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70 To remember is merely to restore to your mind what is already there. You do not make what you remember; you merely accept again what has been made but was rejected. The ability to accept truth in this world is the perceptual counterpart of creating in the Kingdom. God will do His part if you will do yours, and His return in exchange for yours is the exchange of knowledge for perception. Nothing is beyond His Will for you. But signify your will to remember Him and behold! He will give you everything but for the asking.

Workbook for Students
Review III
1 Our third review begins today. We will review two of the last 20 ideas each day until we have reviewed them all. We will observe a special format for these practice periods which you are urged to follow as closely as you can. We understand, of course, that it may be impossible for you to undertake what is suggested here as optimal each day and every hour of the day.

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Workbook for Students
Lesson 112
1 For morning and evening review:

[93] Light and joy and peace abide in me.

2 I am the home of light and joy and peace. I welcome them into the home I share with God because I am a part of Him.

[94] I am as God created me.

3 I will remain forever as I was, created by the Changeless like Himself. And I am one with Him, and He with me.

4 On the hour: 

5 Light and joy and peace abide in me.

6 On the half hour:

7 I am as God created me.

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Course in Miracles
Original Edition
Chapter 9
 The Correction of Error

IX. The Decision to Forget
 par 68-84
68 Unless you know something, you cannot dissociate it. Knowledge therefore precedes dissociation, and dissociation is nothing more than a decision to forget. What has been forgotten then appears to be fearful, but only because the dissociation was an attack on truth. You are fearful because you have forgotten. And you have replaced your knowledge by an awareness of dreams because you are afraid of your dissociation, not of what you have dissociated. Even in this world's therapy, when dissociated material is accepted,it ceases to be fearful, for the laws of mind always hold.

69 Yet to give up the dissociation of reality brings more than merely lack of fear. In this decision lie joy and peace and the glory of creation. Offer the Holy Spirit only your will to remember, for He retains the knowledge of God and of yourself for you, waiting for your acceptance. Give up gladly everything that would stand in the way of your remembering, for God is in your memory, and His Voice will tell you that you are part of Him when you are willing to remember Him and know your own reality again. Let nothing in this world delay your remembering of Him, for in this remembering is the knowledge of yourself.

70 To remember is merely to restore to your mind what is already there. You do not make what you remember; you merely accept again what has been made but was rejected. The ability to accept truth in this world is the perceptual counterpart of creating in the Kingdom. God will do His part if you will do yours, and His return in exchange for yours is the exchange of knowledge for perception. Nothing is beyond His Will for you. But signify your will to remember Him and behold! He will give you everything but for the asking.

71 When you attack, you are denying yourself. You are specifically teaching yourself that you are not what you are. Your denial of reality precludes the acceptance of God's gift because you have accepted something else in its place. If you understand that the misuse of defenses always constitutes an attack on truth and truth is God, you will realize why this is always fearful. If you further recognize that you are part of God, you will understand why it is that you always attack yourself first.

72 [ All attack is self-attack. It cannot be anything else. Arising from your own decision not to be what you are, it is an attack on your identification. Attack is thus the way in which your identification is lost because, when you attack, you must have forgotten what you are. And if your reality is God's, when you attack you are not remembering Him. This is not because He is gone, but because you are willing actively not to remember Him.]

73 If you realized the complete havoc this makes of your peace of mind, you could not make such an insane decision. You make it only because you still believe that it can get you something you want. It follows, then, that you want something other than peace of mind, but you have not considered what it must be. Yet the logical outcome of your decision is perfectly clear if you will look at it. By deciding against your reality, you have made yourself vigilant against God and His Kingdom. And it is this vigilance that makes you afraid to remember Him.

74 You have not attacked God, and you do love Him. Can you change your reality? No one can will to destroy himself. When you think you are attacking your self, it is a sure sign that you hate what you think you are. And this, and only this, can be attacked by you. What you think you are can be hateful, and what this strange image makes you do can be very destructive. Yet the destruction is no more real than the image, although those who make idols do worship them. The idols are nothing, but their worshipers are the Sons of God in sickness.

75 God would have them released from their sickness and returned to His Mind. He will not limit your power to help them because He has given it to you. Do not be afraid of it because it is your salvation. What Comforter can there be for the sick Children of God except His power through you? Remember that it does not matter where in the Sonship He is accepted. He is always accepted for all, and when your mind receives Him, the remembrance of Him awakens throughout the Sonship. Heal your brothers simply by accepting God for them.

76 Your minds are not separate, and God has only one channel for healing because He has but one Son. His remaining communication link with all His Children joins them together and them to Him. To be aware of this is to heal them because it is the awareness that no one is separate, and so no one is sick. To believe that a Son of God can be sick is to believe that part of God can suffer. Love cannot suffer because it cannot attack. The remembrance of love therefore brings invulnerability with it.

