Dear Members,

As 2020 draws to a close, I want thank all ACPO members for your support and engagement throughout 2020.  
It has been a year like no other we can remember…. However, if the pandemic proved anything, it’s that the chemists and the chemical industry are vital to everyday public safety, health and quality of life. I hope you are proud of that – I know I am!

Here, at ACPO, we started the year introducing additional benefits for our members, I hope you are taking full advantage of these opportunities. We also adopted the chemist ring, joining the other provincial professional chemical associations. Just like you, we adjusted to the gathering restrictions and continued our activities 100% virtually.

Early this week, we successfully held a special meeting to conclude some unfinished financial business from the AGM. I want to thank everyone who was able to join. In order to extend the participation, a proxy form was available for the first time in the recent history of ACPO. As I reported in the special meeting, I am happy to inform you that the organization is strong and the day to day activity is running smoothly with the support of ManageWise, our management company.

Looking at 2021, the ACPO Council will continue to work to increase the visibility of the chemical profession and the chartered chemist professional. With direct impact to the members, we will be partnering with other organizations to offer you courses that can help you in your career. We heard your call for more district activities and that is also something we are planning for. Again, I will invite you to engage with your District Councilor, and anyone in the Executive; express your interest, share your suggestions – we are always interested to hear from you, our email addresses are on the website, under the Council page.

On behalf of all of us, the ACPO Council and myself, we wish you a very happy holiday season with your loved ones. We wish you a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

Warm regards.

Lili Cretu
President ACPO
Councilor District 12