August 2022, Volume 28, Issue 3

61st Annual ACNP Program

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Rajita Sinha, Ph.D.

ACNP Program Committee Chair

While we have faced innumerable challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic in keeping our lives and our labs going, we have also produced some amazing basic and clinical science that is leading to exciting new directions, and with the potential for significant impact on prevention and treatment of neuropsychiatric illnesses. Balancing between rigorously conducted science as well as exploring new ideas and approaches while representing both basic and clinical areas have been important goals for the Program Committee. I am thrilled that we can continue the in-person and virtual (hybrid) meeting format which we started last year. 

Director's Notes

ACNP is now a Carbon Negative Meeting - What Does

That Mean?!?

Sarah Timm, CAE, CMP-HC

ACNP Executive Director

Beginning with the 2021 Annual Meeting in San Juan, ACNP not only carbon off-set, but made the meeting carbon negative by donating more than the offset to two charities focused on planting trees and clean water initiatives. I am very proud of this commitment by the College to making our meeting planet-friendly. 

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2022 Travel Awardees Named

Vaishali Bakshi, Ph.D., Education & Training Committee Chair

Lorenzo Leggio, M.D., Ph.D., Education & Training Committee Co-Chair

The Education & Training Committee is pleased to announce the selection of 60 outstanding scientists for the 2022 ACNP Travel Award program. We received 303 applications for the 60 awards, making this yet another year for difficult decisions by the committee. 

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For a complete listing of the awardees, please click here: Travel Awardee Class of 2022

ACNP 2022 Annual Meeting Information

This year's annual meeting will be held in a hybrid meeting format allowing members and invited guests to attend in-person at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona or virtually on the ACNP Virtual Meeting Platform. 

Read more information on the Annual Meeting
Read the Annual Meeting Policy Reminders

Click here to learn more about the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa

and all the amenities it has to offer!

Requesting Guest Invitations?

ACNP member requests for guest invitations and Diversity Invitation Bank invitations are submitted through the online meeting portal in lieu of emailing the Executive Office.

*The online portal is open!

  • To request an invitation, login to the Annual Meeting Submission Site and select 'Submit ACNP Invitation Request'.
  • Only members attending the annual meeting may request guest invitations.

Click here to read the Annual Meeting Frequently Asked Questions!

Annual Meeting Mentorship

One of the benefits for young investigators attending the Annual Meeting historically has been the availability of mentors to connect with them, to serve as friendly guides throughout the meeting, and to introduce them to senior scientists in their field of research. 

Carlos A. Zarate, Jr. , M.D.

ACNP President

Learn more about mentorship volunteer opportunities

2022 Career Development Session

Effective Communication: Getting out of your Comfort Zone to Communicate Scientific Findings and Controversies to the Wider Community

Chair: Karen Szumlinski, Ph.D.

Career Development Committee Chair

The Career Development Session will center around the topic of effective communication surrounding controversial topics for the wider audience. Sub-topics for the session will include how to find your voice, how to communicate controversial science (e.g., animal research, brain implants and ECT in humans), how to communicate your science professionally and to your community in an impactful and accurate way, how to handle controversy in general, and safeguards for communication.

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The African College of Neuropsychopharmacology

The African College of Neuropsychopharmacology (AfCNP) is a professional not-for-profit association dedicated to the provision of evidence-based psychopharmacological information to health care practitioners, trainees, service users and other key stakeholders in Africa. The Association held its inaugural congress in Nairobi in 2015, but was formally established in 2015 with a secretariat at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. The association brings together mental health and neuroscience experts and trainees from across the African continent, and provides a platform for collaborative research and education in psychopharmacology. The current President of the Association is Dr. Dickens Akena from Uganda, and the President-Elect is Professor Lukoye Atwoli from Kenya.

