Dear ACSA Member:

As you may know, 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the American Craft Spirits Association. We’ll be officially kicking off a year of celebrations at ACSA’s 10th Anniversary Distillers’ Convention and Vendor Trade Show, February 10-12, 2023 in Portland, Oregon. 

Among the many commemorative activities and projects that we’re planning is a video showcasing major highlights from the past 10 years. And we want you to be a part of it! 

There are three ways to participate:

Submit a short video clip (no more than one minute) answering the following questions:

—Who are you?
—Where is your distillery or supplier business located? 
—When was your distillery or supplier business founded? 
—Why did you become a member of ACSA? 
—What does Craft mean to you? 
—What do you see as ACSA’s most significant initiative(s) thus far?
—Where do you think we’ll be in another 10 years?

Submit any existing video footage of your operation and your team from any point in the past decade. We’re looking for video of production runs, your tasting room, special events, community action or any day-to-day activities within your distillery. 
Submit high-resolution, professionally shot stills of your operation, capturing the same sort of events listed in the previous item

If you plan to submit video, please follow these guidelines (and, if you have questions, please contact me):

• All images must be shot horizontally (including talking-head clips)
• Please ensure there is adequate lighting and sound. We recommend shooting in a quiet place, but with your production facility or tasting room as a backdrop if at all possible 
• Footage should be no more than 1 minute in length. No exceptions.
• Keep it PG-rated; video should be free of profanity or anything which would publicly embarrass the association
• Video files should be submitted at full resolution in .mov or .mp4 format,
• Photos should be .jpg, .tiff, .eps or .png formats. 
• Files should be submitted via Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar platform; do not try to email or snail-mail the footage 
• Email the file transfer link to
Please submit no later than November 28, 2022

ACSA’s 10th anniversary committee will review the submissions for inclusion in the final video. 

We look forward to seeing your video/photo submissions and saying hello to you in person at the Portland convention in February. 

Jeff Cioletti
10th Anniversary Project Leader
Editor in Chief, CRAFT SPIRITS magazine
American Craft Spirits Association 
P.O. Box 470
Oakton, VA 22124