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PatientEngagementHIT | November 29, 2021
Fundamentally, patient data access is about improving overall patient engagement and empowerment in care. Since meaningful use mandated patient portal adoption, the logic has dictated that a more informed patient would be a more educated and thus more engaged patient. Healthcare providers who have offered patient portal and clinical note access have seen a difference in their patients, data has shown. Investigations into the OpenNotes movement, which says every patient have digital access to their provider notes, has shown that patients come in better prepared for visits and with meaningful questions about their care when they can see their data.
On November 4, 2021, the Executive VP of the ACO ExhibitHall.com (ACOEH), John Schmitt, Ph.D., MBA, served as Panel Moderator of the FLAACOS 2021 Conference session titled “How to successfully transition from fee-for-service medicine to value-based care”. He was joined by Dr. Brent Staton, CEO of CCHI (ACO), as well as Rachel Corbitt, Executive Director, Primary Care Alliance (ACO) and Phyllis Wojtusik, EVP Health Systems Solutions, Real Time Medical Systems. In preparation for the session, the Panel Moderator prepared five questions to be addressed by the panelists. 
ACOExhibitHall member Trella Health is conducting a short survey of value-based care leaders to better understand the functions ACOs view as critical to success from a business standpoint and how they think about their networks. Trella will be sharing highlights of the results in their January 6 webinar with ACOExhibitHall and creating a free report based on the findings. You can share your perspective here!
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In early 2020, healthcare leaders from payers to providers to technology services providers found themselves at a crossroads—innovate or fail to care for patients. I had the privilege recently of joining a virtual roundtable with a group of healthcare leaders to talk about the transformation of patient care, engagement and outreach. The panel focused on the global crisis of the pandemic giving rise to an era of innovation and technological solutions and services that enabled new models of care. The pandemic changed ideas and helped create new solutions to improve how and where patients access care...
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