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Lesson 107
Sarah's Reflections
TEXT CH 9, 59-67

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Nothing But God
VIII. The Inclusiveness of Creation

60 God created nothing beside you, and nothing beside you exists, for you are part of Him. What except Him can exist? Nothing beyond Him can happen because nothing except Him is real. Your creations add to Him as you do, but nothing is added that is different because everything has always been. What can upset you except the ephemeral, and how can the ephemeral be real if you are God's only creation, and He created you eternal? Your holy will establishes everything that happens to you. Every response you make to everything you perceive is up to you because your will determines your perception of it.


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L e s s o n  107

Truth will correct all errors in my mind.

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   What can correct illusions but the truth?

   And what are errors but illusions which

   remain unrecognized for what they are?

   Where truth has entered errors disappear.

   They merely vanish, leaving not a trace

   by which to be remembered. They are gone

   because without belief they have no life,

   and so they disappear to nothingness,

   returning whence they came. From dust to dust

   they come and go, for only truth remains.


   Can you imagine what a state of mind

   without illusions is? How it would feel?

   Try to remember when there was a time,

   - perhaps a minute, maybe even less, -

   when nothing came to interrupt your peace;

   when you were certain you were loved and safe.

   Then try to picture what it would be like

   to have that moment be extended to

   the end of time and to eternity.

   Then let the sense of quiet that you felt

   be multiplied a hundred times, and then

   be multiplied another hundred more.


   And now you have a hint, not more than just

   the faintest intimation of the state

   your mind will rest in when the truth has come.

   Without illusions there could be no fear,

   no doubt and no attack. When truth has come

   all pain is over, for there is no room

   for transitory thoughts and dead ideas

   to linger in your mind. Truth occupies

   your mind completely, liberating you

   from all beliefs in the ephemeral.

   They have no place because the truth has come,

   and they are nowhere. They cannot be found,

   for truth is everywhere forever now.


   When truth has come it does not stay a while

   to disappear or change to something else.

   It does not shift and alter in its form,

   nor come and go and go and come again.

   It stays exactly as it always was,

   to be depended on in every need,

   and trusted with a perfect trust in all

   the seeming difficulties and the doubts

   which the appearances the world presents

   engender. They will merely blow away

   when truth corrects the errors in your mind.


   When truth has come it harbors in its wings

   the gift of perfect constancy, and love

   which does not falter in the face of pain

   but looks beyond it, steadily and sure.

   Here is the gift of healing, for the truth

   needs no defense, and therefore no attack

   is possible. Illusions can be brought

   to truth to be corrected. But the truth

   stands far beyond illusions, and can not

   be brought to them to turn them into truth.


   Truth does not come and go nor shift nor change,

   in this appearance now and then in that,

   evading capture and escaping grasp.

   It does not hide. It stands in open light,

   in obvious accessibility.

   It is impossible that anyone

   could seek it truly and would not succeed.

   Today belongs to truth. Give truth its due,

   and it will give you yours. You were not meant

   to suffer and to die. Your Father wills

   these dreams be gone. Let truth correct them all.


   We do not ask for what we do not have.

   We merely ask for what belongs to us,

   that we may recognize it as our own.

   Today we practice on the happy note

   of certainty which has been born of truth.

   The shaky and unsteady footsteps of

   illusion is not our approach today.

   We are as certain of success as we

   are sure we live and hope and breath and think.

   We do not doubt we walk with truth today,

   and count on it to enter into all

   the exercises that we do this day.


   Begin by asking Him Who goes with you

   upon this undertaking that He be

   in your awareness as you go with Him.

   You are not made of flesh and blood and bone,

   but were created by the self-same Thought

   Which gave the gift of life to Him as well.

   He is your Brother, and so like to you

   your Father knows that you are both the same.

   It is your Self you ask to go with you,

   and how could He be absent where you are?


   Truth will correct all errors in your mind

   which tell you you could be apart from Him.

   You speak to Him today, and make your pledge

   to let His function be fulfilled through you.

   To share His function is to share His joy.

   His confidence is with you as you say:


   Truth will correct all errors in my mind,

   And I will rest in Him who is my Self.


   Then let Him lead you gently to the truth

   which will envelop you and give you peace

   so deep and tranquil that you will return

   to the familiar world reluctantly.


   And yet you will be glad to look again

   upon this world. For you will bring with you

   the promise of the changes which the truth

   that goes with you will carry to the world.

