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October 2019

This year we celebrate ten years of rural research, collaboration, education and outreach.  Check out what the ACSRC has been up to over the last 10 years in our "Celebrating Ten Years of Rural Engagement" report.

October 23, 2019

Director Lars Hallstrom will be presenting at Finding Common Ground 2.0 organized by the Battle River Watershed Alliance.  His presentation will be on the current state of rural development and energy in Alberta.  His presentation takes place from 9:30 am to 10:00 am in the Mayer Room at the Lougheed Performing Arts Centre in Camrose.  

October 21, 2019 in Edmonton, AB
Covenant Health is proud to support and provide delegates the opportunity to gather, meet, share experiences and exchange ideas with colleagues representing many disciplines from all over Alberta and surrounding provinces. Sonya Jakubec will be presenting her work on parks and palliative care in a plenary talk during this event.

October 23 - 24 2019 in Camrose, AB

The Finding Common Ground 2.0 tour will explore energy options and opportunities, with a focus on energy efficiency, around the Battle River region. Participants will gain first hand experience in energy production, distribution, and efficient use. The tour visits multiple energy production sites with guest experts. Topics will include: renewable and conventional energy production and distribution; technological innovations and advances in efficiencies; local impacts of energy on our social, economic, and environmental resilience; and how to increase energy efficiency in your home, workplace, and community. 

November 12 - 15, 2019 in Edmonton, AB
The Rural Municipalities of Alberta Fall Convention is taking place at the Edmonton Convention Centre.  The agenda includes sessions on strategic planning, asset management, rural connectivity and more.

February 6, 2020 in Edmonton, AB
Get insights from the industry's best, and network with other professional and students in planning related industries.

April 29 - May 1, 2020 in Brandon, Manitoba  
Mental Health on the Prairies: Social Justice, Vulnerability, and Resilience, aims to dig deeper and open the conversation surrounding the factors that impact an individual's mental health and the community's collective mental health.
Workshops and Webinars
Online Workshop - Work at your pace
Succession planning is a natural process in a successful business and one that can (and should) be positive and empowering. The Alberta Business Family Institute's main focus is to provide resources to family businesses so they can begin the succession planning process. The materials and templates provided will help business owners manage growth and plan for transitions, which will ensure the success for future generations to come. Succession planning is a way for business owners to continue their legacy, set a foundation and provide a livelihood for their successors.
Webinar, October 22, 2019 (Noon)
The world of food retail is marked by consolidation that increasingly threatens independently owned stores and leaves rural areas lacking options. Rural communities are challenging the status quo by creating new ways of selling food. Join the Food Policy Networks project for a discussion with representatives from Kansas State University's Rural Grocery Initiative, the Catawba Fresh Market in South Carolina, and Wholesome Harvest Food Co-op in Frostburg, Maryland to learn about how rural communities are navigating the retail space.

October 23, 2019 - May 7, 2020

Examine key features for building sustainable communities with this series of five, one-day short courses designed to support increased knowledge, capacity and skills for sustainability in rural communities. Based upon a 5-pillar model of sustainability (governance, economic, environmental, social, and cultural), these courses focus upon the nature, origins, relevance, and application of the core, but complex, concepts that comprise sustainability and community development.

November 20, 2019

Grant-writing is an increasingly important skill in the municipal, not-for-profit, and even corporate world. For small organizations and communities, however, grant writing can present a real challenge in terms of time, completion, budgeting and submission.
Join ACSRC Director Dr. Lars Hallström, the recipient of over 80 research, knowledge mobilization, infrastructure and collaborative grants, for this activity-based workshop for people with varied experiences in the grant-writing process.

The Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation launched the State of Rural Canada III - Bridging Rural Data Gaps on October 2, 2019 at the Sustainable Communities Conference in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.  Chapters include: Economy, Demography, and Workforce; Health and Wellbeing; Indigenous Peoples; Environment, Climate, Food, and Agriculture; Culture; and a section with discussion and recommendations.
The 2019 conference, Sustainable Communities, was co-hosted with the North Atlantic Forum and the Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development at Memorial University. Copies of the presentations and resources have been made available by the presenters on the conference website.

Navigating Main Streets  as Places: A People-First Transportation Toolkit   provides guid­ance to Main Street leaders, community advocates, local officials, transportation professionals, and everyone else in between on how to: 1) Evaluate streets and transportation through the lens of placemaking, 2) Balance the needs of mobility and other street activities, and 3) Build stronger relationships with other decision-makers and the community.
Calendar of Events
For upcoming events, conferences and workshops visit the events calendar on the ACSRC website.  This calendar holds events offered by the ACSRC and other organizations with a common goal of sustainable rural communities. 
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