The big insurance companies have requested that North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey increase homeowners’ insurance rates by a staggering 25 percent.
While this is the third rate increase request within a few years, what makes this request even more alarming is the fact that we are in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. North Carolinians have lost jobs and many are at risk of losing their homes, yet insurance companies have chosen to be insensitive and tone-deaf to the struggles of North Carolinians and request a statewide 25 percent insurance rate increase. The increase will result in an excessive $4.6 billion for the insurance industry while nearly 90,000 North Carolinians are struggling to make mortgage payments…that’s unacceptable!
This proposed increase impacts you, it impacts your clients and it will be significantly detrimental to an already struggling economy. You can help stop this rate increase but you must act now!
Please tell Commissioner Causey to protect North Carolina homeowners and the real estate industry by OPPOSING the proposed rate increase!