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January 29, 2018
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ACPE Overseas Trip
Have you seen the pictures or read the reflections? Most are available on Facebook. Join the ACPE group for full access. Special thanks to Marc Medwed for all his work coordinating this deeply memorable trip!
Important Update Regarding Peer Reviews
Hopefully you saw this update from the Certification Implementation Team last week regarding Peer Reviews; especially if you are required to hold a review in 2018.
Did you see The Joint Commission article last week?
Did you forward it to your administrators? Just a quick shout out to our colleagues at APC, NACC, and NAJC for collaborating with us in making this article happen. It is a delight to work with such strong, capable and committed colleagues!
REM this week!
Will we see you in DC? REM meets to celebrate 30 years of supporting students and encouraging diversity and inclusion in the ACPE. Keynote speakers include Bishop Teresa Jefferson-Snorton and the Rev. John Simon.
Communications Updates/Changes Coming!
Starting next week, ACPE will launch a new weekly publication, This Week at ACPE, to replace the Monday Briefing and monthly newsletter. Combining the best features of both publications, This Week at ACPE will provide greater flexibility for more timely and detailed articles. But most importantly it will be member driven - providing the news and information you want to share with your colleagues.

February 5th will be the first issue. We are excited to hear what you think of our new look!
Transforming Chaplaincy Webinars
Transforming Chaplaincy is hosting a series of webinars in Winter/Spring 2017. Registration for each webinar is limited and will fill up fast. Click here to save your spot.
Reminder to Sign Ethics Form
Please complete the attached digital form to report on your status regarding ACPE ethics by February 15, 2018. The Professional Ethics Commission will follow up with any questions or concerns.
A Poem for Reflection
Some of you may be familiar with the poetry of Christian Wiman. His work can be explicitly Christian, is almost always spiritual, and usually very raw.
"After the Diagnosis" by Christian Wiman

No remembering now
when the apple sapling was blown
almost out of the ground.
No telling how,
with all the other trees around,
it alone was struck.
It must have been luck,
he thought for years, so close
to the house it grew.
It must have been night.
Change is a thing one sleeps through
when young, and he was young.
If there was a weakness in the earth,
a give he went down on his knees
to find and feel the limits of,
there is no longer.
If there was one random blow from above
the way he's come to know
from years in this place,
the roots were stronger.
Whatever the case,
he has watched this tree survive
wind ripping at his roof for nights
on end, heats and blights
that left little else alive.
No remembering now...
A day's changes mean all to him
and all days come down
to one clear pane
through which he sees
among all the other trees
this leaning, clenched, unyielding one
that seems cast
in the form of a blast
that would have killed it,
as if something at the heart of things,
and with the heart of things,
had willed it.
Something Extra
I'm not one to be star struck, but this is just adorable. I'm struck by how much of what they talk about is rooted in friendship but also anchored by moments of deeply meaningful spiritual care. Enjoy! | These Andy Grammer Fans Had No Idea This Would Happen
This Week in our Thoughts
This week we heard news about the following members and friends. Visit the ACPE Memorials and Milestones website for more details. Please email Tiffany Kindred to add someone to the webpage.
  • We send our thoughts and prayers to Debra Slade, Certified Educator at Norwalk Hospital, whose mother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.
  • Our deepest condolences to ACPE Certified Educator Keith Espenshade, whose father passed away on December 29.
  • We send our thoughts to ACPE Certified Educator Mark Mallinger, whose mother passed away on January 22. 
This Week on the Calendar
 Tuesday, January 30
* Tu B'Shevat - Judaism
A joyous celebration of the coming spring, including the planting of trees and the conservation of fruits native to Israel, as well as special meals where Jews eat the seven fruits of the land (wheat and barley; grapes; figs; pomegranates; olives; and honey). The festival begins at sundown.

Wednesday, January 31
* Birth of Guru Har Rai - Sikhism
A celebration of the birth of the seventh of the Sikh gurus [1630 - 1661 C.E.], according to the Nanakshahi calendar.

Friday, February 2
* Presentation of Jesus in the Temple - Christianity
Commemorates Mary and Joseph's presentation of the child Jesus at the Temple in Jerusalem, as required by Mosaic law. In the Eastern churches, this day is known as the Feast of the Meeting of the Lord.

* Imbolc [also known as the Feast of Torches or Lughnassad] - Wicca
A celebration of beginning growth and the divine generative powers (i.e., the Goddess nurturing her young Son) from which physical and spiritual harvests will come, Imbolc is often an initiatory period.

Saturday, February 3
* Setsunbun-sai - Shintō
A family celebration of the end of winter; beans are thrown into rooms of a house for good luck, with the shout, "Devils out, Fortune in!"

Sunday, February 4
* Four Chaplains Sunday - Interfaith
A commemoration of four U.S. Army chaplains-Rabbi Alexander D. Goode, Rev. George L. Fox, Fr. John P. Washington, and Rev. Clark V. Poling-who died while saving soldiers from drowning when their troop transport ship, the U.S.A.T. Dorchester, was torpedoed by a Nazi U-boat in 1943. The four chaplains are remembered for their courage and their spirit of interfaith collaboration in service to humanity.
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