Lifestyle Medicine Insider
November 2019 | Sixth Edition
Lifestyle Medicine Insider , a periodic look into the political, industry and economic environment we face as Lifestyle Medicine pioneers.
Priority Areas - President Dexter Shurney, MD, MBA, MPH, FACLM:

  • Policy
  • Payment
  • Partnerships
  • Public Relations
  • ACLM’s recent advocacy efforts have included providing written comments to various CMS rule change proposal requests. These responses are necessary to create awareness for Lifestyle Medicine and to have LM practice needs become part of the conversation. These documents are read and responded to by CMS, as exemplified by CMS’ response to our comments on the Quality Payment Program and Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule summary. For example, when discussing Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation (ICR), CMS stated: “ICR, also commonly referred to as a ‘lifestyle modification’ program, typically involves the same elements as traditional CR programs, but are furnished in highly structured environments in which sessions of the various components may be combined for longer periods of CR and also may be more rigorous.”
  • DC-based news website “The Hill” just ran an opinion piece on Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic’s recent report on lack of nutrition training in medical schools, noting that fewer than 14 percent of physicians report feeling equipped to advise on diet or the connection between food and health
  • “Politico,” another DC-area news organization, is also starting to pay attention to the food-as-medicine topic:
  • The good news from the recent Annals of Internal Medicine-initiated “hullabaloo” on meat was the overall balance of coverage and visibility for the recently announced ACLM/True Health Initiative HEALM study. As THI Founder and ACLM Past President David Katz said,While important, the 'meat' issue was rather trivial here. More importantly, methods of science intended to advance understanding were effectively weaponized to blow it up. That is disturbingly irresponsible on the part of all concerned, and eve--with lives at stake--arguably criminal.Some of the commentary, response and rebuttal that THI and others mounted included:
  • ACLM member Jonas Sokolof, DO, representing ACLM, was a member of the multi-agency International, Multidisciplinary Roundtable on Exercise and Cancer Prevention and Control, which convened last spring. Its work, supporting the use of an exercise prescription for breast cancer patients and survivors, is highlighted in:
  • ACLM Executive Director Susan Benigas and Sr. Director of Communications Jean Tips just returned from representing ACLM at the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (now called just Primary Care Collaborative)’s annual meeting. Several important conversations were had with other nonprofit medical professional organizations on becoming strategic partners.
Lifestyle Medicine IN COMMUNITIES
  • The Emory Healthy Kitchen course, a series of interactive classes that teach skills related to food choices, cooking and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, just completed its inaugural class in Atlanta. The course is part of a year-long worksite wellness pilot program partnership of The Emory Lifestyle Medicine and Wellness team, Emory University Hospital Food and Nutrition, Healthy Emory, the School of Medicine and Rollins School of Public Health. Over the past 10 weeks, 40 Emory employees met for bi-weekly Saturday classes that included educational sessions, experiential learning and hands-on culinary demonstrations, yoga, group exercise sessions and meditation.