ACS Turns 35 in 2018...
Time for a Membership Facelift!
What a difference a decade makes! ACS might be a young-spirited millennial, but we've really matured a lot from 2007 to today: 
This growth and expansion is because of members like you. Your passion for making and selling great cheese, commitment to staying current on best practices and food safety, and creativity in producing ever more and better products has challenged ACS to be proactive in growing to better serve you. In recent years, we've added new products, services, education, and tools to help you, and we've been evaluating how our membership structure can better reflect the ways in which you use and value your ACS membership.
2018 marks ACS's 35th Anniversary -- so in addition to reflecting on our past, we are proactively preparing for our industry's future by streamlining our membership dues and benefits structure. This ensures membership is in keeping with the Key Initiatives of our Strategic Plan 2020, and aligns with our Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Bylaws.

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To help you make the most of ACS member benefits, we have clarified the distinction between an Individual Membership and an Organizational Membership. This lets you easily choose between a Non-Professional Membership you hold for yourself (Student or Enthusiast), and a Professional Membership that is held by you (Individual) or by your company, business, or organization (Organizational).  
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Benefits reflect the differences in how individuals use their membership vs. how companies and businesses use their membership. Both Individual and Organizational memberships are available exclusively for industry professionals. Industry professionals will still join as Producers or Trade Affiliates based on their unique products and services.
Here's an overview:
  • Associate Membership is for those who love cheese but who are not involved in the industry professionally. This is a non-voting category for Enthusiasts and Students.
  • Individual Membership is designed for industry professionals who seek educational opportunities, networking, online resources, and professional development opportunities for personal growth and career advancement. Each Individual Member receives one vote. This is a Professional Level membership open to Producers and Trade Affiliates. An Individual Membership is solely and exclusively for the member named, and is non-transferable.
  • Organizational Membership is for companies that wish to provide their owners, management, staff, and employees access to education, networking, and professional development, and that wish to promote their business, products, and/or services. Organizational Members receive one vote per company, allocated to the designated Primary Member. This is a Professional Level membership open to Producers and Trade Affiliates. 

    As an Organizational Member, you can select the level that reflects the number of employees you'd like to receive benefits, from 1 person to unlimited representatives! Organizational Members may transfer benefits to different people, should employees at the company change.
So, what's next? In October, we'll email your 2018 membership renewal notice. Your membership level will reflect the way you used ACS membership benefits in the last year. You'll have the opportunity to renew at that level, or change your membership level to access just the right benefits for you or your organization. You can upgrade your membership when you renew, or at any time throughout the year.

Have questions? Review our FAQs or email Eliza Wetherill, ACS Membership & Programs Manager.
Thank you for supporting ACS and helping your association grow and thrive! We look forward to serving you and your business in the coming year.
Nora Weiser
Executive Director