Lesson 110
Acknowledge Your Creator
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101 If you will accept yourself as God created you, you will be incapable of suffering. Yet to do this, you must acknowledge Him as your Creator. This is not because you will be punished otherwise. It is merely because your acknowledgment of your Father is the acknowledgment of yourself as you are. Your Father created you wholly without sin, wholly without pain, and wholly without suffering of any kind. If you deny Him, you bring sin, pain, and suffering into your own mind because of the power He gave it. Your mind is capable of creating worlds, but it can also deny what it creates because it is free.      
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SonShip Workbook
L e s s o n  110
  I am as God created me.

Voice and Music by CIMS SonShip Radio

   We will repeat today's idea from time
   to time. For this one thought would be enough
   to save you and the world, if you believed
   that it is true. Its truth would mean that you
   have made no changes in yourself which have
   reality, nor changed the universe
   so that what God created was replaced
   by fear and evil, misery and death.

   If you remain as God created you,
   fear has no meaning, evil is not real,
   and misery and death do not exist. |
   Today's idea is therefore all you need
   to let complete correction heal your mind
   and give you perfect vision, which will heal
   all the mistakes that any mind has made
   at any time or place. It is enough
   to heal the past and make the future free.
   It is enough to let the present be
   accepted as it is. It is enough
   to let time be the means for all the world
   to learn escape from time, and every change
   which time appears to bring in passing by.

   If you remain as God created you
   appearances cannot replace the truth,
   health cannot turn to sickness, nor can death
   be substitute for life, or fear for love.
   All this has not occurred, if you remain
   as God created you. You need no thought
   but just this one, to let redemption come
   to light the world and free it from the past.

   In this one thought is all the past undone;
   the present saved to quietly extend
   into a timeless future. If you are
   as God created you, then there has been
   no separation of your mind from His,
   no split between your mind and other minds,
   and only unity within your own.

   The healing power of today's idea
   is limitless. It is the birthplace of
   all miracles, the great restorer of
   the truth to the awareness of the world.
   Practice today's idea with gratitude.
   This is the truth that comes to set you free.
   This is the truth that God has promised you.
   This is the Word in which all sorrow ends.

   For your five minute practice periods,
   begin with this quotation from the text: 
     " I am as God created me.
      His Son can suffer nothing.
      And I am His Son
   Then, with this statement firmly in your mind,
   try to discover in your mind this Self
   Who is the holy Son of God Himself.
   Seek Him within you Who is Christ in you,
   the Son of God and Brother to the world;
   the Saviour Who has been forever saved,
   with power to save whoever touches Him
   however lightly, asking for the Word
   which tells him he is brother unto Him.

   You are as God created you. Today
   honor your Self. Let graven images
   you made to be the Son of God instead
   of what he is be worshiped not today.
   Deep in your mind the holy Christ in you
   is waiting your acknowledgment as you.
   And you are lost and do not know yourself
   while He is unacknowledged and unknown.

   Seek Him today, and find Him. He will be
   your Saviour from all idols you have made.
   For when you find Him you will understand
   how worthless are your idols, and how false
   the images which you believe were you.
   Today we make a great advance to truth
   by letting idols go, and opening
   our hands and hearts and minds to God today.

   We will remember Him throughout the day
   with thankful hearts, and loving thoughts for all
   who meet with us today, for it is thus
   that we remember Him. And we will say,
   that we may be reminded of His Son,
   our holy Self, the Christ in each of us:
    " I am as God created me."  
   Let us declare this truth as often as we can.
   This is the Word of God that sets you free.
   This is the key that opens up the gate
   of Heaven, and which lets you enter in
   the peace of God and His eternity.

