Monthly News
May 2019
The Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities has been awarded a $25 000 grant from the Government of Alberta's Anti-Racism Community Grant program.  This program supports initiatives that raise awareness and understanding of racism and its impact on all Albertans as well as fostering cultural awareness and cross-cultural understanding in communities across the province.   This grant will allow the ACSRC to implement a new initiative entitled "Building Inclusive Communities in Rural Alberta." In addition to an academic research project aimed at better understanding the causes and consequences of racism in rural Alberta, this initiative will allow the ACSRC to deliver training and education on racism in rural communities to rural citizens, municipal workers, teachers and school administrators, religious organizations, and community groups throughout rural Alberta via workshops, community conversations, and the development and dissemination of information resources. The aim of this work is to increase the capacity of rural communities to address incidents of racism and hate crime directly.  The Building Inclusive Communities in Rural Alberta initiative will be led by Dr. Clark Banack, a senior research associate with the ACSRC.
Miquelon Lake Research Station
The Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station open house was held on May 2. Attendees included university researchers, undergraduate research assistants, staff from environmental nongovernmental organizations, students, and donors. The lively group of 49 were especially pleased to welcome Brian Hesje who made a donation to build an astronomical observatory this summer and fall. Children from the Camrose area home school group were excited to attend the event, tour the station and learn about the upcoming observatory. There were many conversations about future research, collaborations, plans for the station, and teaching. Glen Hvenegaard (station manager) and Garrett Rawleigh (research assistant) gave tours of the station, with a focus on sustainability efforts, the observatory, and potential uses for teachers, researchers, and community groups.
The University of Alberta's Augustana Campus' 2019 Report to the Community is now available.  Within it's pages you will find, among other success stories, two articles regarding the work of the ACSRC.  On page 3, a project analyzing Augustana's new academic calendar.  On page 11, an article about a pilot project on mental health resiliency and youth.  


On June 4th, Dr. Megan Strickfaden (Department of Human Ecology, University of Alberta) will share information on five films co-created with older adults, caregivers, staff, and students to communicate how designed things can support the aging process.  
"Giving voice to older adults through co-created films: Learning how designed things can support the aging process"
Participants will have the opportunity to connect with our speaker, as well as collaborate with one another over small and large group discussion.  
Tuesday, June 4th 2019 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (Room 4-036) 
11405 87 Ave NW

  October 16-18, 2019

Sustainability is the core challenge of our era. We all have a role to play in the path towards sustainability. This inaugural STPPA conference, in collaboration with all who are committed to sustainability, seeks to bring together academics and students across all disciplines, Aboriginal leaders and scholars, business executives, civil society, policymakers, sustainability professionals and other sustainability lovers to explore innovative forms of theory, practice, and action that can help craft a path towards sustainability.

June 3 to 5, 2019, Vancouver, BC and Corner Brook, NL (satellite)

This year's conference will be packed with exciting events and opportunities, including...
  •  Keynote Events at UBC (and webcast to Grenfell and online);
  • The Annual ESAC Wine and Cheese Receptions (held at both UBC and Grenfell);
  • Sessions and workshops geared to graduate students;
  • The announcement of the 2019 ECO-Award winner;
  • Research sharing and networking opportunities galore;
  • Annual ESAC Field Trips (in Vancouver and Corner Brook), and more!
Call for Proposals
Building on the momentum of a recent interdisciplinary academic workshop held at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus entitled "Enhancing Inclusivity in Rural Canada," we are inviting chapter proposals  for an edited book volume that examines the issue of inclusivity in rural Canada.

The Association for Canadian Studies in the United States (ACSUS) will host its 25th biennial conference, November 13-16, 2019, in Montreal, Canada. The conference is open to all proposals with a significant Canadian focus. Papers and panel proposals from graduate students, professors, independent scholars, and practitioners on any aspect of the Canadian experience, including comparative inquiries are welcomed for submission.


On April 29, 2019 another ten community leaders  completed the RML series and received their Certificate in Rural Municipal Leadership. Instructor Doug Griffiths presented the certificates. Twenty-six Certificates in Rural Municipal Leadership have now been awarded .  For information on the
                                                    next cohort check out the 
website .

                                                    Rural Municipal Leadership: Priority Based Budgeting
                                                                                                 May 29, 2019


Making Sense of Equalization and Fiscal Transfers in Canada
Explore federal-provincial transfers in Canada, beginning with unpacking the rich history of transfers since Confederation. The course will pay particularly close attention to how the various transfer programs work today. It will focus both on explicit transfer programs, such as equalization, and implicit ones, such as federal revenue and spending generally. The equalization program will be a main focus. The implications of federal transfers for Alberta will also be a central theme.

Rural health providers are powerful assets in their communities.  Not only do their health-care skills and practices enhance the quality of rural life, but these professionals also contribute to rural life on a more personal level. They have special relationships with their patients and community. They not only provide care, but are also family, friends, neighbours, and volunteers, and often teach and mentor future health professionals within their communities.  Celebrate rural Alberta Healthcare providers by showing your appreciation! 
Meet the Research Team

Clark Banack is an Adjunct Professor of Political Studies at the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta and a Senior Research Associate with the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities.    Originally from the Camrose area, Clark has a PhD in Political Science from the University of British Columbia, and is the author of God's Province: Evangelical Christianity, Political Thought, and Conservatism in Alberta (McGill-Queen's University Press), as well as several articles and book chapters related to Alberta politics, rural issues, religion and politics, education policy, and populism in Canada. 

Clark is currently engaged in an ethnographic research project that involves chatting about political issues with groups of rural people from all over the province in an informal way, over coffee.  "It has been a real pleasure getting to meet so many insightful folks whose views on a number of things often go unheard."  His central goal in this research is to better understand both what and why rural citizens think about different issues while simultaneously working to ensure rural communities are welcoming and inclusive places for newcomers. 
Calendar of Events
For upcoming events, conferences and workshops visit the events calendar on the ACSRC website.  This calendar holds events offered by the ACSRC and other organizations with a common goal of sustainable rural communities.
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