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October 2023

ACMHAI Legislative Committee Update

as of 10.23.23

The Legislative Committee has been closely monitoring discussion regarding a bill that would be introduced by Rep. Didech this veto session. The bill would provide a simple technical change validating those local mental health authorities approved last Fall. Based on the initial draft language provided by Rep. Didech’s office, the Legislative Committee was supportive of the bill with the understanding that ACMHAI will not support future efforts to open the Community Mental Health Act for legislative “fixes”.


The bill that was filed on Friday, SB 690 SA 1, includes the language supported by the Legislative Committee but adds “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a community mental health public question may not be placed on the 2024 primary or general election ballot in the same township where a community mental health public question was approved on the 2022 general election ballot.” This additional language was added by the sponsor, Senator Gillespie, and was not discussed with the ACMHAI Executive Committee, Legislative Committee, nor the Legislative Co-Chairs. In addition, the new language is not consistent with our Legislative Priorities and addresses a political conflict that is outside of ACMHAI’s interest and authority.


Because of the above stated reasons, ACMHAI will not be formally slipping in support of SB 690 SA 1 and will instead monitor it and keep the membership posted on its progress. This does not preclude any individual member from supporting or opposing the bill.



The ACMHAI December membership meetings will also include a board training on topics such as the Opens Meeting Act, FOIA, board governance, etc. This training will take place as part of the Business meeting on December 8th. More information on this training will be sent out to members soon!

ACMHAI Committee Meetings

  • I/DD Committee: November 14 at 10:00 am
  • Children's Behavioral Health: November 23 28 at 10:00am
  • Legislative Committee: November 21at 9:00 am
  • Membership Committee: November 28 at 10:00 am


Matthew Gayer, Executive Director, SPUR Local



ACMHAI Professional Development Webinar

October 31 at 12PM

Effective Storytelling: Getting Your Message Across in a Noisy World

Stories are the backbone of how we communicate. In-person or digital, professional or personal, 1-on-1 or to a large group, stories connect us and drive messages home to our audience. In this session we will discuss what makes for an effective story, how to surface and manage stories (and the related data!), and what channels are most effective right now for sharing stories on. As funders, telling the story of our impact and partners is critical for awareness, but can be challenging. What story are we trying to tell? We will answer that and related questions during the session.

New ACMHAI Webinar Coming Soon!

Psychiatric Advance Directives - February 20th at noon

More information available soon!

Check out ACMHAI's YouTube page to view past archived webinars, here.

National Federation of Families Conference

Chicago, Illinois

November 9-11, 2023 

Shandra Summerville, Champaign County Community Mental Health Board and Developmental Disabilities Board will be co-presenting a session on Friday, November 10, 2022 - see session description below:

Equitable Advancement of Support for Everyone (EASE) in the Behavioral Health System...Join the Movement 

Do you want to learn about creating equity in the behavioral health system? Equitable Advancement of Support for Everyone (EASE) is a curriculum based on a national research study with families challenged to navigate mental health systems. The curriculum was co-created by researchers and families to help those working within systems understand barriers to accessing services. This presentation will share information about structural challenges in the system that create present day inequities. Additionally, data from the research, including how families want their needs met, will be shared. The presentation will include engaging activities and opportunities to participate and share personal experiences. EASE has been successfully piloted for 2 years. 

For registration information please visit: National Federation of Families Conference Webpage  

Mental Health Summit Conference

Thanks to Deborah Humphrey, Madison County Mental Health Board, for sharing important information below from the Mental Health Summit Conference she attended last week.

Strategic Plan for Inpatient State-Operated Psychiatric Hospital Capacity and Access on behalf of the Division of Mental Health in order to fulfill the requirements set forth in Public Act 102-913 (405 ILCS 140)

Download Plan Here

Letter from Mental Health Summit encouraging the Department of Human Services to implement the Mental Health Inpatient Facility Access

Act (now codified at 405 ILCS 140/1, et seq.)

Download letter here

Mental Health Summit Slide Deck on Legislative Updates

Download here

GPS speakers provide insight and inspiration to help ALL thrive. Events are FREE, virtual and open to residents in Chicagoland and beyond!

Programs are offered for parents and professionals at noon & 7pm in multiple languages.Check out the brochure for the Glenbard Parent Series 2023-24 season! Go to for the schedule and program links. Please share with your networks!!

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