Please click here to learn more about President-Elect Professor Lukoye Atwoli

The AfCNP will be invited to this year’s ACNP Annual Meeting and will meet virtually after the meeting on collaborations with leaders from ACNP, Asian College of Neuropsychopharmacology (AsCNP), The International College of Neuropsychopharmacology, (CINP) and the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP). Carlos Zarate, ACNP President, and the Council are excited to bring the AfCNP to the annual meeting and begin collaborations with our colleagues in Africa. 

The College has invited 6 officers and 10 junior investigators and/or travel awardees of the AfCNP, AsCNP, CINP, and ECNP to the ACNP Annual Meeting.

NPP Editorial Internship Opening

NPP is seeking applications for the

next Editorial Intern!

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest to Dr. Bill Carlezon (current NPP Principal Editor), Dr. Lisa Monteggia and Dr. Tony George (incoming NPP Co-Principal Editors) via The letter should be one page or less and include a description of the candidate’s (1) professional background and experience, (2) interest in neuropsychopharmacology and/or academic publishing, (3) a statement of how the internship will further their career goals, and (4) a link to their social media (e.g., Twitter) account, if applicable.

The deadline to submit an application is September 1, 2022.

Click here to learn more

Check out the latest NPP Podcast!

What's wrong with my experiment?: The impact of hidden variables on neuropsychopharmacology research

June 16, 2022

Click here to listen to the podcast
ACNP URM Near Peer Mentorship Program

The specific aim of the URM Near Peer Mentorship program is to provide mentorship support to underrepresented minority scientists who plan to enter research careers in neuropsychopharmacology.

Applications for the 2023 URM Near Peer Mentorship Program will open in early fall 2022.

Please view the below URM Near Peer Cohort Shorts which includes resource materials provided by CIMER to help improve research mentoring relationships and provide highlights of our current URM Mentors and Mentees. Stay tuned for future Near Peer Cohort Shorts to learn more!

URM Near Peer Cohort Short - March 2022

URM Near Peer Cohort Short - May 2022

URM Near Peer Cohort Short - August 2022

Click here to learn more about the URM Near Peer Mentorship Program

ACNP Animal Research Survey

The ACNP Animal Research Committee developed a brief survey to better understand the views and opinions about animal research across the broader ACNP membership. We encourage all ACNP members to complete the survey, which will take approximately five minutes, though we are particularly interested in hearing from ACNP members who DO NOT regularly engage in biomedical research using animals. Please answer the questions in the survey to the best of your ability; there will be an opportunity to provide feedback at the end. No personally identifiable information will be collected and your responses will remain anonymous. Results of the survey will be presented at the upcoming 61st Annual Meeting.

Please click here to complete the survey. 

The deadline to complete the survey is Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

ACNP/AMP BRAD Fellowship

2022/2023 ACNP/AMP BRAD Fellow!

Lana Ruvolo Grasser, Ph.D.

The ACNP Animal Research Committee, in collaboration with Americans for Medical Progress (AMP), is pleased to announce the selection of Dr. Lana Grasser as the 2022-2023 ACNP/AMP Biomedical Research Awareness Day (BRAD) Fellow. BRAD encompasses a set of ongoing activities intended to educate students and the broader public about the importance of biomedical research, including the humane study of animals in it. David Jentsch, Ph.D., interviewed Lana Grasser on her plans for the fellowship. 

Please view the Press Release for the announcement.

Read the Interview
‘Support a Scientist’ Update and Volunteers 

Support a Scientist is an ACNP/AMP BRAD video series project providing a platform for scientists to talk about their research with a wider audience. The project aims are to provide a “face” to science, establish importance of a specific area of research, highlight the role of animal research in the study, and offer insights on how science is conducted.

BRAD is looking for more scientists to highlight, and encourage you to nominate an animal researcher you know (including postdoctoral fellows) using this sign-up link

or by reaching out to

Guidance is provided to scientists on how to shape their message for the public, and more information about the program is available upon request.

Career Development Committee Spotlight

Career Development Committee Member Juan Gallego, M.D., M.S. interviews Christoph Anacker, Ph.D. and Jared W. Young, Ph.D.

