ACSRC Monthly News
August 2017

New Sessions for the RAIL Commons 2017
The RAIL Commons 2017 offers enlightening sessions! 
  • Food: Locally Embedded, Globally Engaged
  • Science, Who needs it?: Developing a Social Science  Framework for Alberta Parks.
  • Farmland Conservation and Fragmentation: Where, Why, What Next?
Check out the news release on RAIL Commons or click for more information below.

Beaver County Youth Engagement Project:
Now Live!
T he Beaver County Youth Engagement Strategy (YES) project was a two year research project conducted by the
    Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities in   
    partnership with both FCSS organizations in the County, 
    and Alberta Health Services.  It was completed March 
    31,  2017.  Visit the Beaver County project page and 
    youth  portal below!

Education and Training Opportunities
Certificate in Advanced Municipal Leadership 

AEE's Advanced Municipal Leadership Program is designed to strengthen local government leadership by providing elected officials and municipal administrators training in six core areas: Roles & Responsibilities,     Strategic Leadership, Communication &Engagement,  Planning & Action, Municipal Collaboration, and Change  Management.  Developed and delivered by former  Minister  of Municipal Affairs and best selling author, Doug  Griffiths.

Sustainability 101: Certificate in Rural Sustainability 
Augustana Campus 
Based upon a five-pillar model of sustainability, these five open-enrollment courses focus upon the nature, origins, relevance, and application of the core, but complex, concepts that comprise sustainability and community development: Governance for Sustainability, Economics &     Sustainability , Environmental Sustainability , Social    

Rural Planning and Development Course
Hosted in your community!
Every community needs a tailored development strategy. The success of the strategy hinges on the quality of self-analysis; learning from other places, from the past, from theory. There is not a copy-paste strategy or a universal recipe for good development, planning, or governance.

The Agricultural Information Centre is hosting two field days touring urban farms in Alberta.  You'll learn best practices for producing food for profit in the city, some of the challenges involved, and navigating relationships with neighbours.
  • Tuesday, September 12, 2017: Calgary. Registration deadline is September 5

Books and Other Resources

Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology

This report represents the culmination of the final capstone team research project conducted by the undergraduate students of the University of Alberta's Environmental and Conservation Sciences Program, Human Dimensions Majors, and Environmental Studies major.

The students were divided into three working groups according to their interests: one focused on science and engineering aspects of renewable energy technologies, one focused on policymaking and politics, and one focused on the role of consumers and civil society.

Policy Recommendations for Improving Broadband Access & Adoption in Rural Alberta

Accessible high-speed broadband is no longer a luxury, but a basic requirement for everyday economic, social, and cultural activities. Effective implementation can result in new and improved online services, including commerce, government, health and education. Broadband service development can in turn benefit a community's economy, workforce, governance structure, and natural environment. Public policy can help address low adoption rates and stimulate a healthy, competitive broadband market. 

Employment Opportunities
UNBC is Hiring!
New! Post-Doctoral research opportunity at the University of Northern British Columbia. The position is housed in the university's Community Development Institute (CDI) and will be based in the city of Fort St. John.
Alberta's Municipal Internship Program
The Municipal Internship Program is an opportunity to gain first-hand, real-life, practical experience and training in the Alberta municipal environment. It is designed to encourage recent post-secondary graduates to consider a career in municipal administration, finance, or land use planning. While contributing to their host organization, interns receive a salary, financial support for professional development, and opportunities to develop an extensive network of municipal and planning professionals.
ACSRC Employee Feature
Kachuri Rook 

Kachuri Rook joined the ACSRC team in May 2017.

At the ACSRC, Kachuri has been working as a research assistant developing and collaborating on two separate research studies. 

The first is a study looking at human rights knowledge among youth in rural Alberta. 

The second project Kachuri is working on, is prompted by concerns regarding the prevalence of mental health issues within universities. 

Landon Redelback

Landon Redelback joined the ACSRC team in May 2017.

At the ACSRC, Landon has been working as a research assistant on The Teaching Learning and Enhancement Fund Project ("TLEF"). 

Landon is mainly focused on the exit interviews that are conducted by phone. He contacts past Augustana students and interviews them to provide a baseline to measure the new changes being made, such as the implementation of the new Augustana Calendar. 

Events and Conferences

Calendar of Events
For upcoming events, conferences and workshops visit the events calendar on the ACSRC website.  This calendar holds events offered by the ACSRC and other organizations with a common goal of sustainable rural communities.
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