Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)
International Services Program (ISP)

Volume 5, Issue 1
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May 8-10, 2016 IC Meeting: Chicago, IL, USA
International Commissioners & ACPE Staff

Left to right, back row: 
Mike Rouse (Staff), Jeff Wadelin (Staff), Tony Tarn (Taiwan), Indra Reddy (Chair, USA), Anthony Wutoh (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, USA), Peter Vlasses (Staff), Bhojraj Suresh (India), and Silvi Kastrati (Staff)
Left to right, front row: 
Victoria Roche (Board Liaison, USA), Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner (USA), Azza Agha (Egypt),  Patricia Acuña Johnson (Chile), and Jan Engle (USA)
Commissioner Profile: Azza Agha
As an Egyptian pharmacist and member of the College of Pharmacy, Cairo University, I have spent my professional career in developing pharmacy education and practice. In collaboration with different national and international authorities and groups, I have focused my efforts in improving pharmacy curricula and increasing awareness of the role of pharmacists and their integration as a main partner in the health care professional teams. As a Vice President for the Higher Education in the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education and a peer reviewer with the Ministry of Higher Education, I had the opportunity to evaluate and improve pharmacy programs in many colleges of pharmacy to cope with the worldwide recent trends in pharmacy education, as curricula have moved from being Drug-centered to Patient-centered. Through my involvement with the Ministry of Health, I am working on fostering the active participation of pharmacists in patients care with other health professionals.  

As a member of ACPE's International Commission, I am fortunate to meet with the international pharmacist's team and work with outstanding, eminent, knowledgeable, and experienced pharmacy educators and practitioners. I have the great opportunity to learn about pharmacy education and practice in different countries around the world and to share knowledge about quality assurance systems in various colleges of pharmacy. ACPE, though its ISP mechanism, aims to and focuses on improving pharmacy education based on the national needs and international expectations, implementing quality-assured education systems and sharing best practices worldwide. Expansion of such activities will have a positive impact on the pharmacy profession and create additional opportunities worldwide.
June 22-26, 2016 ACPE Board Meeting: Chicago, IL, USA
The Board of Directors accepted the appointment of Yousif Asiri as the newest member of the International Commission and authorized the on-site evaluation to the PharmD program of Qassim University,  College of Pharmacy (Gassim,Saudi Arabia). The Board granted Certification to the BSc and PharmD programs of University of Jordan, School of Pharmacy (Amman, Jordan) and to the MPharm program of Near East University, Faculty of Pharmacy (Nicosia, Northern Cyprus). The Board also granted continued Certification to the PharmD program of JSS University, College of Pharmacy (Mysuru and Ooty, India), and to the PharmD program of King Faisal University, College of Clinical Pharmacy (Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia).  

The Board members adopted the revised "Certification Quality Criteria" document. Version 1.1 of the Quality Criteria, released July 1, 2016, will go into effect January 1, 2017. The restructured Quality Criteria contains wording enhancements and 26 individual  criteria  used to evaluate pharmacy programs. 
July 1-4, 2016 Life Long Learning in Pharmacy Conference: Split, Croatia
ACPE was one of the sponsors of the 11th International Conference on Life Long Learning in Pharmacy (LLLP) 2016. The conference, which focuses on advancing pharmacy practice globally, offered a variety of workshops, discussions, poster sessions and opportunities for participants to network. Mike Rouse, Director of the International Services Program, and Jennifer Baumgartner, Assistant Director of the Continuing Pharmacy Education Provider Accreditation Program, were in attendance at the conference and presented workshops and posters.

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