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A busy summer for ACPE! As the dust begins to settle in the wake of our national conference and as new CPE students arrive all across the country for summer units, we are aware that even amidst this season of vacations there is much work that will be taking place:
  • In our national office, we are working on two major data projects that, upon completion, should enable us to offer "immediate" transcripts, i.e. records of recorded units available to any member of the association.
  • Later this week, the Organizational Design Work Group will be sending out three models for your responses. Once we receive feedback from the membership, the work group will summarize the information and make a recommendation to the Board of Representatives sometime in July. The board will then make a decision by early August, after which our attorney will help draft new bylaws. The board will also finalize a decision on our name, so please reach out to your representative if you want to give feedback. Once the new model has been selected, the board will appoint a team to assist with its implementation.
  • The national office staff will work with the national Finance Committee to roll out a new financial system for the association that will unify billing to centers (i.e. a single bill for both regional and national fees), provide accounts receivable and payable support for all regions, and consolidate assets to help reduce overall costs. Stay tuned!
  • Work will begin on the implementation strategy for the new Certification process and will continue with the new Accreditation Task Force.
  • Conversations continue with our cognate partners about joint marketing and program promotion.
  • ACPE will be represented at this summer's APC conference and at a panel session at the Biennial Association of Theological Schools meeting (led by Martin Doblmeier, producer of the documentary "Chaplains", Margie Atkinson, President of the APC, and me).
  • The national staff is actively seeking two new members, one in communications/ conference planning to replace Clark Pearson (who returned to graduate school full-time in May to pursue her sense of call to middle school teaching) and an assistant to Tammy Davis, our CPA, in anticipation of additional financial processing in the national office. We will share their bios once they are on board!
Tell me, friend, what river of wisdom flows through each of the valleys on your face?

A poem for your reflection:  "To be of use", by Marge Piercy
This week, my family and I visited the newly renovated Speed Museum on the University of Louisville campus. Marge Piercy's poem always echoes in my memory as I walk past the cases and displays of items that once were just a part of everyday life for a people long ago. As students begin their summer units, I expect many of them will be asking questions of their "usefulness" in whatever setting they serve. What I know now that I didn't know as I entered that first unit was how important it is for each of us to serve as vessels of spiritual healing, as reminders of the presence of something so much larger and enduring than the physical, and as those who often bring a sense of coherency to the disparate experience of crises known by so many.
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