Lesson 292
You Are Entitled to Miracles

11 The miracle comes quietly into the mind that stops an instant and is still. It reaches gently from that quiet time, and from the mind it healed in quiet then, to other minds to share its quietness. And they will join in doing nothing to prevent its radiant extension back into the Mind Which caused all minds to be. Born out of sharing, there can be no pause in time to cause the miracle delay in hastening to all unquiet minds and bringing them an instant's stillness when the memory of God returns to them. Their own remembering is quiet now, and what has come to take its place will not be wholly unremembered afterwards.   
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CHAPTER 28 I-II, 1-15
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What is the Real World
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   The real world is a symbol, like the rest
   of what perception offers. Yet it stands
   for what is opposite to what you made.
   Your world is seen through eyes of fear, and brings
   the witnesses of terror to your mind.
   The real world cannot be perceived except
   through eyes forgiveness blesses, so they see
   a world where terror is impossible,
   and witnesses to fear can not be found.
   The real world holds a counterpart for each
   unhappy thought reflected in your world;
   a sure correction for the sights of fear
   and sounds of battle which your world contains.
   The real world shows a world seen differently,
   through quiet eyes and with a mind at peace.
   Nothing but rest is here. There are no cries
   of pain and sorrow heard, for nothing here
   remains outside forgiveness. And the sights
   are gentle. Only happy sights and sounds
   can reach the mind that has forgiven itself.
   What need has such a mind for thoughts of death,
   attack and murder? What can it perceive
   surrounding it but safety, love and joy?
   What is there it would choose to be condemned,
   and what is there that it would judge against?
   The world it sees arises from a mind
   at peace within itself. No danger lurks
   in anything it sees, for it is kind
   and only kindness does it look upon.
   The real world is the symbol that the dream
   of sin and guilt is over, and God's Son
   no longer sleeps. His waking eyes perceive
   the sure reflection of his Father's Love;
   the certain promise that he is redeemed.
   The real world signifies the end of time,
   for this perception makes time purposeless.
   The Holy Spirit has no need of time
   when it has served His purpose. Now He waits
   but that one instant more for God to take
   His final step, and time has disappeared,
   taking perception with it as it goes,
   and leaving but the Truth to be Itself.
   That instant is our goal, for it contains
   the memory of God. And as we look
   upon a world forgiven, it is He
   Who calls to us and comes to take us home,
   reminding us of our Identity
   Which our forgiveness has restored to us.
    ~ Original Hand Script  
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SonShip Workbook
L e s s o n 292
A happy outcome to all things is sure.
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   God's promises make no exceptions. And
   He guarantees that only joy can be
   the final outcome found for everything.
   Yet it is up to us when this is reached;
   how long we let an alien will appear
   to be opposing His. And while we think
   this will is real, we will not find the end
   He has appointed as the outcome of
   all problems we perceive, all trials we see,
   and every situation that we meet.
   Yet is the ending certain. For God's Will
   is done in earth and Heaven. We will seek
   and we will find according to His Will,
   Which guarantees that our will is done.
    We thank you, Father, for Your guarantee
    of only happy outcomes in the end.
    Help us not interfere, and so delay
    the happy endings You have promised us
    for every problem that we can perceive;
    for every trial we think we still must meet.
     ~ Original Handscript of ACIM  
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ACIM Edmonton - Sarah's Reflections ACIM Edmonton, CA
A happy outcome to all things is sure.

Sarah's Commentary:  
When we study this Course, we release our way of seeing things, our beliefs about where our happiness lies, and our control over outcomes. We question reality as we have believed it to be. We question many things: what we think is necessary for our happiness, how we see relationships, the beliefs we hold about who we are, the belief in death, the belief that we need to do something to control, manage, and fix things in the world, our investment in winning over others, the belief in the reality of time, and the belief in the reality of the world and bodies. In other words, we need to question our currently accepted frame of reference. Nothing we invest in as important in the world has ever, or will ever, bring us true peace and joy. We experience what we call pleasure, but none of it will last, which is the reason all pleasure is tinged with fear. What looks and feels like pleasure to us is only fleeting and will always bring pain. "It is impossible to seek for pleasure through the body and not find pain." (T.19.IV.B.I.12.1) (ACIM OE T.19.Vb.71) Jesus tells us, "All roads that lead away from what you are will lead you to confusion and despair." (T.31.IV.9.5) (ACIM OE T.31.IV.41)
But now we are told that there is a way out. Why would we not choose it? We don't because of fear. What would I be without my thoughts? We have become so accustomed to listening to the ego---our own wrong-minded voice---that we think it is what we are. This voice is insistent, raucous, and obsessive. When we listen to it, it keeps us doing the same things over and over in the misguided belief that we can finally get it right and achieve some semblance of peace and happiness. This alien will, that we have come to identify with, is invested in maintaining a state of separation. It keeps us rooted in the illusion, with moments of seeming pleasure to offset the overall sense of pain and hopelessness that is there all the time. We have valiantly worked to adjust to this reality and tried to make it work for us, but true peace, joy, and love elude us. The mind that begins to radically question the nature of this world and our lives is what starts the process of healing.
