Lesson 315
Beyond All Idols
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47 Beyond all idols is the Thought God holds of you. Completely unaffected by the turmoil and the terror of the world, the dreams of birth and death that here are dreamed, the myriad of forms that fear can take; quite undisturbed, the Thought God holds of you remains exactly as it always was. Surrounded by a stillness so complete no sound of battle comes remotely near, it rests in certainty and perfect peace. Here is your one reality kept safe, completely unaware of all the world that worships idols and that knows not God. In perfect sureness of its changelessness and of its rest in its eternal home, the Thought God holds of you has never left the Mind of its Creator Whom it knows, as its Creator knows that it is there.

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The Last Judgment

Voice and Music by CIMS SonShip Radio

   Christ's Second Coming gives the Son of God
   the gift to hear the Voice for God proclaim
   that what is false is false, and what is true
   has never changed. And this the judgment is
   in which perception ends. At first you see
   a world which has accepted this as true,
   projected from a now corrected mind.
   And with this holy sight, perception gives
   a silent blessing and then disappears,
   its goal accomplished and its mission done.
   The final judgment on the world contains
   no condemnation. For it sees the world
   as totally forgiven, without sin,
   and wholly purposeless. Without a cause,
   and now without a function in Christ's sight,
   it merely slips away to nothingness.
   There it was born, and there it ends as well.
   And all the figures in the dream in which
   the world began go with it. Bodies now
   are useless, and will therefore fade away,
   because the Son of God is limitless.
   You who believed that Gods last judgment would
   condemn the world to hell along with you,
   accept this holy truth: God's judgment is
   the gift of the Correction He bestowed
   on all your errors, freeing you from them,
   and all effects they ever seemed to have.
   To fear His saving grace is but to fear
   complete release from suffering, return
   to peace, security and happiness,
   and union with your own Identity.
   God's final judgment is as merciful
   as every step in His appointed plan
   to save His Son, and call Him to return
   to the eternal peace He shares with him.
   Be not afraid of Love. For It alone
   can heal all sorrow, wipe away all tears,
   and gently waken from his dreams of pain
   the Son whom God acknowledges as His.
   Be not afraid of this. Salvation asks
   you give it welcome. And the world awaits
   your glad acceptance, which will set it free.
   This is God's final judgment: "You are still
   My holy Son, forever innocent,
   forever loving and forever loved,
   as limitless as Your Creator, and
   completely changeless and forever pure.
   Therefore awaken and return to Me.
   I am Your Father, and you are My Son.
    ~ Original Hand Script  
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SonShip Workbook
L e s s o n 315
All gifts my brothers give belong to me.

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   Each day a thousand treasures come to me
   with every passing moment. I am blessed
   with gifts throughout the day, in value far
   beyond all things of which I can conceive.
   A brother smiles upon another, and
   my heart is gladdened. Someone speaks a word
   of gratitude or mercy, and my mind
   perceives this gift and takes it as it own.
   And every one who finds the way to God
   becomes my Saviour, pointing out the way
   to me, and giving me his certainty
   that what he learned is surely mine as well.
    I thank You, Father, for the many gifts
    that come to me today and every day
    from every Son of God. My brothers are
    unlimited in all their gifts to me.
    Now may I offer them my thankfulness,
    that gratitude to them may lead me on
    to my Creator and His memory.
     ~ Original Handscript of ACIM     
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ACIM Edmonton - Sarah's Reflections 
ACIM Edmonton, CA
All gifts my brothers give belong to me.

Sarah's Commentary:    
There are many moments on this journey when I feel my heart overflowing with so much gratitude, I can hardly contain it as tears of joy spring forth. It is not always apparent what it is that has brought about this feeling. Sometimes it is just noticing a touching moment shared by two apparent strangers who smile at each other. Sometimes it is poignant sharing in our gatherings. Sometimes it is witnessing a kindness one person offers another described in a news story. Sometimes it comes when a grievance is lifted and a brother offers a blessing, or it comes with the joy of recognizing the healing of those who find their way to the truth of who they are. Recently, it was when I listened to my son recount an awakening experience and shared deeply about it from his heart. And it always brings happy tears to my eyes when I see a caregiver give my mother, who is 101, loving care and devoted service.
Today's Lesson gives us the answer as to why we experience joy when we witness the beautiful joining between people. It is because ". . . my mind receives this gift and takes it as its own." (W.315.1.4) Our hearts are gladdened and our path is opened to find our way to God through gratitude to our brothers. There is so much to be grateful for when we take the time to notice. Often, we count our blessings in form. We are grateful for the material world, for abundance, for a job, and for recognition, yet in this Lesson 315, we are blessed when:
"A brother smiles upon another." (W.315.1.3)
"Someone speaks a word of gratitude or mercy." (W.315.1.4)
"Everyone who finds the way to God is my savior." (W.315.1.5)
"What he learned is surely mine as well." (W.315.1.5)

