October 19, 2018
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Modern Healthcare | October 17, 2018    
Accountable care organizations have experienced a change of heart and say they will likely stay in the Medicare Shared Savings Program even if that means taking on downside financial risk sooner, according to an association survey released Tuesday. Nearly 50% of the ACOs surveyed by the National Association of ACOs said they would participate in MSSP if the CMS restructures the program and eliminates some tracks that don't include financial risks for the organizations.. . READ MORE   

AJMC | October 11, 2018    
In response to rising healthcare costs, providers have been pushed to take on responsibility for the health of their patients and be rewarded for outcomes rather than volume through the creation of accountable care organizations (ACOs). As Medicare forces ACOs to speed up this transition, researchers writing in the October issue of The AJMC® suggest that it might be helpful to examine the capabilities of physician practices that intended to join Medicare ACOs early on, discovering that these practices had greater capabilities and experience to manage risk than practices that decided not to join.. . READ MORE   

Roji Health Intelligence | October 10, 2018    
Keeping within expenditure limits is a top priority for most ACOs for Medicare. That makes sense. Savings are the main distinguishing feature of an ACO arrangement, as opposed to straight Fee-for-Service reimbursement. ACOs that accept downside risk can't afford to exceed the expenditure target. It's in their best interest to create initiatives to cut costs and control expenses-especially for services outside the ACO, such as post-acute care.. . READ MORE   

Health Affairs | October 16, 2018   
Many payers, most notably the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), have developed new payment models that base reimbursement on a broader bundle of services than traditional fee-for-service payment. The accountable care organization (ACO) program exemplifies the broadest of these new payment models. One of the crucial ACO design features is the extent to which providers are required to reimburse payers if spending exceeds a target, called the benchmark.. . READ MORE 

Vendor Spotlight
Clinigence integrates patient data from multiple EHR systems across practices and care settings and merges it with cost data from payers. We do not depend on EHR vendors or limited interoperability standards. Clinigence extracts data directly from all EHR systems and normalizes that data to create a complete clinical picture of each patient. No Fees from EHR vendors. You get all of the data, including things that are missing from typical CCD feeds, such as health maintenance data. Once we get the data for you, we give you the ability to see actionable insights from that data and deliver these insights directly to providers at the point and time of care right within their EHR workflow.   
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