Christoph Anacker, Ph.D.

Interviewed by:

Juan Gallego, M.D., M.S.

Career Development Committee Member

Click here to read the interview!

Jared W. Young, Ph.D.

Interviewed by:

Juan Gallego, M.D., M.S.

Career Development Committee Member

Click here to read the interview!

In an effort to promote the Career and Diversity Resource pages of the ACNP Website, the Career Development Committee is developing a series of interviews with diverse members of the College to ask them how ACNP has influenced their careers. The Career Development Committee has chosen to interview two of the College's LGBTQIA2S+ members.

Career Development Committee Latest Blog

Check out the latest blog from the Career Development Committee!

The work-life balance beam:

Advice from someone who quit gymnastics

at age seven

Karen K. Szumlinski, Ph.D.

Career Development Committee Chair

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Diversity & Inclusion Committee Initiative


This year, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee formed a workgroup whose aim was to increase participation in the ACNP Annual Meeting from Historically Black College's and other institutions. They conducted an outreach initiative with key institutional contacts to assist the College to identify some of the best and brightest early career scientists and more established investigators in the neuroscience research field.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee extended invitations to the University of Puerto Rico's attendees from the 2021 Annual meeting, Historically Black College's and Universities to include Howard University, Meharry Medical College, Morehouse School of Medicine, and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, as well as geographically local universities to Phoenix to include Arizona State University, University of Arizona, University of New Mexico, and University of Utah.

Latin American Task Force Outreach Initiative

This year, the Latin American Task Force focused their efforts on liaising with key institutions in Latin American countries in an effort to develop pivotal relationships. Dr. Alan Frazer and Dr. Carlos Zarate conducted a virtual meeting with the contacts that expressed interest, provided them an overview of the College along with the goals and aim of the Latin American Task Force, and asked them to provide the names of one Senior Level scientist and one Junior Level scientist to receive a virtual invitation to this year’s annual meeting.

Through this collaborative effort with these key institutions, it is our hope to expand the diversity of science in the College and help expand the research landscape in Latin America.

Interviews with Latin American Task Force Ad Hoc Members, Humberto Nicolini, M.D., Ph.D. and Noelia Weisstaub, Ph.D.

Humberto Nicolini, M.D., Ph.D.


Click here to read the interview!

Noelia Weisstaub, Ph.D.


Click here to read the interview!

2022 New Associate Members

The College would like to highlight the new 2022 Associate Member Class!

Meet our new Associate Members

Stay tuned for the November Bulletin to meet our other

new Associate Members.

Congressional Neuroscience Caucus Briefings

Congressional BRAIN Initiative Briefing on the Importance of Neuroethics

On June 23, 2022, the American Brain Coalition (ABC) joined with the ACNP, the Dana Foundation, the International Neuroethics Society, and the Simons Foundation, to host a virtual briefing in cooperation with the Congressional Neuroscience Caucus. The briefing focused on the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative, specifically the Importance of Neuroethics

Click here to view the recording of the briefing.

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Potential of Psychedelics in the Treatment of Psychiatric Diseases: A Long, Strange Trip Toward Future Therapy

September 21, 2022

2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern


The American Brain Coalition (ABC) and ACNP in cooperation with Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) invite you to a virtual Congressional Briefing, Potential of Psychedelics in the Treatment of Psychiatric Diseases: A Long, Strange Trip Toward Future Therapy, held Wednesday, September 21st at 2:00-3:00 pm Eastern.

The briefing will examine the role psychedelic drugs are playing in addressing psychiatric illness, including substance use disorders. The briefing will also discuss barriers to research with psychedelic compounds. Opening remarks will be provided by Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), moderator is Mark Rasenick, Ph.D., Vice Chair, American Brain Coalition, and speakers include Nora Volkow, M.D., National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Marcus Capone, founder and chair of VETS Inc., and Rachel Yehuda, Ph.D., Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Please click here to view the invitation.