77 Do not side with sickness in the presence of a Son of God even if he believes in it, for your acceptance of God in him acknowledges the love of God which he has forgotten. Your recognition of him as part of God teaches him the truth about himself, which he is denying. Would you strengthen his denial of God and thus lose sight of yourself? Or would you remind him of his wholeness and remember your Creator with him? To believe a Son of God is sick is to worship the same idol he does. God created love, not idolatry. All forms of idolatry are caricatures of creation, taught by sick minds which are too divided to know that creation shares power and never usurps it. Sickness is idolatry because it is the belief that power can be taken from you. Yet this is impossible because you are part of God, Who is all power.

78 A sick god must be an idol, made in the image of what its maker thinks he is. And that is exactly what the ego does perceive in a Son of God; a sick god, self-created, self-sufficient, very vicious, and very vulnerable. Is this the idol you would worship? Is this the image you would be vigilant to save? [Are you really afraid of losing this?] Look calmly at the logical conclusion of the ego's thought system and judge whether its offering is really what you want, for this is what it offers you. To obtain this you are willing to attack the divinity of your brothers and thus lose sight of yours. And you are willing to keep it hidden and to protect this idol, which you think will save you from the dangers which the idol itself stands for, but which do not exist.

79 There are no idolaters in the Kingdom, but there is great appreciation for every Soul which God created because of the calm knowledge that each one is part of Him. God's Son knows no idols, but he does know his Father. Health in this world is the counterpart of value in Heaven. It is not my merit that I contribute to you but my love, for you do not value yourselves. When you do not value yourself, you become sick, but my value of you can heal you because the value of God's Son is one. When I said, "My peace I give unto you," I meant it. Peace came from God through me to you. It was for you, although you did not ask.

80 When a brother is sick, it is because he is not asking for peace and therefore does not know he has it. The acceptance of peace is the denial of illusion, and sickness is an illusion. Yet every Son of God has the power to deny illusions anywhere in the Kingdom merely by denying them completely in himself. I can heal you because I know you. I know your value for you, and it is this value that makes you whole. A whole mind is not idolatrous and does not know of conflicting laws. I will heal you merely because I have only one message, and it is true. Your faith in it will make you whole when you have faith in me.

81 I do not bring God's message with deception, and you will learn this as you learn that you always receive as much as you accept. You could accept peace now for everyone you meet and offer them perfect freedom from all illusions because you heard. But have no other gods before Him, or you will not hear. God is not jealous of the gods you make, but you are. You would save them and serve them because you believe that they made you. You think they are your father because you are projecting onto them the fearful fact that you made them to replace God. Yet when they seem to speak to you, remember that nothing can replace God, and whatever replacements you have attempted are nothing.

82 Very simply, then, you may believe you are afraid of nothingness, but you are really afraid of nothing. And in that awareness you are healed. You will hear the god you listen to. You made the god of sickness, and by making him, you made yourself able to hear him. Yet you did not create him because he is not the Will of the Father. He is therefore not eternal and will be unmade for you the instant you signify your willingness to accept only the eternal. If God has but one Son, there is but one God. You share reality with Him because reality is not divided. To accept other gods before Him is to place other images before yourself.

83 You do not realize how much you listen to your gods and how vigilant you are on their behalf. Yet they exist only because you honor them. Place honor where it is due, and peace will be yours. It is your inheritance from your real Father. You cannot make your father, and the father you made did not make you. Honor is not due to illusions, for to honor them is to honor nothing. Yet fear is not due them either, for nothing cannot be fearful. You have chosen to fear love because of its perfect harmlessness, and because of this fear, you have been willing to give up your own perfect helpfulness and your own perfect Help.

84 Only at the altar of God will you find peace. And this altar is in you because God put it there. His Voice still calls you to return, and He will be heard when you place no other gods before Him. You can give up the god of sickness for your brothers; in fact, you would have to do so if you give him up for yourself. For if you see him anywhere, you have accepted him. And if you accept him, you will bow down and worship him because he was made as God's replacement. He is the belief that you can choose which god is real. Although it is perfectly clear that this has nothing to do with reality, it is equally clear that it has everything to do with reality as you perceive it.

