Last year our faculty worked on developing five virtues to help unify our community and build a new Behavior Matrix ; outlining our behavior expectations and how they align with our chosen virtues.

A school assembly was held last Friday, where the 5 Virtues were introduced to the students. Each day of the week and each month of the school year, have been aligned with one of the virtues.

Monday - Reverence
Tuesday - Courage
Wednesday - Friendship
Thursday - Wisdom
Friday - Compassion
September - Reverence 
{ deep respect for someone or something}
Please join us in holding this virtue in your hearts and minds throughout the month of September.
Parent Enrichment Evening
We are currently planning our first Enrichment evening of the year, " Healthy Rhythms", tentatively scheduled for the end of September. More details will be shared very soon.
Important Dates

Next Week

  • Wednesday 9/5, 5th grade Class Meeting @ 5:30 pm

  • Thursday 9/6, Middle School and Kindergarten Class Meetings @ 6 pm

Mark your calendars

  • 9/11 School Picture Day, Kindergarten to 3rd grade

  • 9/12 School Picture Day. 4th grade to 8th grade

  • 10/4 Harvest Festival, 4 to 7 pm at Blue Oak
Pick-up Procedures

Students need to be picked up from school at the close of classes.

12:30 pm for Kindergarten
2:40 pm for Grades 1st -3rd
2:50 pm for grades 4th - 8th

If your child is not picked up at their classroom within 15 minutes of dismissal, they will be sent to the Great Room to wait for you at the picnic tables. Please, keep in mind that teachers begin their work day before the beginning of class, so when dismissal time rolls around they are nearing the end of at least an 8 hour day.

If you are going to be later than 15 minutes, please call the front office to let them know. If you are not able to pick up your student within the first 30 minutes, enrollment in after-school care may be a good option or participation in one of our after-school clubs.

Children in Kindergarten and Grades 1st - 3rd are met outside their classroom each day.   This small gesture allows for countless opportunities to support your child but also for you to connect with other parents and your teacher. Of course, continuing this further through the grades is welcome and encouraged.

If you cannot meet your little ones inside, please communicate that to your classroom teacher so they can help direct your children to your arranged meeting place.

* Children in grades 1st - 4th require written permission from the parent to be able to walk or ride their bike home.

For more info. on our rules and procedures, please read the Parent Handbook
If you are looking for help with carpooling before or after school, please come add your name to the Carpool binder at the front desk.

Special Request:
One family is needing help getting their child to the Boys & Girls club after school. If anyone has children who are already going there after school, please come check in with the front desk and we will help connect you.