ACSRC Monthly News
May 2018
Education and Training Opportunities
Getting Ready for Cannabis
Two sessions added due to high demand 
May 24, 2018 and June 6, 2018  

Camrose, AB 
Join Carol Zukiwski, Partner with Reynolds Mirth Richards  & Farmer LLP, and Dave McGarva, Managing Principal of Tantus Solutions Group Inc, for this 6-hour seminar to lead participants through a discussion of the common areas of municipal operations that may be impacted with the introduction of legal cannabis.
For more info and to register see the link below. 

Rural Enterprise Assistance and Coaching Hostel (REACH) program for Entrepreneurs   
May 23 and 24, 2018
Wetaskiwin, AB 
Residents and business owners from the County of
Wetaskiwin and Town of Millet are invited to enhance their business knowledge and skills in this free-of-charge business development program.  The JEDI REACH program aims to help participants grow an existing business or to start an entirely new one.  Information sessions will outline how the REACH Program can assist entrepreneurs to bring their business ideas to fruition.   
For more info and to register see the link below. 
Social Sustainability 

June 7, 2018 
Camrose, AB 
Concepts like social networking, social capital, and social asset mapping are crucial components of sustainability in rural communities. Explore how to use innovation and            collaborative approaches to enhance social sustainability      in your community. 
    For more info and to register see the link below. 

Workshops in Asset Management for Municipal Staff 

May 24 and 25 in Grand Prairie
May 30 and 31 in Lethbridge
June 6 and 7 in Okotoks
Government of Canada and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) invite municipal staff to participate in these free workshops aimed at increasing asset awareness and building sustainable asset management plans.  The workshops have seen great success in other communities, and have encouraged participants who may have limited experience in asset management to integrate important strategies in their smaller municipality.  The workshop aims to take municipal staff through the understanding of asset management concepts and into the building of a basic plan.    
    For more info and to register see the link below. 

Books and Other Resources
Cannabis legal resource toolkit to be released  
May 22, 2018
AUMA is working with Reynolds Mirth Richards and Farmer LLP to develop a toolkit for municipalities to help with the impending legalization of cannabis for recreational use. This resource will contain easy-to-use checklists, step-by-step instructions, and sample bylaw provisions for:
  • Land use bylaw amendments;
  • Business licensing bylaw amendments;
  • Nuisance bylaw amendments; and
  • Public spaces or community standards bylaw amendments.
The tool kit will also address future issues such as edibles and cannabis lounges, and will touch on the important role of community consultation and education. The resource will be available to AUMA members on May 22, 2018.      
Municipal Guide to Cannabis Legalization  


Developed by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) in collaboration with RMA and other organizations.

With cannabis legalization fast approaching, municipalities have their work cut out for them. To help municipalities do what they do best-protect and strengthen communities-FCM has launched the Municipal Guide to Cannabis Legalization. This guide was created in partnership with RMA, other provincial-territorial associations, legal advisory groups, and policy experts.

The Municipal Guide to Cannabis Legalization offers an extensive exploration of issues that municipal governments will need to consider, including case studies, policy options, and sample bylaw language. The fast approaching cannabis legalization presents a challenge for municipalities across Canada and because of that, FCM developed this guide. The guide covers key issues consistent across jurisdictions, as well as regional variations, identified by the advisory group of experts. It is a thorough document that will support work on key areas of municipal involvement, including land use management, business regulation, public consumption, workplace safety, and enforcement issues.

To read the guide please click the link below. 


Rural Municipalities of Alberta  
RMA Post-Secondary Scholarship    
Deadline: August 31, 2018 
The future well-being of rural communities hinges on an educated population willing and able to face the coming challenges.  To support this community development, the RMA offers scholarships of $1000 to individuals from each of the five districts.  The Scholarship Program, set up in 1995, enhances the resiliency of rural communities by providing support for young people to pursue education in order to make meaningful contributions to their municipalities. 

For more information click the link below. 
Events and Conferences

Summer Municipal Leaders' Caucus
June 12 to 14, 2018 Camrose, AB   

Registration is open for AUMA's Summer Municipal Leaders' Caucus.  Open to all AUMA urban municipality members, the event groups participants according to their municipality's population size. 
  • June 12 - municipalities under 2,500
  • June 13 - municipalities between 2,500 and 10,000
  • June 14 - municipalities over 10,000
The main points of the agenda are repeated each day, so it is only necessary for participants to attend on the day that matches the size of their municipality.  If attendance on the day that matches the municipality size is not possible. participants may attend an alternate day. 

For more information and to register, click the link below.

AMSC Energy Symposium  
June 21, 2018 Edmonton, AB  

The AMSC Energy Symposium is an opportunity for AMSC Energy Retail Program clients to learn more about Alberta's electricity and natural gas market fundamentals, future pricing forecasts, upcoming regulatory changes, as well as opportunities to manage distribution and transmission charges If you are involved in managing your municipality's utility costs and/or various energy management initiatives, this is a must attend.  Register today!
AMSC Energy. Empowering our members since 2001.
Who should attend?
  • CAOs
  • Staff working in Corporate Services, Finance, Infrastructure, etc. who are involved with utility bills and/or energy management
  • Community Related Organizations
This event is FREE to attend! Limit of two registrations per municipality.
Calendar of Events
For upcoming events, conferences and workshops visit the events calendar on the ACSRC website.  This calendar holds events offered by the ACSRC and other organizations with a common goal of sustainable rural communities.
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