           ~ Original Hand Script of ACIM 
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ACIM Edmonton - Sarah's Reflections 
ACIM Edmonton, CA
I am as God created me.
Sarah's Commentary:

Here we are approaching another review and 110 days into the year! Amazing! As we think about the days and years and the changes we are going through in our lives, we think that this is our reality. We believe in change. We believe in time. We believe in death. We believe our problems are real and the problems of the world are equally real and must somehow be solved. Yet this Lesson says there is nothing we can do or have done to change our eternal reality. We have not changed what God has created. We are pure. We are innocent. We are love. We are beautiful, divine beings. We are whole and complete and lacking in nothing. We are the Son of God, and thus we have all of the attributes of God. There is no separation between ourselves and God.
How is it that we often sink into fear, misery, judgment, and attack? We believe time will ultimately ravage our bodies and turn them into dust. And indeed it will, but we are not these bodies. Our consciousness continues. Jesus asks, "Is it not madness to think of life as being born, aging, losing vitality, and dying in the end?" (Manual for Teachers.27.1.2) Yet this is exactly how we think of our lives. This Lesson assures us, again, that there is no death. The purpose of our lives is to use every situation, every event, and every relationship to help us wake up from this dream. In the dream, we believe we have separated from Love. "I am as God created me" (W.110) means that I am eternal. God did not create what dies and decays. If He did, it would be impossible to think of Him as loving.
"The ' reality ' of death is firmly rooted in the belief that God's Son is a body. And if God created bodies, death would indeed be real ." (M.27.5.1-2) Instead, we must realize that we are guiltless now and forever. "For this one thought would be enough to save you and the world, if you believed that it is true." (W.110.1.2) What this means is that we have not changed ourselves, and indeed our bodies are not what we are. (W.110.1.3) They are only illusory projections of the guilt in our minds. The mind is not in the body. The body is a projection of the mind. If this is so, healing the guilt in our minds would have the effect of changing the reality of our bodily experience, since the body is just a puppet of the mind and has no volition of its own. "If you remain as God created you fear has no meaning, evil is not real, and misery and death do not exist." (W.110.1.4)
We feel we have corrupted ourselves by our sins. We believe we have changed our reality. Our individual existence seems to be a witness to a reality based on our identity as a body and personality. By seemingly to live in this world, we have accumulated even more guilt. "You think you are the home of evil, darkness and sin." (W.93.1.1) Yes, we have made many mistakes, and as a result, we feel terrible and even sinful. The mistakes we have made and the sins we believe we have committed assume the reality of time. As a result, we now think we need time to heal our guilt. In other words, we believe we must atone for our many sins.
Jesus says, No! We are exactly as God created us. This is enough to heal the past, let the present be, and free the future. Just accepting this fact will release us from it all. There is nothing to atone for and no debt to pay. We only need to accept the thought that we cannot and have not changed what God created as pure and holy. Our purity and holiness are in our minds. It was placed there at the moment of separation. At that moment, the separation was undone. The memory of God is in our right minds, and each forgiveness Lesson teaches us how to access that memory; but first, we have to get in touch with the unconscious guilt in the mind. This is what needs to be released.
The Christ Self remains unchanged. It is still what we are. This Lesson is about getting in touch with this truth about ourselves. It is about giving up our belief that we must use time to atone for our sins while we keep racking them up with all our attacks. Give up the idea that you have to make yourself better and that there is something in you to be fixed. The you that believes that it needs to be fixed is the false self. What you take yourself to be cannot get beyond itself. We want to feel important, and for us, this means we want to improve what we think is wrong with us. We think we can do this ourselves through our spiritual journey, but we can't. We need to recognize that we are not who we think we are. It is in realizing what we are not that what we are is revealed.
The image I think I am, my self-concept, the me I think of as Sarah, is the self I think I made. I believe this self was and is shaped by people in my life. I believe this image has replaced my Divine Self. In fact, it is an idol and not at all the perfection created by God. The idol seems to have taken the place of God. I now hold the belief that I have corrupted the Divine Self that I am, screwed it up, and destroyed its innocence. This is what maintains the guilt. We think of ourselves as sometimes kind, sometimes attacking, sometimes loving, sometimes judging, sometimes smart, sometimes clever, sometimes stupid, and sometimes capable, in addition to many, many beliefs and attributes, some of which we like and some of which we dislike. These are attributes of the self-image. . .the idol. None of them define what God created.
This is the graven image we hold dear and even worship. "Let graven images you made to be the Son of God instead of what he is be worshipped not today." (W.110.9.3) Who I really am is in my mind and has never left my mind. It is what is unchanged and unchangeable. Releasing the false attributes that constitute my self-concept and accepting the truth is what this Lesson is about. The problem is that we can't release what we don't see, don't acknowledge and have denied in ourselves. Fortunately, the world and all our relationships reflect what we believe, which gives us an opportunity to see the false self in our projections. They mirror back to us what we are holding as true about ourselves by seeing it in others.
