"Certainty of Healing"
A Course in Miracles Study Group

"Trust is an essential part of giving."

Mondays, Jul 15 ~ Sep 23, 2019 
(no meeting Sep 2)
3:30 – 5pm

"It is trust that makes true giving possible." ~ ACIM; M-Q.6,4.

What is true healing ? What is sickness? How is healing accomplished ? How is peace possible in this world ?

In this next series, we will discover that once healing is given, the outcome is also given . Understanding that healing is given by the Source of all , the outcome is certain for all . A Course in Miracles Manual for Teachers is our guide, offering a unique exploration of Self inquiry that draws the mind into the Heart.

Each study session begins with silence. Many report experiences of deep peace and profound insight during this essential element of the meeting. Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes early so you have ample time to settle in and be ready to begin on time.

All you need is your journal and a little willingness!


Newcomers please join us as our guest
for the final session of:   

"The Special Gifts"

Listen to students share their wisdom and experience
as we celebrate our  deepening of trust  over these past weeks.

Monday, Jun 10, 2019 ~ 3:30 - 5pm


Community Church of Sebastopol
The Chapel
1000 Gravenstein Hwy NO., Sebastopol, CA 95472

Registration Fee: $165


"The Peace of God" : Oct 7 ~ Dec 16 (no meeting Nov 11)



707-889-3510 ~ anasuyaji@gmail.com
Anasuya, born Linda Floan, began studying and teaching A Course in Miracles in 1980. Through her direct experience that only Love is real , Anasuya offers a  safe and healing environment  for meeting in the Heart . Anasuya invites you into the Presence of Love and teaches how to trust the Still Small Voice  within.