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Several years ago in the early days of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), we worried and warned about the importance of how each organization should divide up potential savings. In a white paper published in Physician Leadership Journal and on the Salient Web site, co-author Stephen Sheiko and I called it an “Elephant in the ACO Waiting Room.” In fact, today a new elephant is in the waiting room, and he is trumpeting a different warning message.
Trella Health | August 16, 2021

Consider professional sports – MLB scouts understand that finding the right players to add to their roster means looking beyond the surface. And healthcare professionals, especially those participating in value-based care models, have to do the same. Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland A’s, knew that the road to his team’s success would require divergence from old-school traditions. When tasked with evaluating players using a limited budget, Beane and his staff leaned on the tangible evidence that only data could provide. A winning season wasn’t the responsibility of one star athlete. If a player’s record indicated that he could get on base, that was their ticket to long-term success. If data analytics can lead to a highly improbable yet very real 20-game winning streak for the 2002 A’s, imagine the long-term growth impacts it can have for your DCE or ACO.
Is it possible for disparities between population cohorts to be overcome or neutralized through technology? I believe the answer is yes. Over the past year, COVID-19 has magnified the gaps in healthcare on a large scale. We see this in higher rates of the virus in people of color, through the access or lack thereof to testing sites in poverty-stricken neighborhoods and especially in vaccine distribution among Caucasian verses minority groups. The facts force us to ask ourselves, what does population health have to do with it? How can technology really change the outcome of a person’s health? And, if 80% of the nation’s health care dollars are spent on 20% of the population, how do we as healthcare leaders use technology and the resources at hand to do better?
ACOs have zealously protected their favored status under Medicare Value-Based payment models, ensuring enough time for organizations to feel comfortable with financial risk and make investments in infrastructure. But if your own ACO is losing physicians to new equity-financed networks or to hospitals consolidating practices, more time does not help you. Primary care physicians are being picked off by your competition, and their patients go with them.
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Post-Acute Analytics – What’s in It for My ACO?
  • Topic: learning about types of post-acute analytics and their uses, building and sustaining SNF networks, preventing readmissions and adverse events, reducing total costs of care, and earning more shared savings.
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August 31, 2021 | 1 PM EST

What’s moving the patient experience needle for Prospect Medical Systems? A digital member strategy!
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September 28, 2021 | 1 PM EST


Leveraging AI-Enabled Remote Patient Management for Preventative Care in the Fight Against Diabetes
  • Topic: diabetes prevalence and progression and its economic impact, and using technology (remote patient monitoring) to identify and serve pre-diabetic populations for better outcomes, better care coordination, and lower overall costs.
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