Please click here to register for the Congressional Briefing.

  • September 1, 2022: Deadline to submit new Membership Nominations and Promotions
  • September 1, 2022: NPP Editorial Intern Application Deadline
  • October 20, 2022: Early Registration Fee Deadline
  • December 4-7, 2022: ACNP 61st Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona

2022 ACNP Bylaws Changes


The ACNP Council in consultation with the Constitution and Rules Committee proposed changes to the Bylaws earlier this year. We sincerely appreciate all members who voted on the proposed edits/additions to the Bylaws. The changes consisted of the addition of a Diversity and Inclusion Officer, additional non-voting membership on Council for Associate Member(s), edits to the Nominating Committee, and grammatical edits. All proposed edits/additions were approved.

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Participating Corporation Program Updates

The Participating Corporation packet has been updated. Participating corporations will be able to provide additional support for the Travel Award program. There is now a supporting letter template that our members can reference when writing their support letter. 

Click here to learn more about the ACNP Participating Corporation Program. 

The College appreciates the support of our participating corporations. 

Council Minutes

Did you know that all of the Council Minutes are placed on the ACNP Website in the Member's Only section?

Please click here and log-in to read the Council Minutes from 2022 and previous Council Minutes to stay informed on Council discussions and decisions. 

Employment and Grant Opportunities

To see a list of new employment and grant opportunities in the field of neuropsychopharmacology, please click below:

Employment Opportunities
Grant Opportunities
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training
The College is providing a complimentary, web-based diversity, equity, and inclusion training for all members who are interested through the Opioid Response Network (ORN).

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion two-part training is scheduled for the following dates:

Monday, October 10, 2022
Monday, October 24, 2022

Stay tuned for more details!

Online Machine Learning School

Machine Learning for Clinical Neuroscientists

September 19-23, 2022

Virtual Event

The online Machine Learning School is open to clinicians, Ph.D.'s and early career researchers and suitable for different levels of machine learning experience. One of the presenters is 2021 Teaching Day presenter, Nikos Koutsouleris, M.D.

To learn more, please click here.

2023 Paul Janssen Fellowship at Columbia University

Young Investigator Award for M.D.'s and Ph.D.'s

  • September 12 - November 18, 2022: Initial Application Period
  • December 2, 2022: Finalists Notified
  • January 20, 2023: Funding Notification Date
  • July 1, 2023: Fellowship Start Date

Please see the announcement of the 2023 Paul Janssen Fellowship in Translational Neuroscience Research at Columbia University. For those of you unfamiliar with the fellowship, it is awarded to an outstanding young investigator (M.D. or Ph.D.) who is interested in conducting research in neuroscience as it relates to psychiatric disease and medicine. The recipient of the fellowship receives a stipend for up to two years and is assigned both a basic science mentor and a clinical investigator mentor from Columbia University. 

To learn more, please click here for more details.

To see a list of upcoming meetings in the field of neuropsychopharmacology, click here.

ACNP Staff Spotlight

Top Ten Things You Likely Did Not Know About Liz Sansom, CMP

Meetings Manager

  1. Having lived in Austin for almost 9 years, it is the longest I’ve lived anywhere since I was 17.
  2. For several years in high school, I helped decorate floats for the annual Rose Parade in southern California.
  3. I’ve traveled to all the continents except Antarctica.
  4. I play piano and flute, although I’m very rusty at both.
  5. I enjoy knitting and crochet, or more accurately, I collect pretty yarn.
  6. I’ve transited both the Panama and Suez canals.
  7. I’ve never liked the taste of coffee, but I love the smell.
  8. Since 2018, I’ve been a volunteer coordinator with the SXSW festival.
  9. My favorite vacation spot is anywhere near the ocean.
  10. I’m an avid reader, usually 2-3 books a week.

For a full listing of the ACNP Staff in the Executive Office, click here.

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