Jesus tells us, "A happy outcome to all things is sure," (W.292) but what does a happy outcome mean? Does it mean that my needs, as I perceive them, will be met? Does it mean that I will not experience any problems? What problems seem to be confronting you today? It may be helpful to list them. Now ask yourself, what would constitute a happy outcome to each problem? Are you looking for more money, a better job, a romantic relationship, improved health, a nicer car, better-behaved children, a new wardrobe, a vacation, a retreat, a better body, recognition, better sex, or a new partner? The list of what we think we want for our happiness is endless.
Jesus does not make us wrong because we have goals in this world, nor does he suggest that pursuing them should make us feel guilty. All he says is that they won't bring us the happiness we seek. "Seek not for this in the bleak world of illusion, where nothing is certain and where everything fails to satisfy. In the Name of God, be wholly willing to abandon all illusions." (T.16.IV.9.4-5) (ACIM OE T.16.V.38) He wants for us to know our true happiness. When we are radically honest with ourselves, we can see that when we have achieved our hopes and wishes, we still have not experienced the deep peace, joy, and happiness we had hoped for. This does not make our pursuits wrong. As Jesus says, "For this you came, and you will surely do the thing you came for." (W.131.3.2)
He knows that we came to experience this world and that this is where our attention goes until we accept a new purpose. Clearly, while we experience ourselves living in this world, Jesus recognizes that there are things we need in order to maintain our lives. "You have been told to ask the Holy Spirit for the answer to any specific problem, and that you will receive a specific answer if such is your need." (Song of Prayer 1.I.2.1) As long as we still believe in specifics, this is how we will be answered. Nevertheless, the reality is that "there is only one problem and one answer." (S.1.I.2.2) However, Jesus acknowledges, "there are decisions to make here, and they must be made whether they be illusions or not." (S.1.I.2.4) He is, ultimately, practical.
As we go about pursuing the things of this world, we are called to look at what purpose they serve. Is the purpose of pursuing our dreams and goals in order to stay invested in the illusion, or are we willing to use everything here as a backdrop for forgiveness and healing? When our activities serve the purpose of awakening from the dream, then every situation, every occurrence, every relationship, and every encounter becomes a classroom for forgiveness and healing. When we turn over our interpretation to the Holy spirit---whether we see the event as good or bad---He shows us how to use the situation for healing. Thus, there is never anything wrong. It is all perfectly orchestrated for our highest good. When we become willing to give all our perceived needs to the Holy Spirit and let Him Guide our activities, there is no effort.
What does this look like? Several years ago, when my mother was 98 (she is currently 102 years old), I needed to put in place more support for her. I felt overwhelmed by her issues and needs and wondered how I would be able to attend to all of the requirements and the amount of time all this would take. I had filled out a form for wheelchair transportation, but when I went to visit her, some distance from my home, I noticed that I had left the form at home. Needless to say, I was unhappy with my lack of attention to this, but I thought perhaps I could get another form and fill it in while I was at my mother's facility. Another form was not available but in the search I came across a number of people whom I had not previously met, and we were able to set in motion numerous activities to address her needs. It was all so easy. What could have been seen as a problem turned out to be an immense blessing. We can't know what anything is for. The Holy Spirit is always available in every situation, waiting for us to turn to Him so He can meet our needs, as long as we still think they are specific. All we need to do is accept His help and give up thinking that we know what anything is for.
