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May 1, 2017
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ACPE's Monday Briefing is a weekly digest from ACPE Executive Director Trace Haythorn
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2016 Year in Review Now Available
Oh, what a year! Some measure the success of a year in dollars. By such a measure, it was a great year for the Foundation for ACPE. Not only did we receive almost $400,000 in grant support, we also exceeded our annual campaign goal by 20%. These things don't just happen - they are possible because of your commitment to ACPE and its foundation. Take a look at our 2016 Year in Review here
Greetings from Minneapolis and the ACPE National Meeting!
We look forward to the celebration of our 50th anniversary with the largest group - 613 people as of 4/21 - ever to gather at an ACPE conference!
Board Updates
The ACPE Board is busy at work, beginning yesterday with training provided by Donna Dunn of Tecker International, helping us integrate best practices into our new structure. The Board will spend today outlining a new strategic plan and will complete their work tomorrow.
The ACPE Member Meeting will take place Thursday, May 4, at 3:00pm CDT. We will make the recording available for folks after the conference. In addition to debate about proposed amendments to the bylaws, we will also hear from candidates for vice-chair/chair-elect of the Board.
Area Manager Update
The application process closed last Friday (April 28). Candidates are currently being screened for interviews. We hope to have the finalists ready to interview by the end of May. We will keep you posted as we make progress!
A Poem for Reflection
This poem captures for me the spirit of ACPE as we gather for a time such as this:
"What to Remember When Waking" by David Whyte
What you can plan
is too small
for you to live.
What you can live
will make plans
for the vitality
hidden in your sleep.
To become human
is to become visible
while carrying
what is hidden
as a gift to others.
To remember
the other world
in this world
is to live in your
true inheritance....
Something extra
I want to take a minute to share the amazing work of our four plenary speakers with you. I think you might find some great resources as well as professional development resources through each of them:

Even if you can't join us in Minneapolis, we hope you find these resources valuable and inspirational.
This Week on the Calendar
Monday, May 1  
*Beltane [also called Beltain or May Day] - Wicca
Celebration of the sacred marriage of the divine forces-and the conception of the sun-child-that are the basis of all creation.

*Twelfth Day of Ridván - Bahá'í 
The conclusion of the Bahá'í festival that commemorates Bahá'u'lláh's exile in Baghdad leading up to his declaration as the one announced by the Báb in 1863 C.E.
Tuesday, May 2
*Birthday of Guru Arjan Dev - Sikhism
Guru Arjan Dev (1563 - 1606 C.E.) was the fifth of the Sikh Gurus.
Thursday, May 4
*Ghambar Maidyozarem ends  - Zoroastrianism
The end of the celebration of the creation of the sky and the harvesting of the winter crops.

*National Day of Prayer - Multi-faith, USA
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