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After years of uneven adoption, value-based care (VBC) is gaining momentum as providers and payers seek to improve patient outcomes while gaining control of runaway healthcare spending in the U.S. An overwhelming 94% of health system executives expect value-based contracts to continue growing in coming years. Making VBC work, however, requires the ability of healthcare stakeholders to reimburse all participants in a VBC network for their services. And therein lies the challenge.
Community health centers (CHCs) are respected, trusted agencies within the health care delivery sector and civic society as a whole; they are well situated to be responsive and accountable to the needs and values of their communities. Beyond health services, they can be one of multiple institutions within a community where social forces gather to build social cohesion that can, in turn, promote community empowerment. Rooted in a model developed in South Africa and designed to be highly responsive to local social needs, the CHC movement in the United States grew alongside other social movements of protest, identity, and empowerment of the 1960s and 1970s.
Roughly 40% of U.S. healthcare payments were tied to alternative payment models (APMs) last year, with Medicare Advantage claims representing the largest amount, a new survey found. The survey, published Wednesday by the Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network, showed that more work needs to be done as most healthcare payments were still tied to a fee-for-service model. “The survey shows we have made limited progress in moving away from fee for service between 2019 and 2020,” said Mark McClellan, M.D., Ph.D., director of Duke University’s Margolis Center for Health Policy and co-chair of the LAN CEO forum, during the LAN Summit Wednesday. “Most payments are still in fee-for-service, especially outside of Medicare.”
Healthcare Innovation | December 7, 2021
Value-based care is one of the key drivers of health system efforts to improve patient access to medical services, according to survey research from the Center for Connected Medicine (CCM). The Pittsburgh-based CCM’s “Top of Mind for Top Health Systems 2022” research report examines patient access solutions and strategies being considered and deployed at health systems to deliver a more consumer-friendly approach to care. Conducted in partnership with KLAS Research, the CCM’s research included...
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2022 Technology Revolution: Using Innovation to Drive Quality in Value-Based Care Organizations 
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Proving the ROI of Post-Acute Analytics 
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