What we are preparing, for now, is a surrender of all we think we know so we can step onto the bridge that takes us from this world to the real world. Are we willing to accept whatever is in front of us and see that it is all for our own healing? Are we willing to accept the truth? It means being willing to give up our way, our understandings, our perceptions of the problem, our attempts to control every situation, our opinions, and our belief that we know what everything is for. "God's promises make no exceptions." (W.292.1.1) We don't yet totally believe that this to be true. We still hang onto our own solutions generated by our own will. God "guarantees that only joy can be the final outcome found for everything," (W.292.1.2) but Jesus tells us, "it is up to us when this is reached; how long we let an alien will appear to be opposing His." (W.292.1.3) We decide on the pace of our own healing. We choose when we are ready to turn every situation over to the Holy Spirit until forgiveness is complete. The journey goes as slowly or as quickly as determined by our readiness. We will not be hurled into Heaven.
The reality is that we really need do nothing. We are already on the other side of the bridge. We are already at home in God. The Atonement Principle is the assurance that we have not changed ourselves. We can only believe that we have done so. We have dreamed this existence, but it is not the truth. We are still completely innocent; but in order to realize this, we need to continue to look at the thoughts and beliefs that block our awareness of who we truly are. As these thoughts are brought to consciousness, we turn them over to the Holy Spirit.
We read in Chapter 24 that we must question every value we hold. "But an unrecognized belief is a decision to war in secret, where the results of conflict are kept unknown and never brought to reason, to be considered sensible or not." (T.24.I.2.2) (ACIM OE T.24.II.4) Thus, we can only forgive what we acknowledge. When we blame our brother and want to triumph over him, we are hanging onto our specialness instead of the truth. Only when we take responsibility for our thoughts can we start the process of letting go. To forgive is to take responsibility for everything in our world. As Byron Katie says, "Whatever people say or do, how can you be upset with them when you know they're projections of your own mind."
We recognize that we are the ones choosing attack instead of love. We are responsible for our interpretations. "Deceive yourself no longer that you are helpless in the face of what is done to you. Acknowledge but that you have been mistaken, and all effects of your mistakes will disappear." (T.21.II.2.6-7) (ACIM OE T.21.III.16)
Why do we hang onto our own way? What is this resistance about? We think it is about our physical and psychological survival. We think that the "me" we identify with is our reality, so we look at all of the ways that we can keep this self safe. Yet the end is the same for all of us. We can't escape the ultimate destruction of the body, and so we hate the body. "For fantasies have made your body your 'enemy'; weak, vulnerable and treacherous, worthy of the hate that you invest in it." (T.18.VI.6.5) (ACIM OE T.18.VII.54) We hate our brother's body, "For what you think is sin is limitation, and whom you try to limit to the body you hate because you fear." (T.21.III.7.2) (ACIM OE T.21.IV.35)
The body is not our reality. We are eternal. Death cannot end who we are. The ego is just a dream about ourselves, and our efforts in the dream to keep its "reality" intact will come to nothing. At this point in the Course, we are no longer taking the ego as seriously as we once did, even though we still have resistance. We still cling to the beliefs: There are some grievances that can't be forgiven. There are some addictions that have such a hold on us that they can't be broken. Our best efforts at turning over some situations have not brought us peace, and our anger can still get triggered at a moment's notice. What to do? We start feeling despair and wonder if we are beyond redemption! But those are the very thoughts that stubbornly resist healing only because we still want to hold onto them. We choose to believe them and, as long as we do, they will be implacable. This place of stubborn resistance in us is not real. It is another false belief, and we have the power within us to release all false beliefs that we hold about ourselves.
While we might say that we want to change, that we want the peace of God, and that we desperately desire to know our Self as Love, we still fear transformation. "There is no statement that the world is more afraid to hear than this: I do not know the thing I am, and therefore do not know what I am doing, where I am, or how to look upon the world or on myself. Yet in this learning is salvation born." (T.31.V.17.6-8) (ACIM OE T.31.V.60, 61) We will never do this alone. He offers the miracle when we are ready, but not until we are ready. The choice is ours. We must ask Him to "Help us not interfere." (W.292.2.2) Only we can get in our own way. "I will step back and let Him lead the way." (W.155) Only our interfering thoughts and beliefs will "delay the happy endings You have promised us for every problem that we can perceive; for every trial we think we still must meet." (W.292.2.2)
We are still deeply skeptical that the Holy Spirit will deliver us. Jesus knows this about us, which is why he gives us a "guarantee of only happy outcomes in the end" (W.292.2.1) "For God's Will is done in earth and Heaven." (W.292.1.6) Yet it does not get done without us because His Will is our own true will. Jesus is honoring our concept of time and our choices. We hold the power and just need to question: "How long do we want to wait?" "How long do we want to delay?" "How long do we want to suffer?"