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ACIM Edmonton
Sarah's Reflections
Lesson 112 ~ Review III
[Review Lessons 93-94]
We affirm today, "Light and joy and peace abide in me," (W.112.(93).1.1) and allow related thoughts to come to mind. We remember too, that light and joy and peace abide in our brothers. I ask for help today to release the impatience that so often seems to rule my life by seeing it for what it is. When I am impatient, I am giving reality to things in the illusion that I believe get in my way. I recognize that I am giving away my power willingly, and I am holding the belief that things should be different than they are. Let all things be exactly as they are. I realize I have made life all about me. I have made it about what I want, what my fears are, and what my needs are, and this is the false self, which is not a bad "me" but simply not real. I can see it for what it is and choose to recognize that I can see through the disguise of this false self. Jesus reminds me that I can choose again to see the illusion for what it is. It has no power except what I give it. If I give it power, I can question why I would want to throw my peace away by giving power to what is outside of the mind. My mind is cause and the world is effect, not the other way around.
I choose today to release expectations of how the day should go. I choose to be content, knowing I am the home of light, and there is nothing I can do to change that fact. I choose to remember that peace is already mine and joy lights up my mind. Only my dark ego thoughts obscure what is already mine. I am as God created me. That is the truth of my existence. I get caught up and lost in the illusion, believing in its reality. Thank you, God, for showing me the doorway back to my Self, back to the truth of who I really am. My nature, when unhindered by illusions, radiates light. If I am the home of joy, then sorrow and sadness are unnatural to me. My nature is of God. He is my home. His is my Will. "I welcome them [light and joy and peace] into the home I share with God because I am a part of Him." (W.112.(93).1.3)
I commit today to be a day when I bring this peace and joy to every encounter. Everyone I meet today offers me another opportunity to see them through the eyes of Christ. Every encounter is one where love is extended, or we hear the call for love. We are all One. If I am to understand this, I must see each brother as the same as me, with the same insane ego, and the same Christ Self. Differences affirm that I am separate. Judgment of my brother shows me that I am trying to achieve my innocence at the expense of another. The truth is that we are both innocent and both share the same ego and the same Spirit. When I judge and see guilt and differences, I willingly bring these to awareness and ask to see each brother truly. Sincerity and desire will take us a long way today.
I recently experienced how important conviction and dedication are to this process. I experienced the power in absolutely choosing to refuse to tolerate my worry thoughts. After that experience, I came across miracle Principle 14: "Miracles bear witness to truth. They are convincing because they arise from conviction. Without conviction they deteriorate into magic, which is mindless and therefore destructive; or rather, the uncreative use of mind." (T.1.I.14.1-3) (ACIM OE T.1.I.14)
There will not be much commentary from me on these short Review Lessons. However, I will comment briefly on the Introduction to the Review daily to keep us focused on what Jesus says to motivate us, as part of this Review. His focus is on having us bring the thoughts from each Lesson summary into our day so we don't just do a long morning and evening practice and then get on with the business of the day and not apply the Lesson. In the introduction to Review III, Jesus tells us, "The exercises to be done throughout the day are equally important, and perhaps of even greater value . " (W. RIII.IN.9.1)
Clearly, this is true because it means we are applying them to every situation, every problem, and every difficulty we encounter. It means we are staying very vigilant in watching our thoughts and monitoring our feelings throughout the day. It means we are applying the Lessons and not setting them aside after our morning meditation. Thus, they have untold worth in proving the value of the whole curriculum that he has so carefully laid out for us.  "In these reviews, we stress the need to let your learning not lie idly by between your longer practice periods." (W. RIII.IN.10.1)
He is helping us to establish the practice as a habit we bring to everything we do. He urges, "Do not repeat the thought and lay it down . " (W.RIII.IN.11.3) We will experience limitless value when we keep the thought active in the repertoire of responses available to us with regard to problems, needs, and concerns that arise. It can seem like just a little thought of anxiety, a small upset, or a seemingly little irritation, yet each thought such as this disturbs our peace of mind. Don't let any disturbing thought go by without bringing it to awareness and willingly releasing it. Be determined today not to use any person, any situation, or any difficulty you perceive, to abandon your Self. I love the way Eckhart Tolle puts it when he says, "Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. This will miraculously transform your whole life." In fact, we are the ones who have chosen it. Life is orchestrated for us and by us for our highest good. We are the ones who set it up to facilitate our awakening to the truth. That is what our lives offer us when used as a classroom for undoing the false self--- to die to the ego before we die.
Remember, we are asked to take five minutes the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night to reflect on the Lessons. "Light and peace and joy abide in me. I am the home of light and joy and peace. I welcome them into the home I share with God, because I am a part of Him." (W.112.(93).1.1-3) And, "I am as God created me. I will remain forever as I was, created by the Changeless like Himself. And I am one with Him, and He with me . " (W.112.(94).2.1-3) There is nothing we can do to change the truth about ourselves. All we have done is remain unaware of who we are but all of that can now be changed with dedication and motivation.
"And then begin to think about them [these ideas] , while letting your mind relate them to your needs, your seeming problems and all your concerns." (W.RIII.IN.5.3) We are basically letting related thoughts come to address any need, problem, or concern that we bring to this practice. Let the thoughts come up without your effort. Simply allow them to emerge. They are prompts from the Holy Spirit, providing you with guidance throughout the day. We already have the answer to any problem we perceive.
Do this practice with these ideas in your mind, and "Give it faith that it will use them wisely, being helped in its decisions by the One Who gave the thoughts to you ." (W.RIII.IN.6.2) "Have faith, in these reviews, the means the Holy Spirit uses [forgiveness] will not fail . " (W.RIII.IN.6.4) The means are given us to release all the thoughts that block our peace as we take responsibility for them. It is never about forgiving anyone; but it is about bringing the thoughts we project onto others back into our own minds and forgiving ourselves for using others to block our own peace and joy.
Remind yourself to do the Lesson frequently throughout the day: on the hour for the first idea and on the half hour for the second idea, giving the idea a brief but serious review.

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Love and blessings, Sarah

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