May 11, 2018
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Health Payer Intelligence | May 3, 2018     
Value-based care networks are a promising opportunity for payers that want to manage costs and improve outcomes of beneficiaries. But effectively scaling collaborative, risk-based reimbursement networks for millions of beneficiaries requires a great deal of strategy and insight... READ MORE

Healthcare Informatics |  May 9, 2018   

Earlier this week, CMS (the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) Administrator Seema Verma remarked that "upside-only" ACOs (accountable care organizations) that do not take on downside risk have not generated enough results to date. Now, Healthcare Informatics has learned that a CMS rule is forthcoming that could shorten the duration ACOs can stay in one-sided risk models.. . READ MORE   

Roji Health Intelligence | May 9, 2018 
Specialty care is a thorny cost and political issue for ACOs and physicians alike. No ACO can provide good or comprehensive patient care without specialists. But if ACOs are to produce savings, they will almost certainly need to address how, when and at what cost those specialists will be used. The degree of concern about specialist-generated costs for most ACOs currently depends on the ACO's structure... READ MORE   

Modern Healthcare | May 2, 2018   
Most accountable care organizations say they will disband if the CMS forces them to take on financial risk next year. ACOs that started in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) Track 1 in either 2012 and 2013 are supposed to move to a risk-based model by their third contract periods which begin next year, according to Obama-era regulations...READ MORE

Ven dor Spotlight  
Physician compensation has been greatly impacted by the advent of managed care systems and ACOs. As fee-for-service systems transition to managed care, compensation models become increasingly more complex as the inclusion of performance measures directly links the compensation structure to the provision of high quality, cost-effective, and outcome-driven care. ProCARE Portal will help your ACO evolve by taking control of the ever-changing complexities of physician compensation management.
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