DECEMBER 2020: Message from the Chair
This year we have all struggled in one way or another with daily tasks or dealing with someone that we know that has been affected negatively by COVID-19. The year 2020 is a blur to many as the days, weeks and months mend into one big ball of confusion, sadness, loneliness, loss and uncertainty. 

Our essential service providers and health care workers are on the front lines of this carnage. These important members of our society are tasked with not only keeping the public safe, but ensuring that they are keeping themselves and close family members from harms way.

On behalf of ACMA, we would like to thank EVERYONE that has and continues to get dressed every morning, throw on their masks and head out to an environment that is unknown to ensure that our health care remains a top priority, condominiums are properly managed and that goods / services are obtainable. Once again THANK YOU!  

COVID-19 (Corona Virus)
The Alberta Government has once again implemented stricter guidelines to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. The struggle of living in a Condominium increases when these restrictions are put in place. 

The new restrictions have left MANY Condominium Corporations lost in pursuit of holding an Annual General Meeting to meet legislation requirements.   Alternate methods of holding online information meetings with delayed voting procedures is some of the methods that are being conducted today.   During these unprecedent times, all we can do is be transparent and make the best decisions without jeopardizing, rights, health and proper governance.  If there are concerns, it is always recommended to reach out to your condominium corporations’ lawyer for advice. 

The increase of maintenance and cleaning of common areas is also a burden that involves extra cost and labour.  Some condominium corporations are struggling due to reduced revenues and also balancing the increased costs to make these areas safe and sanitized. There is no easy solution, however proper notices and policies put in place by many condominiums are helping keep condominiums safe.

Tribunal Stakeholder Meeting
ACMA attended a recent stakeholder meeting to provide feedback around the proposed tribunal for condominiums in Alberta. Some of the topics discussed were governance model, dispute resolution process, funding, tribunal fees and what jurisdiction would the tribunal cover.  This meeting was very informative and good discussions took place. A preliminary model is anticipated early in 2021. The implementation of the Tribunal is still undetermined.

Industry Council Elections / Condominium Management Licensing
Industry council elections were held in late November.  Five nominations were received by the Real Estate Council of Alberta for the Residential Property Manager Industry Council.  Licensed property managers and condominium managers with a temporary licence were able to exercise their voting rights for this important election.

The Minister of Service Alberta will be announcing the election winners, along with the public appointees to the Board and Industry Councils, in his periodic column on on Tuesday, December 1, 2020.  We are excited to see who the first Industry Council members will be!
Annual General Meeting
The Board of Directors for ACMA have set the next AGM Date for January 13th 2021.  The meeting has been delayed this year due to conflicting schedules and the Christmas holiday season.   ACMA is also looking for a few more Board Members to help out and to serve on our committees.   If you are interested please contact our administrator. Some of the committee and stakeholders’ meetings that ACMA is involved with are:

  • Service Alberta Condominium Working Group Committee
  • Service Alberta Condominium Tribunal Engagement
  •  Initial Reserve Fund Study Requirements
  •  Insurance Bureau of Canada
  • RECA Steering Committee

Membership Renewals
ACMA relies on its members to keep the organization funded and operational.  The Board of Directors puts in a large amount of time to facilitate and coordinate the roles and involvement in the Condominium Industry and ensure Condominium Managers and Industry Members alike are properly represented.   

We continue to increase membership levels. If you know someone that is interested in being a member, spread the word we are looking to expand. 
Final Thoughts
ACMA is committed to ensuring our industry professionals are involved with up to date information and also voicing concerns throughout the industry to Service Alberta and other relevant organizations. It has been a great honor to be involved with many of these industry changing meetings and as long as I am able, I will continue to work with ACMA to represent many of the professionals and the best practices moving forward. I am also hoping that 2020 will one day be a distant memory and we can all get back to living life at its fullest. 

I wish everyone a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

Curtis Siracky
Chair – ACMA 2019 - 2020

ACMA is working tirelessly to advocate on behalf of the industry including seats on several key stakeholder committees. In order to continue our work on your behalf we need your support. Please support ACMA by purchasing a membership or renewing.

Strength in numbers!