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January 30, 2017
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Redesign Implementation Team Update
Last week (Jan. 23-25), ten folks gathered in our national offices with Donna Dunn, Tecker International, as facilitator. I supported the team's work with Tammy Davis, our financial analyst. As we convened, I think we had a sense of what the early pioneers must have felt like as they first glimpsed the Rocky Mountains. As we crested the foothills of our work, we saw the majestic peaks that still await us. That said, we accomplished a great deal and look forward to next steps. We were grateful for Amy Greene's role along with Marc Medwed in helping us attend to the work of the Certification Reform Implementation Team, upon whose work we relied in addressing several of our tasks. 

As president-elect, Amy Greene is chairing the RIT. Hopefully you read her  article   last week. Here are the  Redesign Implementation Team highlights.
Never Doubt the Value of A Clinical Member
During dinner of our second evening together, a 91-year old woman collapsed at the table next to us. Rob Hartmann, an ACPE Clinical Member from St. Louis, leapt to his feet and began assisting another guest (who happened to be a physician) with CPR. Before becoming a chaplain, Rob was a ICU nurse. The woman was revived and transported to a local hospital. A side note: it turns out the doctor recognized Kathy Gallivan, co-chair of the team, when she stepped up to support friends and other onlookers during the incident - he works at Kathy's hospital, Brigham and Women's in Boston.

The team decided we should assign Rob as an emergency tech to all task forces and work groups in the future! Here's a photo of Rob enjoying the complimentary ice cream the restaurant gave him as a thank you.
Watch Your Email for a National "Naming" Survey
As I've traveled, folks have often asked, "What ever happened with that discussion about ACPE's name?" After months of reviewing our communications and marketing branding framework, we're ready to ask for your input. On February 1, a survey will be sent to members seeking your input on the name of our association and the title for our two key membership categories, what we currently call "supervisors" and "clinical members." The survey will be open for up to three weeks, after which the board will review the data and make a decision about our next steps. If you haven't received the email by Friday, February 3, please contact Tiffany in our office:
ACPE Making Headlines
It's great seeing our folks and centers in the news! Check out this article about the CPE program at UK HealthCare: UK Pastoral Care Internship Program Prepares Chaplains to Be a Source of Calm and Strength.
Amazon Valentines
A Poem for Reflection
Something has changed in our house. We used to have national news on the radio every morning as we prepared for the day and every evening as we prepared for dinner. We switched to music. We're not chasing to be ignorant of the world outside our home; we're just choosing to consume that information in other ways. And we're feeding our souls in the meantime with music that we love to sing along with. This decision/discipline reminded me of this poem by D.H. Lawrence, called "Pax":
 All that matters is to be at one with the living God
to be a creature in the house of the God of Life.

Like a cat asleep on a chair
at peace, in peace
and at one with the master of the house, with the mistress,
at home, at home in the house of the living,
sleeping on the hearth, and yawning before the fire.

Sleeping on the hearth of the living world
yawning at home before the fire of life
feeling the presence of the living God
like a great reassurance
a deep calm in the heart
a presence
as of the master sitting at the board
in his own and greater being,
in the house of life.
Just for fun
As many in our association have come to know (and some loathe), I find technology fascinating. A wise mentor warned me years ago that "just because we can, doesn't mean we should." I have tried to use that wisdom in many aspects of my life. This week, I came across the following as evidence of this wise advice: Twinkies ice cream has arrived on a planet that might not be ready for it .
This Week on the Calendar
Monday, January 30
*Jashne Sadeh - Zoroastrianism
A celebration of the discovery of fire by King Hashang of the Peshdadian dynasty.

Tuesday, January 31
*Birth of Guru Har Rai - Sikhism
A celebration of the birth of the seventh of the Sikh gurus [1630 - 1661 C.E.], according to the Nanakshahi calendar.

Wednesday, February 1
*Vasanta Panchami - Hinduism
A North Indian celebration associated with Saraswati, the goddess of learning, and with Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

Thursday, February 2
*Presentation of Jesus in the Temple - Christianity
Commemorates Mary and Joseph's presentation of the child Jesus at the Temple in Jerusalem, as required by Mosaic law.

*Imbolc [also known as the Feast of Torches or Lughnassad] - Wicca 
A celebration of beginning growth and the divine generative powers (i.e., the Goddess nurturing her young Son) from which physical and spiritual harvests will come, Imbolc is often an initiatory period.

Friday, February 3
*Setsunbun-sai - Shintō 
A family celebration of the end of winter; beans are thrown into rooms of a house for good luck, with the shout, "Devils out, Fortune in!"

Sunday, February 5
*Triodion begins - Christianity (Eastern churches)
This day marks the beginning of the ten weeks preceding Holy Pascha (Easter).  The term Triodion refers to the book containing the liturgies for the worship services during this time period.

*Four Chaplains Sunday - Interfaith 
A commemoration of four U.S. Army chaplains-Rabbi Alexander D. Goode, Rev. George L. Fox, Fr. John P. Washington, and Rev. Clark V. Poling-who died while saving soldiers from drowning when their troop transport ship, the U.S.A.T. Dorchester, was torpedoed by a Nazi U-boat in 1943.  The four chaplains are remembered for their courage and their spirit of interfaith collaboration in service to humanity.
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