ACSRC Monthly News
July 2016

ACSRC Achievement Report!

The ACSRC's newest achievement report is now available online.  Check out what we've been working on and involved in since 2013.

Rural Alberta Regional Collaboration Workshop Reports

This past year, the ACSRC facilitated regional collaboration workshops across Alberta that brought together representatives from rural municipalities, regional economic development alliances, rural associations (AUMA, AAMDC), Aboriginal communities, government departments and not-for-profit/private  sector associations to engage in a collaboration and  capacity-building exercise.  Project reports can be  found through the below link. 

ACSRC Director publishes chapter!

Taking a public policy approach, the authors in this edited collection critically analyze the structural inequalities embedded in our society and the socio-economic factors that affect health, including income, education, employment, housing, food security, gender, and race.  Director, Lars Hallstrom's chapter is entitled "Public Policy, Equality and Health in Canada"

Upcoming Events and Activities
WEBINAR: Embracing and Empowering Diverse Communities to  Shape 
Rural Design
Building Vibrant Rural Futures: Mobilizing Knowledge and Informing Policy Conference
Citizens' Institute on Rural Design a nd Orton Family Foundation, out of the U.S.A showcase rural communities that have effectively engaged diverse voices in shaping community design projects. Speakers will share how they identified and engaged diverse perspectives, who they partnered with, and what doors have opened as a result.

The Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation brings this conference to Guelph Ontario.  It will focus on local and regional economic development, labour force development and training, climate change and its impacts on rural communities, rural data, information and harnessing digital data, and aboriginal transformations.
The Pembina Institute and their partners bring the Alberta Climate Summit 2016 to Calgary, Alberta. The event is designed to generate discussion on key elements on implementation of Alberta's plan. It will also showcase success stories as well as stories of promise from within Alberta.  
The ACSRC will be in Blythe, Ontario for the Rural Talks to Rural Conference this September.  The conference brings together creative thinkers and community builders for three days of dialogue, workshops, and exploration. Perhaps we will see you there?

A resource from the Orton Family Foundation.  Community-based planning approaches can benefit greatly from the voice of youth, as younger people can offer fresh perspectives and a  different set  of priorities which may challenge the  status quo in a  productive way. 

Calendar of Events
For upcoming events, conferences and workshops visit the events calendar on the ACSRC website.  This calendar holds events offered by the ACSRC and other organizations with a common goal of sustainable rural communities.
Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities