December 15, 2017
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JAMA | December 11, 2017
In a time of uncertainty about the future of health care in the United States, at least 2 issues are clear. First, the current system is flawed-at times delivering both too much and too little care that is often fragmented, poorly communicated, and expensive. Second, the incentives in still-pervasive fee-for-service payment models are the basis for many of these problems. The current policy antidote, consisting of alternative payment models such as ACOs, builds on the failed managed care experiment of the 1990s, again relying on a budget for a defined population of patients but this time with checks on quality, unrestricted patient choice, and attenuated financial risk... READ MORE   

Abhinav Shashank | December 5, 2017  
People become physicians out of the commitment to spend time with patients and not with computers.Their aim is to cure lives and stay connected with patients, but that ideology is getting lost as more and more non-healthcare burdens are increasing on them... READ MORE 

RevCycle Intelligene | December 2017   
Seven years have passed since the Affordable Care Act catalyzed the idea of volume over value in the healthcare industry, paving the way for ACOs to accrue shared shavings while focusing on population health.Since that time, the number of ACOs has exploded to over 920 organizations contracted with public and private payers. More than 10% of the US population now receives care from a provider contracted under an ACO ...READ MORE  

Patient EngagementHIT | December 12, 2017

NewYork-Presbyterian and Walgreens have partnered to offer telehealth technology in retail-based health kiosks across New York City. The move is a part of both entities' patient engagement strategies and efforts to offer better patient access to care. The self-serve telehealth kiosks will be a part of the Walgreens/Duane Reade retail health clinic suite. The kiosks are located in private rooms within Walgreens locations, and connect patients with a clinician from Weill Cornell Medicine emergency department doctors...READ MORE  
Ven dor Spotlight  

At MedMal Direct, we understand that physician groups belonging to accountable care organizations are particularly focused on providing the highest quality of care in the business. Because of this,we believe they should be rewarded when it comes to their malpractice coverage which is why we offer some of the best rates in the industry to ACO providers. Click below to learn more about us, and find out how with MedMal Direct, your ACO physicians are in good hands... FIND OUT MORE   
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