It's not too late!  Don't miss this OUTSTANDING event for leaders
May 31, 2016
ACSA Region 6 Leadership Summit  2016 
Thriving on the Vine: Cultivating Ourselves for Good Action
Don't miss out on an exceptional end-of-year opportunity to jump start your 2016-17 professional development for leaders!  The ACSA Region 6 Leadership Summit will host speakers whose presentations can launch a powerful book study for your team this fall on topics such as system leadership, addressing bias, Visible Learning, cultural proficiency, non-defensive communication and strategies and reasons to be hopeful about our work.  

Check out the lineup in the attached document and register at  

Administrators of the Year awards dinner will follow the summit on June 16. Let's celebrate all our charter nominees and region winners.  See the list of all region winners.

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Region 6 Staff
Bob Giannini, Executive
Rose Lock, Consultant
Region 6 Leadership
President: Janet Haun
President-Elect: Steve Collins
Past President: Rob Stockberger
Vice President, Staff Development: Pam Comfort
Vice President, Programs: Cindy Matteoni
Vice President, Legislation: Essence Phillips
Vice President, Membership: Kevin Grier
Secretary: Pam Hughes
Treasurer: Debbie Ashmore
Comptroller: Hellena Postrk
ACSA Board Director: Rob Stockberger
Representatives: Soleste Hilberg, Kris Martin-Meyer, Brett Nelson
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  - Nelson Mandela