Dear Members,

I hope this year was kind to you and your loved ones, and the summer was somewhat enjoyable despite our 'new normal'.

It is hard to imagine these last couple weeks of summer without the effervescence of “The Ex". But, the summer is changing into fall, the Labour day weekend is behind us and we are, just like the little ones, 'back to school'.
To link you back to where we left it in June, we held our virtual AGM in June, followed by a very interesting panel discussion. In spite of our preparation, the virtual format of the AGM raised some technical challenges and quorum was not met.

To comply with our By-laws, the ACPO Council will be organizing a special meeting, planned by mid-October. We will let you know as soon as the date is decided. The special meeting will take 30 – 45 minutes. We are also planning to offer another 60 minute session for those that are interested. I will have more details for you by mid-September.
There was a lot of activity the Council and especially the Executive, carried out over the summer. One that hopefully will impact and increase the engagement of our members, is strengthening our Communication Committee. I am happy to let you know that Horace Faulknor, our Vice-President, agreed to chair the Communication Committee, so if you have any requests, any ideas about what you would like to hear from the ACPO, please get in touch with Horace.
Wishing you all a successful transition into fall and pumpkin spiced latte's, stay safe.

Lili Cretu
President ACPO
Councilor District 12