"The healing power of today's idea is limitless. It is the birthplace of all miracles, the restorer of the truth to the awareness of the world ." (W.110.5.1-2) Today, we affirm that we really can't suffer because we are God's Son. Affirmations, in and of themselves, will not heal the guilt. By bringing guilt to light, we experience the miracle. The miracle offers us the evidence that there is another way of seeing. Our way of trying to fix things in the world just doesn't work. With every attack comes fear and counterattack. Look at the world. Every day, we witness the fact that peace will never come through war, whether in our relationships or on the world stage. Whenever we take sides in attacking those we see as wrong or align with them, we contribute to the problem. Peace is not something that happens to you but through you. To point fingers and believe anyone or anything is the problem is to miss a very important opportunity.
Each one of us needs to be the Source of the solution, not the effect. By embracing today's idea with gratitude, we enhance our motivation to take responsibility for our projections. All sorrows end with the realization of the truth of what we are. Practicing the idea is always about giving over our own false perceptions by being willing to look at them and bring them to the truth, so the miracle can shine forth. It means giving over our thoughts of worry, anger, fear, and concerns, and bringing our focus to the place within, where we can experience the unchangeable nature of our Being. The ego is always calling our attention to painful memories and hurts, but these thoughts can never define us. They are not what we are. When we hang onto them, we are actively choosing not to know what we are. The one making this choice is the false self, invested in its own thoughts.
The birthplace of vision is the recognition that we are as God created us, and with vision, we see the Christ in each brother. No matter how things look today and no matter what problems seem to be coming at us, the Answer is within us at every moment. The Answer is in the right mind where truth resides. The ego is the image maker, the imposter, and the stranger that has entered our pristine home and fooled us into thinking that we are this imposter, appearing as a body and personality. The task now is to go into the place in us where the quiet center resides, where truth resides, and where the Holy Child awaits us. By refusing to attend to the thoughts that bubble and boil on the surface of our minds and by seeing that these thoughts do not define us and are not who we are, we sink into this place where miracles are given birth. Yes, it does take some discipline and effort.
The ego puts up a lot of resistance and is suspicious about what we are up to as we focus on our healing. Regardless of its attempts at distraction and resistance to the truth, what the ego can't do is replace the truth already in our minds. It can only keep us unaware when we identify with it, and this is our choice. We can choose not to listen to the voice of the ego and choose instead to bring our attention to the Voice of Truth in our minds. The Holy Spirit will give us another interpretation to the one given by the ego for any situation we encounter. This Voice will never shout down the ego. Its quiet truth will never argue with the ego. We have free will, and we will choose, when we are ready, to turn to the Spirit for help.
Whatever we fear has not occurred. It is all part of the dream of this world. There are things here that need our attention, but we can choose to address them from a place of peace. The ego is raucous and demanding and insistent. It does not love us. In any situation where we are confronted, the ego says, "Turn to me. I will help you solve the problem." Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit quietly listens, watches, and is still, awaiting our call. In every situation, we make a choice of which voice we will listen to.
Some time ago when we were traveling and returning from Germany, our flight information was all screwed up, and we were left wondering if we would be able to return home. There was such a temptation to become angry and distressed, yet it was another situation that provided an opportunity to look at the chatter in the mind and choose not to listen to it. In every circumstance that we encounter, there is another invitation to remember that we are still love and any difficulty is not the truth. Be still and know that I am God. We are as God created us. We are His Son and can suffer nothing. "Deep in your mind the holy Christ in you is waiting your acknowledgment as you." (W.110.9.4) Until we do, we will stay lost, and the Self we are, as created by God, will not be known to us.
We remind ourselves frequently today, "I am as God created me. His Son can suffer nothing. And I am His Son." (W.110.6.2-4) When the belief in our bodily identity is released by releasing the unconscious guilt in our minds and with it all the concepts and beliefs we hold, truth will dawn on our minds. This is what accepting Atonement for ourselves is all about. It is a choice in our minds that we can make when this is what we truly want. When we choose to see our brother as guiltless and keep asking for help from Jesus, rather than the ego, we step through the doorway from our belief in guilt to the truth of what we are. "Let us declare this truth as often as we can." (W.110.11.5) Why would we not want to when it is the key that opens the gate of Heaven and sets us free? (W.110.11.6-7)