   They will increase with every gift you give

   of five small minutes, and the errors which

   surround the world will be corrected as

   you let them be corrected in your mind.


   Do not forget your function for today.

   Each time you tell yourself with confidence,

   "Truth will correct all errors in my mind,"

   you speak for all the world, and Him Who would

   release the world as He would set you free.       


Circle Of Atonement ~ COMMENTARY on LESSON 107                                                                 




ACIM Edmonton - Sarah's Reflections 

ACIM Edmonton, CA

LESSON 107  
Truth will correct all errors in my mind. 
Quotes in this article are from Foundation for Inner Peace edition; To locate the same quotes in the 'Original Edition', use this link:  http://www.jcim.net/acim_us/Acim.php    
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Sarah's Commentary:

This lesson contrasts truth and illusion and makes it clear that we cannot really know truth in this world, but we can experience its reflection. It clarifies how living in this state of reflection of the truth would feel compared to the illusions in which we invest. The lesson provides a very clear perspective on the ego thought system, which is designed to keep us from seeing the guilt in our minds. What happens is that the guilt that is in the mind shields us from the truth that is in the mind, and the world shields us from looking at that guilt. But with courage to really look at our thoughts and take responsibility for them, they can be healed. Jesus encourages us to see that the errors in our minds are only that. They are not sins. They are simply mistakes to be corrected. And he reminds us that nothing we believe about ourselves can change the fact that the truth is still in our minds, simply blocked by our resistance to its acceptance. It means that if we want healing, we must look at our misperceptions. They keep us from the truth of what we are. They keep our focus on the body and the world, thus distracting us from our minds where truth resides.

Jesus tells us that when we withdraw belief from our error, from the illusion, from this dream, then it will be gone because "without belief they, (our errors) have no life." (1.5) It is like turning on the light in a dark room. The darkness immediately disappears. The only power that the illusion has is our belief in it.

We are not meant to suffer. The way out of suffering is to bring all of our misperceptions to the truth. Remember that the errors in our mind are not flaws. They are only errors to be corrected. They require vigilance on our part, to look at our false beliefs. We see them when we take back our projections of our guilt that we put on others. The beliefs we hold are that we are bodies, that we can be hurt, that we can be lonely, disconnected, unhappy, suffer and die and that others are responsible for how we feel. This is not the truth about ourselves.

No matter what it appears to be in the illusion, it is all nothing and will all disappear. "From dust to dust they come and go, for only truth remains," (1.7) meaning that the only thing that is real is truth and when all illusions go, what will remain is the truth of who we are. "Where truth has entered errors disappear." Everything that we now see and believe in is then gone and only the light remains.

We are asked to look at what this state without illusions would look like. We can perhaps all remember when there was a time "when nothing came to interrupt your peace; when you were certain you were loved and safe." (2.3) It may have been a time when you were a child, or perhaps with someone you really loved, or a time with yourself in meditation, or in nature...whatever that moment is for you, really picture it. Then take some time to go back to those feelings you were experiencing and try to picture what it would be like to have that moment extended to the end of time. But wait, he tells us that it goes far beyond that, with the feeling multiplied a hundred times and then a hundred more so that any memory we hold of such a state of peace is only a minute glimmer of what Jesus is talking about here. It is a state that is impossible to describe but must be experienced. And that is where our lessons are taking us, to this kind of experience. Yet these glimmers of peace give us a foretaste of what is to come. This is our true state. This is what the holy instant offers us. It is what Heaven is. And when we experience it we will "return to the familiar world reluctantly." (9.6) It is like being in the world, yet not of it. It is to be in the world while knowing that our reality is not here.

Yet we will be glad to return and "look again upon this world." (10.1) Why? Because we are to bring the gifts we have received back to the world. Our function is to give that which we have received. Thus our practice periods are not merely for ourselves alone because we are one with our brothers. When our misery and suffering is brought forward for healing by the Holy Spirit, we become a demonstration of His love. And thus we bring this changed perception to the world and receive the gifts that we give. We demonstrate through our countenance in the world that peace and joy are ours and the same choice can be made by everyone.

