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Reminder #1!
Have you filled out the Organization Design survey? We've had many responses, but the process won't be complete without every voice! One more week before we close it, so please take time before Friday to share your thoughts and ideas. Click HERE for more information.
Reminder #2!
Got a great idea for a workshop for our 2017 national meeting? Heard something at a regional gathering or at one of our cognate partner's conferences that you thought we need to have at ours? Send in a proposal! The deadline is June 30, 2016
Click HERE for more information.
Speaking of Cognates:
I was delighted to be hosted by the board of the NAJC a couple of weeks ago, and by the time you receive this I will have returned from the APC annual conference. The conversations have been exciting, the energy very positive, and the shared vision for the future of our profession is invigorating. Later this summer, the COMISS board will meet in Atlanta, and I'm sure we will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities within the network. It is an honor to work with so many gifted and committee people!
Carlos Bell, ACPE President; Terry Izaguirre, ACPE Business Manager;  Trace Haythorn, ACPE Executive Director
A Poem for Your Reflection: "Hands" by Jack Ridl
In the wake of Father's Day, and knowing that many summer CPE students may be getting their first introduction to family systems theory, this poem by Jack Ridl seems apt for the moment. 
Talking about Race:
The Seattle Times put together a great conversation starter, and while it is about Seattle, it is really about the U.S., perhaps about the human condition. I can imagine a rich group discussion flowing out of even the brief introductory piece offered HERE.
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