Love and blessings, Sarah
A Course in Miracles
ACIM Original Edition
Chapter Nine

The Correction of Error   

Voice and Music by Martin Weber, CIMS SonShip Radio

XI. The Denial of God     

The rituals of the god of sickness are strange and very demanding. Joy is never permitted, for depression is the sign of allegiance to him. Depression means that you have foresworn God. Men are afraid of blasphemy, but they do not know what it means. They do not realize that to deny God is to deny their own identity, and in this sense the wages of sin is death. The sense is very literal; denial of life perceives its opposite, as all forms of denial replace what is with what is not. No one can really do this, but that you can think you can and believe you have is beyond dispute.
94 Do not forget, however, that to deny God will inevitably result in projection, and you will believe that others, and not yourself, have done this to you. You will receive the message you give because it is the message you want. You may believe that you judge your brothers by the messages they give you, but you have judged them by the message you give to them. Do not attribute your denial of joy to them, or you cannot see the spark in them that could bring joy to you. It is the denial of the spark that brings depression, and whenever you see your brothers without it, you are denying God.
95 Allegiance to the denial of God is the ego's religion. The god of sickness obviously demands the denial of health, because health is in direct opposition to its own survival. But consider what this means to you. Unless you are sick, you cannot keep the gods you made, for only in sickness could you possibly want them. Blasphemy, then, is self-destructive, not God-destructive. It means that you are willing not to know yourself in order to be sick. This is the offering which your god demands because, having made him out of your insanity, he is an insane idea. He has many forms, but although he may seem like many different things, he is but one idea-the denial of God.
96 Sickness and death entered the mind of God's Son against His Will. The "attack on God" made His Son think he was fatherless, and out of his depression, he made the god of depression. This was his alternative to joy, because he would not accept the fact that, although he was a creator, he had been created. Yet the Son is helpless without the Father, Who alone is his help. We said before that of yourselves you can do nothing, but you are not of yourselves. If you were, what you have made would be true, and you could never escape.
97 It is because you did not make yourselves that you need be troubled by nothing. Your gods are nothing because your Father did not create them. You cannot make creators who are unlike your Creator any more than He could have created a Son who was unlike Him. If creation is sharing, it cannot create what is unlike itself. It can share only what it is. Depression is isolation, and so it could not have been created.
98 Son of God, you have not sinned, but you have been much mistaken. Yet this can be corrected, and God will help you, knowing that you could not sin against Him. You denied Him because you loved Him, knowing that if you recognized your love for Him, you could not deny Him. Your denial of Him therefore means that you love Him and that you know He loves you. Remember that what you deny, you must have known. And if you accept denial, you can accept its undoing.
99 Your Father has not denied you. He does not retaliate, but He does call to you to return. When you think He has not answered your call, you have not answered His. He calls to you from every part of the Sonship because of His love for His Son. If you hear His message, He has answered you, and you will learn of Him if you hear aright. The love of God is in everything He created, for His Son is everywhere. Look with peace upon your brothers, and God will come rushing into your heart in gratitude for your gift to Him.
