2019
Volume 10 Issue 3, 2019 of the Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education Journal has now been released.

ACHPER Members can log-in and browse the latest articles today, including a paper by Donna Barwood & Andy Jones titled 'Pre-service teachers, co-creating sun safety education for adolescents'

In this paper, Barwood and Jones interrogate the potential for health education to play a productive role in educating young people about the consequences associated with excessive sun exposure. Located in the Western Australia, where the risk of ultra-violet exposure is high and sun safety is a mandated component of the HPE curriculum, the authors worked with pre-service teachers to implement sun smart education. 

An interesting aspect of the study design was their promotion of public domain information to generate content knowledge. To this end, the student teachers were encouraged to make use of readily available public health information to formulate effective teaching sessions around adolescent sun safety. Based on a constructivist methodology, the study provided strong optimism around the capacity for pre-service teachers to distil meaningful learning content from publicly available sources, mostly via the internet, supported by appropriate pedagogical practice.

RESOURCE: Daily Does It 2
Daily Does It 2 provides a reminder of the importance of regular daily physical activity for children and to have opportunities for acquisition of developmentally appropriate skills and confidence and capability in movement. 

The resource is mapped to the bands of the Australian Curriculum and this will ensure that Primary classroom teachers will, with use of their own professional judgement, deliver activity outcomes that are developmentally appropriate for meeting their student's needs.

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