March 17, 2020

Call for Business Support & COVID-19 Impact Survey from the Aurora Chamber of Commerce


The response to the COVID-19 pandemic is moving quickly. This morning Premier Doug Ford declared a State of Emergency for Ontario. 

While businesses are not being asked to close, I know that many of our local businesses are working from home, and that many of our restaurants, retail stores and entrepreneurs are finding it difficult to keep business moving forward. We have heard that there will be financial supports coming from the government and we will keep you informed as they become available. 

In the meantime, it is imperative that all businesses use this time to pro-actively prepare post-COVID-19 business plans to set up for success when the pandemic is resolved.

Please reach out to offer business support:

I am inviting the business community to reach out to me at or 416-848-9105 with suggestions of what you can do to support other businesses as they prepare their business plans for post-COVID-19. 

Isolation can be difficult for people mentally and physically, so finding ways to connect with others is crucial to forward movement. We have prepared a COVID-19 update page on our website where we will be posting helpful information for the business community: This page is meant to be a place for businesses to be updated with the latest information, connect with other businesses and support one another.

Would you like to do something for your community in support of other businesses, putting your business expertise to good use during this time?  Think about whether you might be willing to offer some services for free via webinar, or if you would consider deferred payment for one-on-one services in support of struggling businesses. 

How can we help each other through this very difficult time?

  • Are you a website developer, SEO optimizer, or Social Media company? Would you be willing to offer your services to companies in need of those services? Perhaps, even with deferred payment for those companies that are struggling to keep their businesses open? Send me your information.

  • Are you a business coach, who would be willing to support struggling businesses as they prepare a post-COVID19 business plan? We all know how difficult it is to prepare a business plan in isolation, offers free webinar services. Send me your information.

  • Are you a sales trainer with strategies for growing your business through virtual or phone sales calling? Would you like to run a webinar for businesses? Send me your information.

  • Are you a financial coach, financial planner or accountant who could provide advice to businesses that are struggling through the COVID19 pandemic? Would you like to run a webinar or hold one-on-one consultations with businesses? Send me your information.

  • Are you an IT provider who can support businesses who are having their employees work from home, who may not be set up for this? Send me your information and we will share it for you.

  • Are you a lawyer specializing in HR? Do you have information that would be useful to companies during this time? Would you like to run a webinar? Send me your information.

We are open to any other suggestions of services that you can offer.  

I urge everyone to stay calm and focused on your health and the health of your loved ones. While much of what’s happening is out of our control, we can control our plans for the future. 

Let’s focus on our future plans and how we can put our best foot forward when the pandemic is resolved, while keeping on top of available supports to get us through the next few weeks. The Chamber team is here to listen, provide information and support you in any way possible. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please take two minutes to complete our survey to inform us of your current business challenges and support required to assist us in advocating on your behalf with all levels of government.
We will continue to update you with additional resources as they relate to the business community when they become available. Connect with us on social media @AuroraChamberON on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.



Sandra Ferri
President & CEO
Aurora Chamber of Commerce