100 Do not look to the god of sickness for healing but only to the God of love, for healing is the acknowledgment of Him. When you acknowledge Him, you will know that He has never ceased to acknowledge you and that in His acknowledgment of you lies your Being. You are not sick, and you cannot die. But you can confuse yourself with things that do. Remember, though, that to do this is blasphemy, for it means that you are looking without love on God and His creation, from which He cannot be separated. Only the eternal can be loved, for love does not die. What is of God is His forever, and you are of God. Would He allow Himself to suffer? And would He offer His Son anything that is not acceptable to Him?
101 If you will accept yourself as God created you, you will be incapable of suffering. Yet to do this, you must acknowledge Him as your Creator. This is not because you will be punished otherwise. It is merely because your acknowledgment of your Father is the acknowledgment of yourself as you are. Your Father created you wholly without sin, wholly without pain, and wholly without suffering of any kind. If you deny Him, you bring sin, pain, and suffering into your own mind because of the power He gave it. Your mind is capable of creating worlds, but it can also deny what it creates because it is free.
102 You do not realize how much you have denied yourself, and how much God in His love would not have it so. Yet He would not interfere with you because He would not know His Son if he were not free. To interfere with you would be to attack Himself, and God is not insane. When you denied Him, you were insane. Would you have Him share your insanity? God will never cease to love His Son, and His Son will never cease to love Him. That was the condition of His Son's creation, fixed forever in the Mind of God. To know that is sanity. To deny it is insanity. God gave Himself to you in your creation, and His gifts are eternal. Would you deny yourself to Him?
103 Out of your gifts to Him, the Kingdom will be restored to His Son. His Son removed himself from His gift by refusing to accept what had been created for him and what he himself had created in the Name of his Father. Heaven waits for his return, for it was created as the dwelling place of God's Son. You are not at home anywhere else or in any other condition. Do not deny yourself the joy which was created for you for the misery you have made for yourselves. God has given you the means for undoing what you have made. Listen and you will learn what you are.
104 If God knows His Children as wholly sinless, it is blasphemous to perceive them as guilty. If God knows His Children as wholly without pain, it is blasphemous to perceive suffering anywhere. If God knows His Children to be wholly joyous, it is blasphemous to feel depressed. All of these illusions and the many other forms which blasphemy may take are refusals to accept creation as it is. If God created His Son perfect, that is how you must learn to see him to learn of his reality. And as part of the Sonship, that is how you must see yourself to learn of yours.
105 Do not perceive anything God did not create, or you are denying Him. His is the only Fatherhood, and it is yours only because He has given it to you. Your gifts to yourself are meaningless, but your gifts to your creations are like His because they are given in His Name. That is why your creations are as real as His. Yet the real Fatherhood must be acknowledged if the real Son is to be known. You believe that the sick things which you have made are your real creations because you believe that the sick images you perceive are the Sons of God.
106 Only if you accept the Fatherhood of God will you have anything because His fatherhood gave you everything. That is why to deny Him is to deny yourself. Arrogance is the denial of love because love shares and arrogance withholds. As long as both appear to you to be desirable, the concept of choice, which is not of God, will remain with you. While this is not true in eternity, it is true in time, so that while time lasts in your minds, there will be choices. Time itself was your choice.
107 If you would remember eternity, you must learn to look only on the eternal. If you allow yourselves to become preoccupied with the temporal, you are living in time. As always, your choice is determined by what you value. Time and eternity cannot both be real because they contradict each other. If you will accept only what is timeless as real, you will begin to understand eternity and make it yours.

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