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February 20, 2017
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ACPE's Monday Briefing is a weekly digest from ACPE Executive Director Trace Haythorn
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Last Call
The survey seeking input about possible changes to the Association's name (as well as what we call those we certify and those who complete four units of ACPE Certified CPE) closes tomorrow! If you did not receive a survey, please contact Tiffany Kindred in the national office ( ).
Research Coordinator Position
Thanks to the recent grant from the Henry Luce Foundation, we have funds to hire a research coordinator for a two-year position. Location is open (i.e. they can live anywhere that they have internet access!), and the position is slated to begin July 1. More information on the position can be found here
National Conference Registration is underway! Click here to register while the early bird is still aloft! 
Lots of Meetings
Redesign Implementation Subcommittees are busily working in anticipation of the next committee meeting on Wednesday (2/22). The energy, thoughtful work, and spirit are all very positive. Look for a more complete report next week!
A Poem for Reflection
I grew up in a house where music was always playing. Classical, pop, jazz, blues, country, rock - one never knew what sounds would envelope them as they entered our home. Some days it was a balm to my soul. Some days, well, it was just too much. Recently, music has filled my home, often as a respite from the news. And some days, I just need the music of life:
"In our woods, sometimes a rare music" by Mary Oliver

Every spring
I hear the thrush singing
in the glowing woods
he is only passing through.
His voice is deep,
then he lifts it until it seems
to fall from the sky.
I am thrilled.
I am grateful.

Then, by the end of morning,
he's gone, nothing but silence
out of the tree
where he rested for a night.
And this I find acceptable.
Not enough is a poor life.
But too much is, well, too much.
Imagine Verdi or Mahler
every day, all day.
It would exhaust anyone.
This Week on the Calendar
Friday, February 24
*Ayyám-i-Há - Bahá'í  [through February 28]
Starting at sundown, this festival marks the beginning of the intercalary days for festivities, gift giving, and charitable actions.

*Maha Shivaratri - Hinduism
A night devoted to the worship of the god Shiva, whose dance creates and destroys and recreates the world; it is marked by vigils and fasting.

Sunday, February 26
*Cheesefare Sunday [Forgiveness Sunday] - Christianity (Eastern churches)
This feast marks the last day of eating dairy products prior to Holy Pascha (also known as Easter).  The Great Fast or Great Lent begins at sundown and is marked by forty days of vegetarian fasting, intense prayer, and almsgiving in preparation for Holy Week.  The following day is known as Clean Monday.
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