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August 7, 2017
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Accreditation Work Group Meeting
The Accreditation Work Group, convened their committee last week and made excellent progress. They expect to bring a report to the board in November and hope to be able to share any revisions to standards with the membership in the first half 2018. From the little I've seen so far, I think the ACPE is being well-served by this group! The members of the work group include Rosalind Bradley, Carrie Buckner, Mary Catherine Cole, Randy Hall, Mai-Ahn Le Tran, Shawn Mai, Marc Medwed, Wayne Menking, John Pumphrey, Kent Schaufelberger, and Kimberly Yates
Board Approves Strategic Plan
Last May, the board approved a new strategic plan. The details of that plan have now been approved, and it will provide guidance for the board through 2021. To see the strategic goals and objectives, click here. If you have questions, please send them to Carlos Bell or a member of the Board of Directors.
Reminder: Data System Upgrade This Week!
Our data system will essentially be offline this week as we deploy important upgrades. Work will be completed by Friday (as long as we don't anger the tech gods). Please call the office if you have questions or need information that you cannot access during the week.
Coming Soon: Digital Expense Reports
If you have ever served in a national leadership capacity (and perhaps in regional leadership roles as well), you are all too familiar with the process of reporting your expenses: forms, receipts, approvals, and - hopefully sooner than later - reimbursements. As we continue to work to improve all aspects of our work, we will be rolling out a new digital expense reporting process that will simplify the process. It will even allow us once a report is approved to send your reimbursement directly to your bank within 72 hours. We will begin rolling this out with regional meetings in the fall.
A Poem for Reflection
This poem really needs no introduction. This week, one of the participants on our Facebook page raised concerns about a couple of posts that they felt were too political, that our page should be for supporting the work and mission of ACPE. Another member responded that ACPE cannot be apolitical, especially in today's environment, that the vast majority of the contexts where we work are deeply affected by the chaos in Washington DC. With that in mind, I offer the following:
 "A Charm Against the Language of Politics" by Veronica Patterson

Say over and over the names of things,
the clean nouns: weeping birch, bloodstone, tanager,
Banshee damask rose. Read field guides, atlases,
gravestones. At the store, bless each apple
by kind: McIntosh, Winesap, Delicious, Jonathan.
Enunciate the vegetables and herbs: okra, calendula.

Go deeper into the terms of some small landscape:
spiders, for example. Then, after a speech on
compromising the environment for technology,
recite the tough, silky structure of webs:
tropical stick, ladder web, mesh web, filmy dome, funnel,
trap door. When you have compared the candidates' slippery
platforms, chant the spiders: comb footed, round headed,
garden cross, feather legged, ogre faced, black widow.
Remember that most short verbs are ethical: hatch, grow,
spin, trap, eat. Dig deep, pronounce clearly, pull the words
in over your head. Hole up
for the duration.
Something Extra
I've shared some clips from "0-100" before, which shows people from across the lifespan answer questions about all sorts of things. This past week, my daughter returned to school for another year (yep - we began on Aug. 1!). As many of you are enjoying another month of summer, I offer the following reflections of folks sharing their favorite places in nature: What Place on Earth Matters Most to You? | 0-100.
Something Else Extra
One of our own, ACPE Certified Educator Brenda Wallace, wrote a book! Learn more about it and how to purchase it on Amazon here
This Week on the Calendar
 Monday, August 7
*Narali Purnima or Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan - Hinduism
Celebrating the end of monsoon season, marked by throwing coconuts to Varuna, the sea god. During this festival, girls and women tie amulets on their brothers' wrists for protection against evil.

Tuesday, August 8
*Fravardeghan Days [Muktad] begin - Zoroastrianism
A time of memorializing one's ancestors in preparation for Nowruz [see August 18], according to Zoroastrians who follow the Shenshai calendar.
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