Let's give up striving to change ourselves and trying to be better, more loving, kinder, sweeter, and more giving. We can relax now. We don't have to make ourselves into anything. Our only job is to question and uncover all we think we are and all we think we know. We need only give up whatever interferes with the magnificence of who we already are. Our efforts at improving ourselves will never work. We will always fail, and then beat up on ourselves for our failure and decide that we are beyond redemption. Laugh at this nonsense. Realize the ego truly is fighting its last hurrah and the best defense is to laugh at its silliness. Simply witness its futile efforts and don't beat up on yourself for its attempts to keep you in hell. Our reality is unchangeable. We just need to keep doing the forgiveness work of letting go of all that interferes with the truth of who we are. Let the Holy Spirit handle it all. You need do nothing! "A happy outcome to all things is sure." (W.292) Today, let us resolve to give up our dreams of misery. That is all they are---Dreams!

Love and blessings, Sarah

A Course in Miracles
ACIM Original Edition
Chapter Twenty Eight

The Undoing of Fear 
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CHAPTER 28 I-II, 1-15
Voice and Music by Martin Weber, CIMS SonShip Radio
I. Introduction 
1 The miracle does nothing. All it does is to undo. And thus it cancels out the interference to what has been done. It does not add, but merely takes away. And what it takes away is long since gone, but being kept in memory, appears to have immediate effects. This world was over long ago. The thoughts that made it are no longer in the mind that thought of them and loved them for a little while. The miracle but shows the past is gone, and what has truly gone has no effects. Remembering a cause can but produce illusions of its presence, not effects.
2 All the effects of guilt are here no more. For guilt is over. In its passing went its consequences, left without a cause. Why would you cling to it in memory if you did not desire its effects? Remembering is as selective as perception, being its past tense. It is perception of the past as if it were occurring now and still were there to see. Memory, like perception, is a skill made up by you to take the place of what God gave in your creation. And like all the things you made, it can be used to serve another purpose and to be the means for something else. It can be used to heal and not to hurt if you so wish it be.
3 Nothing employed for healing represents an effort to do anything at all. It is a recognition that you have no needs which mean that something must be done. It is an unselective memory, which is not used to interfere with truth. All things the Holy Spirit can employ for healing have been given Him, without the content and the purposes for which they have been made. They are but skills without an application. They await their use. They have no dedication and no aim.

II. The Present Memory 
77 The body is the central figure in the dreaming of the world. There is no dream without it, nor does it exist without the dream in which it acts as if it were a person, to be seen and be believed. It takes the central place in every dream, which tells the story of how it was made by other bodies, born into the world outside the body, lives a little while and dies, to be united in the dust with other bodies dying like itself. In the brief time allotted it to live, it seeks for other bodies as its friends and enemies. Its safety is its main concern. Its comfort is its guiding rule. It tries to look for pleasure and avoid the things that would be hurtful. Above all, it tries to teach itself its pains and joys are different and can be told apart.  
4 The Holy Spirit can indeed make use of memory, for God Himself is there. Yet this is not a memory of past events, but only of a present state. You are so long accustomed to believe that memory holds only what is past that it is hard for you to realize it is a skill that can remember now. The limitations on remembering the world imposes on it are as vast as those you let the world impose on you. There is no link of memory to the past. If you would have it there, then there it is. But only your desire made the link, and only you have held it to a part of time where guilt appears to linger still.
5 The Holy Spirit's use of memory is quite apart from time. He does not seek to use it as a means to keep the past, but rather as a way to let it go. Memory holds the message it receives and does what it is given it to do. It does not write the message nor appoint what it is for. Like to the body, it is purposeless within itself. And if it seems to serve to cherish ancient hate and offers you the pictures of injustices and hurts which you were saving, this is what you asked its message be, and this is what it is. Committed to its vaults, the history of all the body's past is hidden there. All of the strange associations made to keep the past alive, the present dead, are stored within it, waiting your command that they be brought to you and lived again. And thus do their effects appear to be increased by time, which took away their cause.