We all have times in our lives when we feel totally assaulted by the world...when we feel like victims of people and situations that seem to be assaulting us. Our thoughts about these people and events take us out of peace. These are precisely the thoughts that we need to bring forward for correction. They are not the truth. Yet we respond to them as if they were. When I feel lonely, I believe that I am that feeling and I try to find ways to alleviate it. Yet the thought that I am lonely is an illusion. I am responding to something that is not true. If we look at all of our thoughts and emotions from outside of this dream, we can see that none of them are true. We need not judge any of our experiences but recognize their lack of reality. All of these thoughts and emotions come from one belief, which is the belief in separation. Now we have started to recognize that we have been wrong about ourselves and the world, and with it comes a willingness to be taught.

It is clear that Jesus is not talking about having no needs as long as we are here. We will still experience problems and pain will be part of our experience. But he is reminding us that the truth of who we are is always in our minds and when we bring our needs, our problems and our issues to the truth, then the miracle will bring peace. We still need to address the issues and problems of the world that confront us daily, but we learn now that the cause of our pain is nothing external, but a decision to listen to the wrong teacher in our minds. When we bring our pain to the light of truth, healing becomes available. It is the only way to heal from the difficulties we experience here.

We are asking Jesus / the Holy Spirit today to help us to remove our identification with the vulnerable self we think we are and bring all our weakness, helplessness, emptiness, anger, frustration, and fear to Him for His healing light. We can truly lean on Him for support and trust that He is always there to remove the illusory demons that do seem very real to us because we have given them reality. Yes, it does take effort to withdraw the belief in the illusion, but we do have mighty help available to us. We just need to open to this Help with confidence and certainty.

Yes, it is about confidence. Jesus tells us that we can depend on this Help in every need and trust It with "a perfect trust in all the seeming difficulties and the doubts that the appearances the world presents." (4.3) All our doubts and difficulties "will merely blow away." (4.4) So the truth of his loving presence wants to reach us in our despair and sadness. And when it comes it, it gives us the "gift of perfect constancy, and love which does not falter in the face of pain, but looks beyond it, steadily and sure." (5.1) And now we can join with that confidence, looking to the truth where our safety lies, where there is no need for defense, because no attack is possible. When the guilt and fear are gone from our minds, we know our own invulnerability, so there is nothing to protect and nothing to defend against.

Truth already belongs to us. There is nothing to ask for. It is within our minds and thus always accessible. Jesus says that if we truly and sincerely seek it we will find it. It is not elusive. God is not hiding from us. He is in plain sight. We just need to be confident that this is so. "Truth does not come and go nor shift nor change, in this appearance now and then in that. It does not hide. It stands in open light, in obvious accessibility. It is impossible that anyone could seek it truly, and would not succeed." (6.1-4) If we believe that we have truly sought the truth and not found it, perhaps we should really look at the lie we are telling ourselves. Sometimes we are more enamored by the steps we take in the journey than we are with the destination. Given a choice of a journey to God or the destination itself, we are still happier to choose the journey. Why? Because we still want the experience of living in this world and we still are choosing to invest in the self that we are attached to which is this illusory self. We made it and we like what it offers. That is what our resistance to the truth is all about.

I am aware of the resistance that is in my mind and how much I find distractions that occupy my time and forget to do the lessons. We can't say we want truth more than anything, yet not do what is asked of us to recognize it. It is all about readiness and willingness to do this practice because discipline is called for. Yet it is just there for us to notice the resistance rather than fighting ourselves and feeling guilty. When we find resistance strong, we can always ask for help. But we resolve that "The shaky and unsteady footsteps of illusion are not our approach today." (7.4) So we can decide that we want to be taken farther down this path to truth today, and know with confidence that we cannot fail because what we are seeking we already have. With motivation and confidence, we can make great strides today.  When we ask for "Him Who goes with you upon this undertaking," (8.1) we are asking for our Guide to go with us into the day so that we can always turn to the truth within, and get the help to shine away the upsets of the day.

I am struck with the lesson practice instructions how he emphasizes that when we are calling on the Holy Spirit we are really connecting to the Self that is what we are in truth. Our true reality is totally unalterable. All my moods, my excitement, my boredom, my anger, my impatience, my total identity as a body, as Sarah, as a woman, offer  nothing but vulnerability, changeability, uncertainty, and ultimately death. When I think of my imperfection, it shows me that I am thinking of myself in illusory terms. I am identifying with the ego. That is not who I am. This false identity is what needs to be brought to the Self, to the truth that I am, which is the presence of the Holy Spirit in my mind. And when we merge with that Self, it is indeed difficult to return to the world. There is a part of us that will be reluctant because the experience of truth is so wonderful that by contrast being in the world feels like hell.  Yet we are told that we do have an important function in the world because we bring the promise of this unchangeable truth back with us. We bring back certainty and safety knowing, as Jesus did, the certainty of resurrection. So ultimately he is not telling us not to function in the world, but only to bring him with us in our awareness. We are integrating the truth in our minds with our functioning in the world.

