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October 2, 2017
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Seeking "Public Members" for the ACPE Accreditation Commission
As many of you know, we are required to have two "public members" serve as a part of our Accreditation Commission to be in compliance with the US Department of Education. But more than that, these members have proven to be incredible resources to help keep our work connected to the constituencies we serve. We are seeking two new public members. For more information on criteria (it is very specific!), please click here
Seeking Theory Paper Readers!
Calling all Active Certified Educators! We need theory paper readers! Please contact Sheilah Hawk or your regional Certification chair if you are willing and able!
A Poem for Reflection
I am a child of autumn. I love the weather. I love the cycles that are renewed (schools starting, harvest time, my son's birthday). I love the anticipation of winter. It is the time of year where I want to throw open the windows while we still can, to go on long walks or hike in the mountains, to ride for hours on a bike just to feel the breeze in my face. This poem captures some of that experience:
"Flathead Lake, October" by Geraldine Connolly

The eagle floats and glides,
circling the burnished aspen,

then takes the high pines
with a flash of underwing.

As surely as the eagle sails
toward the bay's open curve,

as surely as he swoops and seizes
the struggling fish, pulling

it from an osprey's beak;
so too, autumn descends,

to steal the glistening
summer from our open hands.
Something Extra
Think change is hard? Watch a caterpillar shed its skin and build its chrysalis around itself in 5 minutes. I think it is a remarkable devotional or centering exercise (though admittedly a little tough for the squeamish): A Caterpillar Begins Its Metamorphosis
This Week on the Calendar
 Monday, October 2
* Jashan-e Mehregan - Zoroastrianism
A celebratory festival of friendship, righteousness and justice.

Wednesday, October 4
* Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi - Christianity
A celebration of the patron saint of animals and ecology and the founder of the Franciscan Roman Catholic religious order, known for its ethic of simplicity and service. Many Christians mark this festival by bringing their animal companions to churches for a blessing.

* Sukkot [Festival of Tabernacles] begins - Judaism
Also known as the Festival of Booths and the Harvest Festival, Jews celebrate this time as a pilgrimage feast and time of thanksgiving. The booths or huts remind Jews of the tents used by the Israelites during their years wandering in the wilderness, as well as the dwellings used by Jewish farmers at harvest time.

Thursday, October 5
* Bodhidharma Memorial - Buddhism
This day celebrates the monk (5th - 6th centuries C.E.) who emigrated from India and is credited with transmitting Ch'an [Zen] Buddhism to China.

Friday, October 6
* Pavarana - Buddhism
This day is the end of the three-month Vassa or rains retreat observed by Theravadin Buddhist monks.

Sunday, October 8
* Karwa Chauth - Hinduism
A day of fasting for married women, in which they dress like new brides and offer prayers for the long lives and safety of their husbands. Husbands offer sweets to their spouses at the end of the fast, once the moon is sighted.

* Atmasiddhi Rachna Divas (Creation Day) - Jainism
On this day Jains celebrate that, in 1896, the poet Shrimad Rajchandra-ji (who was a spiritual guide for Mohandas Gandhi) wrote the legendary treatise Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra, which explains the quintessence of Jainism.
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