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September 4, 2017
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Happy Labor Day! I hope that you and yours have some time to celebrate the end of summer.
Summer Stories
Thanks to those of you who have forwarded comments from students' summer experiences. We would love to receive more. Please send them to me, Jasmine or Tiffany in the national office.
Leadership Symposium, 10/17/2017, 11:00 AM - 4:45 PM (EDT)
The leading organizations in the field of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care have come together to offer a joint symposium "Partners in Strengthening the Future of Spiritual Care." This symposium will cover a range of information including partnerships, collaboration and research pertinent for those in the field of Spiritual Care. In addition, attendees will qualify for 4.5 hours of applicable Continuing Education credits towards their respective certifications.

Hosted by the ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care & Education, Association of Professional Chaplains (APC), Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC), National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC), Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains (NAJC). This learning event is geared towards all chaplains, spiritual caregivers, directors of spiritual care, mission leaders, healthcare leaders, and all engaged in or having responsibility for spiritual care in your institutions.

Please join us for a vital program that will leave you informed, inspired, and equipped to strengthen spiritual care in your setting. For more information, click here.
Congratulations to ACPE Certified Educator Peter Yuichi Clark, a 2017 recipient of the PRIDE Award from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). PRIDE Awards are given to individuals and teams who represent UCSF's core values of professionalism, respect, integrity, diversity, and excellence. The annual awards dinner hosted by UCSF's Chancellor, the Dean of the School of Medicine, and the CEO of UCSF Health was held on August 30, 2017.

Peter also received good news this week regarding his treatment for cholangiocarcinoma. You can read more and send Peter a message via his Caring Bridge
A Poem for Reflection
In the wake of Harvey and its aftermath, I am reminded of this poem by David Bottoms, a Georgia poet who knows something about such storms (though it is arguable we have never known such rain). 
Something Extra
As we come to the end of summer units and look to fall units beginning, this may come as a helpful balm to those who have had a rough go of it: Compassion fatigue is real, but this hospital's approach might just be the antidote.
Something Else Extra
From our students of our colleague Yoke Lye at Community Howard Regional Health, Kokomo, IN:
Wisdom Statements of 2016-2017 Resident Chaplains who graduated on August 25 2017:

Thomas -
As a chaplain, I give acknowledgement to a patient's suffering, that I celebrate their victory as well as "defeat." That I support the interdisciplinary team to help our patients with their acceptance of circumstances by accepting their experiences face to face.

Kathryn -
As a chaplain I express "communion" through meaningful relationships with patients, families, staff, and others. I facilitate conflict resolution and facilitate resources between the patients and the interdisciplinary team.

Daniel -
"Humanize" care means to listen to patients' stories, walk with them and explore with them the source of their strengths, hopes and fears and treat them with respect without imposing my own ideas.

Joe -
My image of God has to be large enough to permit me to be true to the belief systems of others to the extent that I permit them to exercise their own faith in the situations they find themselves in.
This Week on the Calendar
Monday, September 4
*Ksamavani - Jainism
A day of universal forgiveness, in which Jains ask forgiveness of others for wrongs committed during the previous year, and they also forgive those who have caused them suffering.

Tuesday, September 5
*Anant Chaturdashi - Jainism and Hinduism
For Hindus this day celebrates Anant, one form of Lord Vishnu. If a devout Hindu vows to honor Vishnu and keeps that vow for 14 years, it is believed that she or he will see wealth. This is also the last day of Ganesh Utsav, a 10-day Hindu celebration. Statues of Lord Ganesha are carried to bodies of water to be submerged, accompanied by devotional songs and dancing. Jains celebrate this day with special worship services and processions to the community's main temple.

*Zhōngyuán Jié [Ghost Festival] - Taoism
According to Chinese Taoist belief, this day is when deceased ancestors visit the homes of the living. Families prepare feasts and set tables with empty chairs so that the living and the dead can share the meal together.

Thursday, September 7
*'Izzat - Bahá'í
The beginning of the tenth month of the Bahá'í year, meaning "might."

*Pitr-paksha or Mahalay Paksha - Hinduism
The beginning of a two-week period during which Hindu adherents perform shraddha rites to gratify the spirits of their deceased ancestors, including giving food or other donations as a form of charitable service.

Friday, September 8
*Nativity of the Mother of God [Theotokos] or Birth of the Blessed Virgin - Christianity
This festival celebrates the birth of Mary, the mother of Jesus of Nazareth. In Eastern Orthodox churches she is known by the honorific of Theotokos.
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