We need everyone to take action to protect abortion access.
It will be a long, hard fight and the time to start is now ~
Sign the petition calling on the US Senate to honor Justice Ginsburg’s dying wish.

Call your Senators to share your voice. Multiple scripts and contact information here.

Share information on Self Managed Abortion - abortion will always be needed, legal or not. Let's work to make it safe.

Support your local abortion fund.

Join us in Tampa October 2nd to Circle the Courthouse in honor of RBG, in conjunction with communities nationwide.

We will remind people that her work in the world matters, critically, and it is up to us to continue #RuthsRevolution. 

Supporting Teens in Tampa Bay
TBAF has been assisting teens in accessing abortion before and since the Forced Parental Consent Bill was signed into law by DeSantis on June 30th.
We have recruited a handful of local pro-choice, pro-bono attorneys to assist minors with filing their waiver petition and representing them at their hearing.
The track record of court appointed attorneys has been spotty in Tampa Bay, so we are hopeful this will result in more favorable determinations.
We have information for minors or those assisting them on our website:  https://tbafund.com/judicialbypass/

For information on Judicial Bypass in other areas of Florida, visit TeenAbortionFlorida
Thank you to all our supporters for sponsoring us
during NNAF's annual Taco or Beer Challenge 2020!
We had a lot of fun and raised enough funds
to cover seven procedures!
Safe Legal Accessible Abortion