Don't the tender moments shared by others around you bring a smile to your heart? Don't we all share the joy of seeing someone experiencing a shift in perception that comes through a healing of some kind? Isn't it a joy to witness love when it is extended? Love truly unites us all and in that unity of love, which makes no exceptions, we are all given equally. Every miracle we witness opens the doors to the extension of love, which is a gift to us all, as we are all One, and the One Mind receives the blessing.
At times, when we witness the gifts shared by others, we may feel a twinge of jealousy or we may long for the spiritual awakening we witness in others. We may wonder when our time will come. Why not me? Or when someone we have negative feelings about receives recognition or success, we may feel resentful. When we feel separation from our brothers, we don't recognize that all gifts are ours because they are received by the part of the mind that remembers we are all One Self. What my brother receives is mine. To the ego, what one gains another loses. Yet according to this Lesson, we have so many gifts coming to us every day, ". . . in value far beyond all things of which I can conceive." (W.315.1.2) If we are not feeling the joy and gratitude, we must have decided to block these gifts because they are there all the time.
When we are fully present, we experience the blessings that come to us in the holy instant. To experience the holy instant, we must let go of the past and clear the altar through forgiveness, so the blessings that are always there can be experienced. Issues we bring from the past, and concerns about the future, keep us bound to time, but the experience of a moment of joy brings us to the present. When we experience a block, the means are given to us to bring these dark thoughts and feelings to the Holy Spirit for healing.
Forgiveness requires that we take back our projections. Thus, we must look at our envy, our jealousy, our belief that we are losing out, or any feelings of anger or hurt, and allow our minds to be brought back to truth with the help of the Holy Spirit. Our special relationships provide us all kinds of opportunities for forgiveness. Through forgiveness, the Christ is revealed in our brothers and thus we come to know our own innocence. In this joining, we are overwhelmed with tears of joy and gratitude.
Love is all inclusive. It extends to Itself in the eternal now. Therefore, we are always in the presence of God's gifts, even when we are blocking them. Today, we are invited to be willing to recognize any barriers to love, take responsibility for them, and place them on the inner altar where truth resides. Here, they are released and we experience the miracle. Make way for love, for that is what you are!
It is a heart-opening experience to witness the healings wherever they are happening in the kingdom! It is an encouraging thought that so many gifts are coming our way at every moment even when they are not explicitly directed toward us. The experience of joy that comes from seeing others extend their gifts really warms the heart. We have all experienced it at different times and we can claim it as our own.
Today is such a day to experience the blessings and allow our hearts to be gladdened by the many thousands of gifts being given brother to brother in this very moment and by the many awakenings, happening throughout the universe. It is not dependent on everything being peaceful around us. There is a beautiful illustration of this kind of peace in the song on YouTube by Fiona Apple called Across the Universe.
Those who have found their way can point the way to us and offer us the certainty that we too will awaken to the truth of who we are. Today, we can make great gains by focusing on gratitude for the gifts constantly coming to us. It is a day to release any feelings of competition with our brothers that somehow we have been left out when one brother smiles on another or when a brother experiences a blessing. We are that brother. There is only One. The Last Judgment is waiting to deliver to us God's saving grace and mercy. Complete release from suffering is being offered. Let us take this step today to bring us closer to the truth of who we are. This is what God offers---complete release from our own errors. Every Lesson practiced faithfully takes us out of fear so we can remember the truth of what we are. "No course whose purpose is to teach you to remember what you really are could fail to emphasize that there can never be a difference in what you really are and what love is. Love's meaning is your own, and shared by God Himself. For what you are is what He is." (W.127.4.1-3)
Today, whether we offer the blessings or our brothers give it, recognize it does not matter because we are all One, and for that, we can be grateful. Even those events and circumstances that seem difficult, where we experience pain today, can be a reason for gratitude. We can choose to recognize it as just another opportunity to look at where we are blocking the joy and peace within.

