A New Look - Region 6 Connecting with Our Members
June, 2016
President's Message
Dear fellow ACSA members,
As the 2015-16 school year comes to a close, I would like to thank you for the privilege of serving as your Region 6 President. It has been a wonderful experience. I would encourage each of you to become active in your local ACSA charters and to pursue leadership roles in the Region. For me, the experience has been educational and perhaps more importantly, it has afforded me the opportunity to meet many amazing people whose dedication to students is inspiring. I can honestly say that ACSA has made me a better person!
It's easy to get involved! Just contact our Region Executive, Bob Giannini, here or at the link below . You will be glad you did.
I hope you each have a restful and relaxing summer!
Janet Haun   
Advance  - June issue
With this issue, Region 6 is officially using Constant Contact to deliver our communications to over 1500 ACSA members. The Advance Newsletters and periodic Flash will be posted on the Region 6 website as well. Click HERE for the March issue.  

You will notice that Constant Contact offers a mobile-friendly version of our newsletters. It's easy to read them on any of your mobile devices. You can click on the blue texts in the newsletters which embed live links to additional information.  

Welcome, New Region 6 Superintendents

Region 6 welcomes the following new superintendents:

  • Rick Schmitt, San Ramon Unified School District
  • Rick Rubino, Pleasanton Unified School District
  • CJ Cammack, Martinez Unified School District
  • Carolyn Seaton, Orinda Union School District
  • Pat Sanchez, Newark Unified School District
  • Marie Morgan, Walnut Creek School District
  • Greg Hetrick, Oakley Union school District
ACSA Academies in Region 6

ACSA is your career partner! ACSA's job-specific academies provide a solid foundation of training in the application of leadership and management fundamentals for administrators. Over the years, these academies have earned the reputation of being exceptional professional learning experiences.  

Here are the academies that will be offered in Region 6 for the 2016-2017 school year:

  • Classified Educational Leaders (Concord)
  • Curriculum and Instructional Leaders (Newark)
  • Personnel Administrators (Dublin)
  • Principals (Concord)
  • Pupil Services (Fremont)

Click on this link for more details and registration information.

Legislative Action Day 2016

Region 6 Legislative Action members shown above: Bob Giannini, Karen Anthony, Steve Collins, Katie Gaines, Essence J. Phillips, Tracie Noriega, Sonja Neely-Johnson and Lisa Murphy Oates converged on the state capitol for Legislative Action Day on April 4th.

The team met with Region 6 local Assembly and Senate members: Jim Frazier, Bill Quirk, Tony Thurmond and Steve Glazer. The team made their petition of support for AB 2336 (Olsen) Teacher Credentialing, Transitional Kindergarten support, Prop 30 extension and LCAP support and improvement. According to records from the state capitol, the bill passed unanimously which extended the length of special education 20-day sub permits to 40 days. In the wake of our states teacher shortage, especially in this area, this will be a huge help for administrators, districts and schools in our region in providing students with more consistency.  

More photos.

Submitted By Essence Phillips, Vice President of Legislation

Administrators! FREE HELP! SAY WHAT?
Free Mentors for New and Experienced Administrators

You read it right. Administrators are being provided free help and support through the ACSA Mentoring Program in Region 6. But why have a mentor? Won’t that be just one more thing to do in an already busy and hectic job? The answer is a giant NO! Here’s why.

How often in your day can you:

  • Meet with a thinking partner
  • Think outside the box
  • Sit with your champion and ally
  • Expand contacts and network
  • Be inspired
  • Participate in synergetic problem solving

You may have numerous people whom you can rely on, but one person, your ACSA mentor, fits all of the above. Region 6 has a strong mentoring program consisting of individuals with proven success records who are knowledgeable, experienced educational leaders. Click here to read more.

Submitted By Genell Marshall and Sandy Prairie

ACSA Partners with California Association of Student Councils (CASC)

CASC is a student-run, student-led non-profit organization, which was founded in 1947 by ACSA's predecessor organization, CASA and the CDE.  CASC will bring students from across the state to discuss the leading issues in California's education system as seen from their perspective.

CASC has been working with ACSA to share the student perspective of the six leadership areas critical to the successful implementation of the LCAP: vision, accountability, instruction, technology, communication and equity. As leaders, we have the voices of our largest stakeholders in the education system, students!

With recent By-Laws change, our region's CASC representative will sit as a voting member of the Region 6 Board of Directors.  We welcome Jack Mitchener from CASC Region 4 who will bring the student voice to our region.

Updates from Bob Giannini, Region 6 Executive

It is a pleasure for me to highlight and commend the great work that your Executive Committee members have provided Region 6 for the 2015-16 school year. This body meets monthly to help support and nurture our region administrators.

President – Janet Haun
President Elect – Steve Collins
Past President and State Board of Director – Rob Stockberger
V.P. Programs – Cindy Matteoni
V.P. Legislation – Essence Phillips
V.P. Membership – Kevin Grier
V.P. Staff Development – Pam Comfort
Comptroller – Hellena Postrk
Treasurer – Debbie Ashmore
Secretary – Pam Hughes
At Large Rep. Contra Costa County – Kris Martin-Meyer
At Large Rep. Alameda County – Soleste Hilberg
At Large Rep. Alameda County – Brett Nelson
Newsletter Editor – Kandi Granvenmier
Social Media Manager – Steven France
Consultant – Rose Lock

I also want to recognize the outgoing Charter Presidents for their commitment to our organization and its members.

Unique Holland –Alameda County Office
Jeff Varner – Delta Charter
Tom Scruggs – Diablo Valley Charter
Lisa Murphy Oates – Diablo Managers
Greg Bailey – Fremont Charter
Linda Hutcherson – Retiree Charter
Lynda Hornada – San Leandro

Our region was well represented by these region committee chairs to their state committee/council.

Guy Zakrovsky – Adult Ed
Beverly Heironimus – Business Services
Luann Duggan – Retired Committee
Janet Haun – Career Technical

A special thanks also goes out to Nia Rashidchi, Solest Hilberg, Janet Haun, Kevin Grier, Pam Comfort, Essence Phillips, Steve Collins for their commitment to the State Delegate Assembly.

We also want to commend Susan Burleson, Mentor Program Coordinator and Hilary Dito, Web Manager for their dedication and commitment to our Region 6 success.

Finally, I am pleased to commend Pam Comfort, and Janet Haun for their tireless efforts to make our yearly Leadership Summit and Region 6 Awards Nights the best that it can be for all.

As you can see from the above outstanding administrators: “Leadership Matters.” 

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Region 6 Staff
Bob Giannini, Executive
Rose Lock, Consultant
Region 6 Leadership
President: Janet Haun
President-Elect: Steve Collins
Past President: Rob Stockberger
Vice President, Staff Development: Pam Comfort
Vice President, Programs: Cindy Matteoni
Vice President, Legislation: Essence Phillips
Vice President, Membership: Kevin Grier
Secretary: Pam Hughes
Treasurer: Debbie Ashmore
Comptroller: Hellena Postrk
ACSA Board Director: Rob Stockberger
Representatives: Soleste Hilberg, Kris Martin-Meyer, Brett Nelson
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  - Nelson Mandela