is an operational learning and ACTing collaborative between 91 colleges/schools of pharmacy and clinically integrated networks of community-based pharmacies. If your college or school is not participating, please consider formally joining by submitting a Dean's Statement of Commitment!

The project team and ACT Task Force members are excited to continue into Year 3 with a focus of ‘Amplify’. The continued CPF funding will support the planned activity details including:
1.      Community Pharmacy Practice Transformation Frameworks for the PharmD Curriculum and within Experiential Learning
2.      Engaging colleges/schools, students and preceptors in gathering patient care stories to support advocacy of provider status
3.      Article series in Pharmacy Times focused patient care, education, and research advancements in community pharmacy practice
4.      National engagement opportunities including: webinar series and national meeting networks

ACT Initiatives
One of our latest initiatives are our two Work Groups on Community Pharmacy Practice Curriculum Integration and Community Pharmacy Experiential Learning Framework. These work groups will be developing a framework of how key principles of community pharmacy practice transformation, patient care, and practice management can be integrated into Curriculum and how this can be supported through Experiential Learning sites. From the framework, templates and resources will be developed and accessible to pharmacy schools and preceptors across the country.

ACT Resources
Check out resources we have published to date: 

ACT Webinars
We invite you to join the ACT Pharmacy Collaborative by emailing us at: or signing up for our updates at:   This will provide links for our upcoming webinars on: July 28, August 25, September 22, October 27 and November 17th at 4pmET hosted via ZOOM.