Love and blessings, Sarah  
ACIM Original Edition
IV. Beyond All Idols
38 Idols are quite specific. But your will is universal, being limitless. And so it has no form nor is content for its expression in the terms of form. Idols are limits. They are the belief that there are forms which will bring happiness and that, by limiting, is all attained. It is as if you said, "I have no need of everything. This little thing I want, and it will be as everything to me." And this must fail to satisfy because it is your will that everything be yours. Decide for idols, and you ask for loss. Decide for truth, and everything is yours.
39 It is not form you seek. What form can be a substitute for God the Father's love? What form can take the place of all the love in the divinity of God the Son? What idol can make two of what is one? And can the limitless be limited? You do not want an idol. It is not your will to have one. It will not bestow on you the gift you seek. When you decide upon the form of what you want, you lose the understanding of its purpose. So you see your will within the idol, thus reducing it to a specific form. Yet this could never be your will because what shares in all creation cannot be content with small ideas and little things.
40 Behind the search for every idol lies the yearning for completion. Wholeness has no form because it is unlimited. To seek a special person or a thing to add to you to make yourself complete can only mean that you believe some form is missing. And by finding this, you will achieve completion in a form you like. This is the purpose of an idol-that you will not look beyond it to the source of the belief that you are incomplete. Only if you had sinned could this be so. For sin is the idea you are alone and separated off from what is whole. And thus it would be necessary for the search for wholeness to be made beyond the boundaries of limits on yourself.
41 It never is the idol that you want. But what you think it offers you, you want indeed and have the right to ask for. Nor could it be possible it be denied. Your will to be complete is but God's will, and this is given you by being His. God knows not form. He cannot answer you in terms which have no meaning. And your will could not be satisfied with empty forms made but to fill a gap which is not there. It is not this you want. Creation gives no separate person and no separate thing the power to complete the Son of God. What idol can be called upon to give the Son of God what he already has?
42 Completion is the function of God's Son. He has no need to seek for it at all. Beyond all idols stands his holy will to be but what he is. For more than whole is meaningless. If there were change in him, if he could be reduced to any form and limited to what is not in him, he would not be as God created him. What idol can he need to be himself? For can he give a part of him away? What is not whole cannot make whole. But what is really asked for cannot be denied. Your will is granted. Not in any form that would content you not, but in the whole completely lovely Thought God holds of you.
43 Nothing that God knows not exists. And what He knows exists forever, changelessly. For thoughts endure as long as does the mind that thought of them. And in the Mind of God there is no ending nor a time in which His Thoughts were absent or could suffer change. Thoughts are not born and cannot die. They share the attributes of their creator, nor have they a separate life apart from his. The thoughts you think are in your mind, as you are in the Mind Which thought of you. And so there are no separate parts in what exists within God's Mind. It is forever one, eternally united and at peace.
44 Thoughts seem to come and go. Yet all this means is that you are sometimes aware of them and sometimes not. An unremembered thought is born again to you when it returns to your awareness. Yet it did not die when you forgot it. It was always there, but you were unaware of it. The Thought God holds of you is perfectly unchanged by your forgetting. It will always be exactly as it was before the time when you forgot and will be just the same when you remember. And it is the same within the interval when you forgot.
45 The Thoughts of God are far beyond all change and shine forever. They await not birth. They wait for welcome and remembering. The Thought God holds of you is like a star, unchangeable in an eternal sky. So high in Heaven is it set that those outside of Heaven know not it is there. Yet still and white and lovely will it shine through all eternity. There was no time it was not there; no instant when its light grew dimmer or less perfect ever was.
46 Who knows the Father knows this light, for He is the eternal sky which holds it safe, forever lifted up, and anchored sure. Its perfect purity does not depend on whether it is seen on earth or not. The sky embraces it and softly holds it in its perfect place, which is as far from earth as earth from Heaven. It is not the distance nor the time which keeps this star invisible to earth. But those who seek for idols cannot know this star is there.
47 Beyond all idols is the Thought God holds of you. Completely unaffected by the turmoil and the terror of the world, the dreams of birth and death that here are dreamed, the myriad of forms that fear can take; quite undisturbed, the Thought God holds of you remains exactly as it always was. Surrounded by a stillness so complete no sound of battle comes remotely near, it rests in certainty and perfect peace. Here is your one reality kept safe, completely unaware of all the world that worships idols and that knows not God. In perfect sureness of its changelessness and of its rest in its eternal home, the Thought God holds of you has never left the Mind of its Creator Whom it knows, as its Creator knows that it is there.
48 Where could the Thought God holds of you exist but where you are? Is your reality a thing apart from you and in a world which your reality knows nothing of? Outside you there is no eternal sky, no changeless star, and no reality. The Mind of Heaven's Son in Heaven is, for there the Mind of Father and Son joined in creation which can have no end. You have not two realities, but one. Nor can you be aware of more than one. An idol or the Thought God holds of you is your reality. Forget not, then, that idols must keep hidden what you are, not from the Mind of God, but from your own. The star shines still; the sky has never changed. But you, the holy Son of God Himself, are unaware of your reality.

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