6 Yet time is but another phase of what does nothing. It works hand in hand with all the other attributes with which you seek to keep concealed the truth about yourself. Time neither takes away nor can restore. And yet you make strange use of it, as if the past had caused the present, which is but a consequence in which no change can be made possible because its cause has gone. Yet change must have a cause that will endure or else it will not last. No change can be made in the present if its cause is past. Only the past is held in memory as you make use of it, and so it is a way to hold the past against the now.
7 Remember nothing that you taught yourself, for you were badly taught. And who would keep a senseless lesson in his mind when he can learn and can preserve a better one? When ancient memories of hate appear, remember that their cause is gone. And so you cannot understand what they are for. Let not the cause that you would give them now be what it was which made them what they were or seemed to be. Be glad that it is gone, for this is what you would be pardoned from. And see instead the new effects of cause accepted now, with consequences here. They will surprise you with their loveliness. The ancient new ideas they bring will be the happy consequences of a cause so ancient that it far exceeds the span of memory which your perception sees.
8 This is the Cause the Holy Spirit has remembered for you, when you would forget. It is not past because He let It not be unremembered. It has never changed because there never was a time in which He did not keep It safely in your mind. Its consequences will indeed seem new because you thought that you remembered not their Cause. Yet was It never absent from your mind, for it was not your Father's Will that He be unremembered by His Son.
9 What you remember never was. It came from causelessness which you confused with cause. It can deserve but laughter when you learn you have remembered consequences which were causeless and could never be effects. The miracle reminds you of a Cause forever present, perfectly untouched by time and interference. Never changed from what It is. And you are Its effects, as changeless and as perfect as Itself. Its memory does not lie in the past nor await the future. It is not revealed in miracles. They but remind you that It has not gone. When you forgive It for your sins, It will no longer be denied.
10 You who have sought to lay a judgment on your own Creator cannot understand it is not He Who laid a judgment on His Son. You would deny Him His effects, yet have they never been denied. There was no time in which His Son could be condemned for what was causeless and against His Will. What your remembering would witness to is but the fear of God. He has not done the thing you fear. No more have you. And so your innocence has not been lost. You need no healing to be healed. In quietness, see in the miracle a lesson in allowing Cause to have Its own effects and doing nothing that would interfere.
11 The miracle comes quietly into the mind that stops an instant and is still. It reaches gently from that quiet time, and from the mind it healed in quiet then, to other minds to share its quietness. And they will join in doing nothing to prevent its radiant extension back into the Mind Which caused all minds to be. Born out of sharing, there can be no pause in time to cause the miracle delay in hastening to all unquiet minds and bringing them an instant's stillness when the memory of God returns to them. Their own remembering is quiet now, and what has come to take its place will not be wholly unremembered afterwards.
12 He to Whom time is given offers thanks for every quiet instant given Him. For in that instant is His memory allowed to offer all its treasures to the Son of God, for whom they have been kept. How gladly does He offer them unto the one for whom He has been given them! And His Creator shares His thanks because He would not be deprived of His effects. The instant's silence that His Son accepts gives welcome to eternity and Him and lets Them enter where They would abide. For in that instant does the Son of God do nothing that would make himself afraid.
13 How instantly the memory of God arises in the mind that has no fear to keep the memory away. Its own remembering has gone. There is no past to keep its fearful image in the way of glad awakening to present peace. The trumpets of eternity resound throughout the stillness, yet disturb it not. And what is now remembered is not fear, but rather is the cause that fear was made to render unremembered and undone. The stillness speaks in gentle sounds of love the Son of God remembers from before his own remembering came in between the present and the past to shut them out.
14 Now is the Son of God at last aware of present Cause and Its benign effects. Now does he understand what he has made is causeless, making no effects at all. He has done nothing. And in seeing this, he understands he never had a need for doing anything and never did. His Cause is its effects. There never was a cause beside It that could generate a different past or future. Its effects are changelessly eternal, beyond fear, and past the world of sin entirely.
15 What has been lost, to see the causeless not? And where is sacrifice, when memory of God has come to take the place of loss? What better way to close the little gap between illusions and reality than to allow the memory of God to flow across it, making it a bridge an instant will suffice to reach beyond? For God has closed it with Himself. His memory has not gone by and left a stranded Son forever on a shore where he can glimpse another shore which he can never reach. His Father wills that he be lifted up and gently carried over. He has built the bridge, and it is He Who will transport His Son across it. Have no fear that He will fail in what He wills. Nor that you be excluded from the Will that is for you.
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