We are asked to recognize here that our lives were really not happy before we undertook this spiritual journey. That was the motivation to start on this spiritual journey in the first place. We felt like victims of the world. Now we are undergoing a change as we look to this teaching and witness more peace and contentment in our lives as we apply the lessons to the events of the day. Thus we demonstrate that the things of the world no longer disrupt us to the same extent and that we are not the victims of external events. We become the examples of peace and happiness in this world, with our external life reflecting an internal change.
We come in gratitude to Jesus for all of our gifts of joy and peace that we bring back from the quiet place within the mind where we remember the truth of who we are.

Love and blessings, Sarah 



Quotes in this article are from Foundation for Inner Peace edition; To locate the same quotes in the 'Original Edition', use this link:  http://www.jcim.net/acim_us/Acim.php    

[Use 'Advanced Search' and Exact Phrase' option]

A Course in Miracles   

Chapter Nine

The Correction of Error

VIII. The Inclusiveness of Creation      

59 Nothing beyond yourself can make you fearful or loving because nothing is beyond you. Time and eternity are both in your mind and will conflict until you perceive time solely as a means to regain eternity. You cannot do this as long as you believe that anything which happens to you is caused by factors outside yourself. You must learn that time is solely at your disposal, and that nothing in the world can take this responsibility from you. You can violate God's laws in your imagination, but you cannot escape from them. They were established for your protection and are as inviolate as your safety.


60 God created nothing beside you, and nothing beside you exists, for you are part of Him. What except Him can exist? Nothing beyond Him can happen because nothing except Him is real. Your creations add to Him as you do, but nothing is added that is different because everything has always been. What can upset you except the ephemeral, and how can the ephemeral be real if you are God's only creation, and He created you eternal? Your holy will establishes everything that happens to you. Every response you make to everything you perceive is up to you because your will determines your perception of it.


61 God does not change His Mind about you, for He is not uncertain of Himself. And what He knows can be known because He does not know only for Himself. He created you for Himself, but He gave you the power to create for your self so you could be like Him. That is why your will is holy. Can anything exceed the love of God? Can anything, then, exceed your will? Nothing can reach you from beyond it because, being in God, you encompass everything. Believe this, and you will realize how much is up to you. When anything threatens your peace of mind, ask yourself,


62 Has God changed His Mind about me?


63 Then accept His decision, for it is indeed changeless, and refuse to change your mind about yourself. God will never decide against you, or He would be deciding against Himself.


64 The reason you do not know your creations is simply that you would decide against them as long as your minds are split, and to attack what you have created is impossible. But remember that it is as impossible for God. The law of creation is that you love your creations as yourself because they are part of you. Everything that was created is therefore perfectly safe because the laws of God protect it by His Love. Any part of your mind that does not know this has banished itself from knowledge because it has not met its conditions.


65 Who could have done this but you? Recognize this gladly, for in this recognition lies the realization that your banishment is not of God and therefore does not exist. You are at home in God, dreaming of exile but perfectly capable of awakening to reality. Is it your will to do so? You know from your own experience that what you see in dreams you think is real as long as you are asleep. Yet the instant you waken, you know that everything that seemed to happen did not happen at all. You do not think this mysterious, even though all the laws of what you awakened to were violated while you slept. Is it not possible that you merely shifted from one dream to another, without really wakening?


66 Would you bother to reconcile what happened in conflicting dreams, or would you dismiss both together if you discovered that reality is in accord with neither? You do not remember being awake. When you hear the Holy Spirit, you merely feel better because loving seems possible to you, but you do not remember yet that it once was so. And it is in this remembering that you will know it can be so again. What is possible has not yet been accomplished. Yet what has once been is so now if it is eternal. When you remember, you will know what you remember is eternal and therefore is now.


67 You will remember everything the instant you desire it wholly, for if to desire wholly is to create, you will have willed away the separation, returning your mind simultaneously to your Creator and your creations. Knowing them, you will have no wish to sleep but only the will to waken and be glad. Dreams will be impossible because you will want only truth, and being at last your will, it will be yours.




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